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Sisters in Submission

I have had some traffic arriving at this blog lately from a site called Sisters in Submission.

If any woman is interested, here is the site: Sisters in Submission.

I am always interested in interviewing by email (with anonymity assured) any woman in this lifestyle or any other unusual lifestyle. Please contact me at

The kind of interview I have done in the past is shown here: “The Bimbo Fetish and Lifestyle“. (This short article has had over 4,500 views.)


On the Dressing Table

On the Dressing Table

A forgotten tendresse:
on the heavy glass 
of the perfume bottle,
beautiful, but empty
as a changeling child;
with just a lingering
scent, an air-kiss
from the past.


Julian O’Dea



Whisper It

Whisper It

A blown kiss,
the snap of a garment,
the pop of a lipstick tube,
of soft sounds are
pleasures made;
where nylon slips
over skin, or in
the sibilance
of a crisp blouse;
from a frisson of words
dropped in an ear,
falling too softly
for others to hear.


Julian O’Dea

More Red Pill women discussion on Reddit

Red pill women on Reddit




God took a bone from Man,
a single line from a poem,
and fleshed it out to make
a refrain, Woman, so the duet
began in a thousand tongues,
though all the beasts were mute,
till the birds began their songs.


Julian O’Dea

A comment and another old picture of women

A recent comment on a photo showing the way women used to be but are now:

” You feel an intense sense of loss, but you feel better because you know things were better once, and you think, you start to believe, that somehow there can be a restoration of that better state – after all, here is the proof, sitting right in front of your very eyes! “Things were once nice like this, surely they can be again, right?” “

Good comment, and here is another old photo of how women used to be:

1957. Leeds General Infirmary, England. Prayers at the start of a shift.