“Many a true word is spoken in jest”


This is an attempt by feminists at being funny.

My facebook comments were:

” … a lot of women listen to men in real life. That is one reason why their politics often change after they marry.

Feminists are just jealous that so many women don’t listen to them.”


“What women really need. And most of them would read this for real. The dear little things.”

“when is a christian wife too old to be spanked?”

A search that just found this blog.

Any thoughts?

A previous post on a similar topic, with some discussion.

It’s just a movie

It is probably more an American thing than an Australian one, so maybe I don’t fully understand it. But why this obsession with finding morals in movies and TV shows?

I have long noticed this. Some people seem to get a bit too involved with a TV series, for example, and start to let it be a guiding light for their life. And then when the show takes the wrong turn, they get terribly upset.

I lost interest in Game of Thrones a while back, mainly because I found the increasingly graphic violence upsetting. But apparently an important female character got raped in the latest episode and a lot of people are very upset. One feminist SF and fantasy site, called “Mary Sue” or some such name, has decided to boycott the series as a result.

At the same time, there has been an incessant feminist cawing about the latest Mad Max movie, Mad Max: Fury Road. It is unclear how well it is doing at the box office, but a lot of this puffery misses the point. If it is a good action film (or a funny comedy, for example) people will enjoy it. But if it is too obviously preachy and not very good, they won’t. Simple.

I enjoyed Terminator 2, including its “strong female character”, played by Linda Hamilton, because her character was generally well-integrated into the movie; and she had believable motivation and looked plausible as an action woman. Likewise, I am not a big fan of Sigourney Weaver, but she has strong screen presence and was good in the Alien movies.

But the problems come when people try to derive a moral or slogan from such examples. There is a strong tendency to want to claim that some role is ground-breaking, when it isn’t really (we have seen “kick-ass babes” for so long now, that the trope is perfectly familiar). Not every appearance of a woman on screen is automatically “empowering“. Nor is it clear that the average man or woman wants it to be.

The other problem comes when “role models” go astray and disappoint their fans. But if you invest so much psychological capital in an imaginary character and depend on the whims of capricious writers, what can you expect?

Semen marks the recipient long-term?


“When a woman breaks up with a man, she usually wants every remnant of him removed from her life. A new study suggests that, try as she might, there may be one last piece of him that she’s stuck with for good: his DNA. A study from Australia has managed to prove that fly offspring are able to resemble a mother’s previous sexual partner, even when conceived with their father’s sperm.”

More on the relevant paper.

Male microchimerism in the human female brain“.

Male microchimerism in women without sons: quantitative assessment and correlation with pregnancy history.“:

“Male microchimerism was not infrequent in women without sons. Besides known pregnancies, other possible sources of male microchimerism include unrecognized spontaneous abortion, vanished male twin, an older brother transferred by the maternal circulation, or sexual intercourse.” [Emphasis in bold added.]

Another possible source of foreign DNA besides semen is saliva. Some exchange of saliva seems very likely between lovers, especially from “French kissing”:


Swallowing semen might also transfer DNA fragments. It has been claimed for some time that DNA in food can be transferred into tissues:

Foreign (M13) DNA ingested by mice reaches peripheral leukocytes, spleen, and liver via the intestinal wall mucosa and can be covalently linked to mouse DNA.

Dominant homosexual men sometimes crow that making another man swallow their semen marks him as their inferior forever. Scientifically, they may have a point.

Martin and Hannah: man and woman

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I have just finished this painstaking account of the love affair and friendship between Martin Heidegger, the important 20th Century philosopher, and Hannah Arendt, the noted writer on ethics and totalitarianism.

The upshot of the book is that the Jewish Arendt had a love affair with Heidegger, who was a married man and an enthusiastic Nazi. She continued her friendship and love for him through two subsequent marriages of her own. She also covered for Heidegger after the Second World War when his unrepentant Nazism was causing him trouble. She defended him and excused his behaviour.

Throughout their relationship, he dominated her intellectually and treated her as an intellectual inferior, despite the fact that Arendt eventually developed a major reputation of her own as a writer on ethics.

The woman who wrote the account, Elzbieta Ettinger, is feminine enough to describe their relationship with a great deal of emotional detail. But perhaps she evades the obvious central point: that the young Jewess Arendt developed a huge and insatiable crush on Heidegger when she was a student, which never dissipated; and in fact survived his becoming a Nazi. She even went out of her way to defend him and help to rehabilitate him after the War. Basically, she was totally in his thrall.

It is a textbook case of female hypergamy. (And she was a clear case too of what is sometimes called an “alpha widow”.)

ADDENDUM: “Every Woman Adores a Fascist” (the case of poetess Sylvia Plath.)

Women 'black-shirts'  from Sir Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fascists on parade in Liverpool give the fascist salute. Their uniform is a black shirt and tie, beret and slightly flared skirts. All are wearing high heel shoes of various styles.   (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images)

Women ‘black-shirts’ from Sir Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists on parade in Liverpool give the fascist salute. Their uniform is a black shirt and tie, beret and slightly flared skirts. All are wearing high heel shoes of various styles. (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images)

Three women marry each other

Three Lesbian Women In Massachusetts “Marry” Each Other:



The really interesting question is where they will get a triple-headed dildo.

How women are learning to be moral from the reactions to feminism

As feminists claim, not totally unreasonably, women’s choices were constrained for many hundreds of years. Of course, some “choices” (like going to sea or down a mine to eke a living) were not too attractive.

Be that as it may, this control and protection of women had one odd side-effect. It saved women from having to make many moral choices that men had to make. With fewer rights, they also had fewer responsibilities.

Generations of not having to make as many difficult moral choices as men: of sometimes even being told which men to avoid; that things like abortion were unthinkable; that slutty clothing would attract unwanted attention; and of going directly from the authority of their father to that of their husband: all of this insulated women from the need to learn how to behave like full adults.

What we are seeing from feminist behaviour is how women behave when they are given total freedom from criticism. Freedom that most men will never experience.

But what we are also seeing is some real pushback developing; both from men exasperated by the increasing nuttiness of feminist behaviour and from other women embarrassed by the behaviour of their sisters. The online WomenAgainstFeminism movement which developed last year is a case in point.

Perhaps we are living through a huge correction. Not so much in women becoming more free. We have lived through that for decades now. But rather with women learning how to handle freedom and behave like adults.

A pessimistic thinker (like Schopenhauer or Otto Weininger) would say that women are incapable of mature moral behaviour, and this was precisely why they were kept protected from their own foolishness in the past. On the other hand, I have known women who lead me to believe that women can have good, responsible characters.

A recent article of interest perhaps:

“Men trusted us, they served us, they built our houses, fought our battles and they received our respect embodied in patriarchal structures in return. But now they have nothing. What is more they have found out that if they do give us what power they had, we deprive them of their children, we take their resources and we give them nothing, nothing in return. This time round we can’t expect them to do our bidding, as they did for so long. If we want to win back their trust and if we want them to co-operate with us, and I do, we will have to concede some of our independence and be prepared to place some dependence on them. In this, for their own security, we will have, I am afraid, to allow them to take the lead.”

This woman writer is effectively arguing that women may have to accept some level of subordination to men again. I certainly don’t disagree, although it is intriguing seeing a woman arguing something like that.


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