Slim women are best

Rather than post the repugnant video propaganda I saw today that tries to convince young women that being sweaty slobs is good, I shall post a painting by William-Adolphe Bouguereau, The Bather (1879) to remind us all that slender young women have long been admired.



It was only ever a sound

It was only ever a sound

to us, the boobook owl, and

now the sound has gone.

Its call filled many an

evening and blessed

our conversation.

But now the tone is gone, gone,

the voice and feathers furled,

and one more nest

lies empty in the world.


(Julian O’Dea)

… her perfect, doll-like features …

“With her perfect, doll-like features and soulful eyes, Mulligan could portray the calm, yet confused Rachel with aplomb, infusing her with both softness and intelligence, making her a very tempting prospect for Deckard.”

Cast/Recast: Blade Runner



Sean Young as Rachael on the left. Carey Mulligan on the right.

More of Carey Mulligan. I am not sure she would be quite right for Rachael. Still, a pretty girl …






Rachael’s body and Siri’s personality

What sexbots have lacked is personality.

To follow on from my previous post, I wonder if what is needed to satisfy men who will not have or desire a sexual relationship with a real woman is that the doll or fembot has a personality. Maybe one like the digital personal assistant, Siri. Here is how she is described in a left-wing publication:

” Writing in The Guardian, journalist Charlie Brooker considered Siri’s personality to be unpleasantly servile, but found that the software worked ‘annoyingly well.’ “

That sounds perfect. A combination of Rachael the replicant’s appearance and Siri’s personality would keep many men quite happy.



I predict that in a few years’ time we shall see Miss Robot World contests. Clever young men will build these ersatz females as they currently build fighting robots and chess programs. And they will appear in competitions. I am sure they can be programmed to say that they long for world peace.

Science and Girls

Sexbots: Why Women Should Panic

One of the largely unremarked aspects of James Dewey Watson’s classic account of winning the Nobel Prize by discovering the structure of DNA is the undercurrent of sexual frustration.

In his book The Double Helix, Watson discusses his disappointment in the supposedly erotic film he went to see in Cambridge (UK), and the account of his scientific success leads to his expressing a hope that he might find a non-faculty type wife. Presumably he meant attractive rather than a bluestocking.

Elsewhere he explains, if I recall correctly, that life back in those days (the Fifties) allowed few exciting outlets for young men. He states that science was one of the few available outlets for the imagination.

As Milo argues in the piece cited above, bright young men today are as happy playing modern video games as they would be solving real scientific and technical problems.

Young women have increasingly chosen not to take up their part of the traditional social bargain. It is possible that men are now poised to drop their bundle too. What part the sexbots Milo discusses will play in this is hard to say. But as real women become increasingly unattainable and possibly risky to interact with for legal reasons, a lot of men might choose to opt out of the human mating game altogether.

Wooing women has always had elements of danger. But there are now so many legal mantraps involved in the process, including after the nuptials, that it has become hardly worth the risk.

The Alt-Right is surely driven in large part by socially disenfranchised young men. Its imagination, humour and iconoclasm are typically male.

My latest copy of The Economist has a piece on the Alt-Right. They get it wrong. I suspect as they have to grapple with it more seriously, they will come to understand it better. They will be forced to.


A model falls for Game

I have an interest in fashion and I was recently reading “Casting Couch Confidential”, which is a series of tales from the fashion and modelling industry. I thought the passage below, written by “Samantha”, might amuse men as an example of “Game” in action. (This approach can work on wives as well as models, of course.) Samantha is unusually frank.

The book was published by Pan Macmillan Australia in 2003.

Samantha, a model, writes (I have emphasised the part where her feminine instincts kick in):

“Anyway, after ignoring Phil for about ten minutes, he leans over to me, smiles and ever so casually tells me that ‘Life can be pretty boring if you spend all of it in the clouds, looking down on people.’ Well, that did it. Fucking upstart, who the hell was he to tell me where to get off? I thought. He wasn’t having any of it, and not only did he not listen to my response but he walked off ignoring me. I have to say, after years of boys bowing and scraping, I have never been so turned on by a guy in my life. I followed him into the toilets [bathroom], walked into the cubicle behind him and proceeded to take my dress off. Fuck, I was a slut!

Phil had presumed I just wanted a line [of cocaine], until he turned around and realised the ice queen had come down out of the clouds. He took me home and I asked him how he had managed to manipulate a manipulator so easily. He told he’d had years of experience with women just like me, and a little reality check was the best chat-up line he knew.”


Doubting Adam

Doubting Adam

After a sleep
like death,
Adam found
Eve risen from
the tomb
of his body …
… doubting,
he put his hand
into her wound,
and believed.

(Julian O’Dea)

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