Botany Lesson

Botany Lesson

In her upturned collar,
she showed him the sepals
below the flower;
and see, the flower head
sits on the slender stem
so delicately, she said;
and blushing, told him
that in his hands it might
bloom hot crimson.


Julian O’Dea

(Now published here.)





How I longed

to sweep the veil of clothes

from you that sunny day.

What can I say?

That nothing

is more perfect than

a bare sky after

the clouds have blown




Julian O’Dea

Autumn leaves


I Lay Beside You

I lay beside you on
a thousand beaches
in my mind,
our eyes brightly blind
to the future, and
the waves that would
go past in our years
full of salty tears.


Julian O’Dea

Berries, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory


Bright Berries

The autumn leaves tremble
like an old man’s hands,
browned and veined.
For now the crop lies on the ground,
hostage to earth and time,
and the colours of yellow and red
have dripped out of the tree
as bright berries.

Julian O’Dea

The Queen of Swing

Nadege Du Bospertus in the red swings her hips but Yasmeen Ghauri in the yellow was the “Queen of Swing”:


Here is Yasmeen Ghauri again: