I had to share this

There is more wisdom in this little cartoon or meme, which seems to be popping up at the moment, than in half a dozen advice books for women.





Our puppy snuffles
around the garden 
smells like a toy train
making all the stops,
feeling warm wind
tousle his fur fondly
for the first time.

Julian O’Dea




The emphatic curve in these ladies’ backs, making their buttocks more prominent, resembles lordosis. Wikipedia considers whether this ancient mammalian posture has a role in humans here.

I have written at this blog about why certain female body parts have such appeal for men. In reflecting on female legs, my feeling was that heels work mainly by accentuating curves. I wonder if the real fundamental “sexual releaser” for men might simply be curves. In lordosis. With breasts. With legs …


I hang the tinkling
ankle chain over 
the photo frame.
Why are your lips
so prim?
You did not know
me then but I would
conquer you a
thousand times.

(Julian O’Dea)

Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe (Chinese version)


Original by Manet:


I must say I found this rather satisfying

It’s meant I suppose to show a “gender-flipped” world, but if that’s the way they think we men have it, that’s fine by me. I find it rather pleasing to be honest. (I have seen these gender-flipped skits for decades now.)

Another paradox

Sometimes, the more a woman is portrayed as having masculine traits, the more it seems to bring to mind her fundamental femaleness.


An actress in a local production: “Boys Will Be Boys“.