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The Eternal Paternal

The Eternal Paternal


Yes, dear daughter, my
little bleating lamb,
what is it this time?


Evening and morning,
you importune me,
at times convenient
and inopportune.


Once it was lollies, dollies,
to come to tea
with fairy cups and doilies.


But now it’s for a little cash,
for a quick dash to the
shops and coffee with
a friend.
May it never end.


Julian O’Dea

The Colour of Irony

The Colour of Irony

Of the roses I bought her,
the only one to survive
was a colour
she disliked, mauve;
and it is blooming now,
with a single pouting rose
that faces straight up as
if to ignore us both
and strain to kiss the sky.

Julian O’Dea

Sisters in Submission

I have had some traffic arriving at this blog lately from a site called Sisters in Submission.

If any woman is interested, here is the site: Sisters in Submission.

I am always interested in interviewing by email (with anonymity assured) any woman in this lifestyle or any other unusual lifestyle. Please contact me at

The kind of interview I have done in the past is shown here: “The Bimbo Fetish and Lifestyle“. (This short article has had over 4,500 views.)

On the Dressing Table

On the Dressing Table

A forgotten tendresse:
on the heavy glassĀ 
of the perfume bottle,
beautiful, but empty
as a changeling child;
with just a lingering
scent, an air-kiss
from the past.


Julian O’Dea



Whisper It

Whisper It

A blown kiss,
the snap of a garment,
the pop of a lipstick tube,
of soft sounds are
pleasures made;
where nylon slips
over skin, or in
the sibilance
of a crisp blouse;
from a frisson of words
dropped in an ear,
falling too softly
for others to hear.


Julian O’Dea

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