When first you undress for your man



When first you
undress for your
man, he will love
to see you look
a little shy.

But make a silken
pool at your feet
and then step
from it naked as
the sky.

Then turn a little
like a candle
on a stand
to leave nothing
shaded from
the light.

And dance a little
like a flame
in his eye
so he can laugh
and take delight.



(Julian O’Dea)

Two examples of neck ornamentation to display a long, feminine neck



I have written previously about the evolutionary psychology of this fashion here.

A mystery solved

I have long puzzled over this picture, described as a “nerdy” girl in one location. She looked English or Scots to me, and very much like a shy amateur:


I thought she was moderately pretty, and had nice, heavy breasts, elegant shoulders, and a nice flat tummy, but she would have been better to leave her clothes on and save her charms for her husband. To me, she looked shy and uncomfortable in the above shot.

However, it turns out she is “Chloe” and not as shy as I assumed. I have just found more photos of her, including these:



I was originally a bit concerned about her, and I wondered if a private picture had accidentally gone public (top, above). However it looks like she can take care of herself.

She is “Chloe A” and the pictures appear to have been taken in St Tropez by one Peter Dominic. The girl is apparently French, not from the British Isles as I had surmised (based in part on her pale skin, freckles, and not terribly good teeth.)

So I got that one wrong.

Right-wing Frenchmen More Sexually Dominant?

Far-Left Voters More Likely to Share Their Wives, Right Wingers More Sexually Dominant, Claims Study

I don’t think this would surprise anybody:

“Le Pen voters are generally less influenced by feminist culture …”

It doesn’t surprise me that right-wing men are more dominant and possessive sexually.

Another gratuitous short-haired brunette post


Nadège du Bospertus

As I remark in the comments, she was usually smiling. It was typical of her. For example:



A man cannot compete with God

A man cannot
compete with God.
Such a pity her
neat, tall figure
was covered by
the habit of a
postulant nun.
She would come
from the small
convent next door
and sit in the same
place in the church
every morning.
That was such
a cold winter.


(Julian O’Dea)

like whirlwinds

we travel like
whirlwinds in the
red desert
made of nothing
but briefly gathered

(Julian O’Dea)