A lover of butterflies

Often when I read a poem

I think: ah, someone

has pinned that idea down.

I feel like a lover of butterflies

who says to himself, I have

seen that beautiful creature

flitting around, and now it is

down on paper.


(Julian O’Dea)



Live Bed Show | Arizona Muse by Willy Vanderperre for Love #5 Spring/Summer 2011

“Soignée” is a useful French word referring to a well-presented woman.


The model Arizona Muse, again:


“The Slow-Worm of Lenty curses God”

A poem from Wolf Solent, a novel by John Cowper Powys:

The Slow- Worm of Lenty curses God;
He lifts his head from the heavy sod;
He lifts his head where the Lenty willow
Weeps green tears o’er the rain-elf’s pillow;
For the rain-elf’s lover is fled and gone,
And none curseth God but the Slow- Worm alone.
For the newts and the tadpoles at their play
Laugh at the rain-elf’s tear -wet pillow;
Laugh that her lover has fled away.
Little care they for elf or willow.
They flash their tails to a mocking cry
“Slow- Worm of Lenty, prophesy!”
But never again can God look down
As He did of old upon country and town!
In His huge heart, hidden all Space beyond,
There bides the curse of Lenty Pond;
The curse of the Slow- Worm, by Lenty willow,
Who pitied the elf on her tear-wet pillow,
Her pillow woven of pond-weeds green
Where the willow’s twigs made a leafy screen;
And the purple loosestrife and watercress
Whisper above her sorrowfulness.
And the Lenty Slow- Worm curses God
For the sake of the rain-elf’s pitifulness.
He lifts his head from the watercress,
He lifts his head from the quaker-grass,
From the hoof-marks where the cattle pass,
He lifts his head from the heavy sod,
And under the loosestrife he curses God!
And the newts and the tadpoles who where she lay
Mocked her from bellies white, orange, and grey,
Cry now to willow and water and weed,
“Lenty Pond has a prophet indeed!”
For the rain-elf weeps no more to her pillow
Woven of twigs of the weeping-willow;
But her lover, come back to the laughing rain-elf,
Cries, “The Slow- Worm of Lenty is God Himself!”



I remember your hair; soft and perfect
strands like the feathers of a lyrebird
shy in the forest; your eyes peering
out of some private gloom; your skin
pale like a sylvan wraith. You seemed
a forest creature, a dryad, not our race.
Did you ever take that road back to town,
or stop at some greener place?

(Julian O’Dea)

Movies for Men

Inspired by this article, I present my own list of movies for men.

In some cases, there is a particular theme or even line or lines that appealed to me. In other cases, the entire film is friendly to the masculine ethos.

I present this list in the spirit of an hommage to the Manosphere itself, from which I have learned a great deal, and to which I hope I have, in some small measure, made a contribution.

In no particular order:

1. A Most Violent Year


A depiction of a man’s struggle in a man’s world. His wife is supportive and genuinely helpful.

2. True Lies


An entertaining film which seems to appeal to both men’s and women’s fantasies of what a marriage should be. A rare example of a movie in which a wife is put in her place, for a change.

3. Overboard (1987)

A silly film of the kind sometimes called a “romp”. Goldie Hawn is the spoilt “rich bitch” in this version, who loses her memory and ends up humbly taking care of the hunky but low-class man and his children.

4. Blade Runner

A surprisingly anti-feminist film from a director with a feminist reputation, as I discuss here.


5. Iron Man 2

One of the films in a successful franchise, which provides an unapologetically masculine and competent character in Tony Stark.

That is a start at least, with five movies. If I think of more, I shall add them. In any case, I have watched my share of films over the years, and these are a few that stand out as presenting men in a positive way.

Women and Penetration

Do people who say things like this realise they are only making normal men feel more confident and glad they are not women?



“I think it would help them understand women,” said Ford in an interview with GQ.

“I think there’s a psyche that happens because of it that makes you understand and appreciate what women go through their whole life.”

“It’s such a vulnerable position to be in,” he continued. “There’s such an invasion. I think that that’s something most men do not understand at all.”

Fossil Fish Dreaming

The latest edition of online poetry journal Creatrix is out.

I have these two poems in it:


Fossil Fish Dreaming


The rain wets the outcrops

darker grey and fills the gullies

with silty water rushing past

where fossil fish lie dreaming

deep in the rocks of being

finned and loosed again in

waters older than the land.


Julian O’Dea



The Young Orchard


The wind blows hard through

the young orchard of his life;

he sets his face against it

and wrinkles begin to wither

the smoothness of the face

we gave him, etching lines

he will take through life, long

after we are gone.


Julian O’Dea