Linemen and Washerwomen

I have noticed that when the environment becomes harder, women tend to become a bit more feminine. It has even been said that feminism is merely a side-effect of comfort and prosperity. In any case, I thought this was a nice addition to the annals of the sexes working together.


The banality of Hillary Clinton

Somebody imagines a New Yorker cover:


Note that the “genius” designer spelled Margaret Mead incorrectly. And Dian Fossey.

See if you can find any other errors …

Petals on the Ground

The small, white petals
run about on the ground
in the wind like children
in a playground, with no
mind for me: and if I
were gone next year,
the playing would go on.


Julian O’Dea

(NSFW) Mansplaining turns girls on

“A Stable Father Prevents the Early Onset of Puberty”

A review article by Connor Murphy:

” … it stands to reason that children are consciously and subconsciously aware if they are under the care and protection of an adult male, i.e. a patriarch. When they know they are not, they are more stressed as a result.”



the wind

the wind 

in the waves …

in her hair

(Julian O’Dea)

This Puppy

This puppy is like 
the separable soul
of folklore.
I watch him play
with spirit. He 
runs off on his
own. He returns
trembling to my
side, recollected
always coming
back to his safe centre
least far from
his nearest
notion of god.


Julian O’Dea