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A nearly perfect dress


Cat Pattern A Line Dress

Squatting girl


A picture that caught my eye.

Grumpy Nietzschean Cat speaks



her heart fluttered

Cartoons by Raymond Peynet:



her heart fluttered and
she clasped her breasts
as if they were gentle birds
about to leave their nests

(Julian O’Dea)



The Girl in the Bubble


Another example of bluish whites of the eyes



I discussed what I think the science of this effect is here.

James Bond and the modest beauty queen

At the age of about 24, Marguerite LeWars played an associate of Dr No in the movie of the same name.

I have referred previously to this scene, in which she plays a “freelance photographer”. She is seen here licking the bottom of a flash bulb to improve the electrical connection:



LeWars had been Miss Jamaica. She was working at Kingston Airport when she was given the role in Dr No. She refused another role:

“She was first offered the role of Miss Taro but she was reluctant because of the sexual theme involved. She was then offered the small role of Annabel Chung.”

She married well and she writes a bit.

Here is an autograph photo of her in her role in the James Bond movie, Dr No:

marguerite-lewars-autograph-signed-photo-dr-no-14270-p (1).jpg