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Joy filled the space
like sudden sunlight
on a cold afternoon,
as if it could not be held
in the tiny vessel
of a heart,
but must spill out
and gladden the room.

Julian O’Dea


Intellectual Cuties: No. 7 in a series: Ann Sterzinger


Ann is a translator of European literature including the notorious Octave Mirbeau and a humorous writer.

In the above photo she sports a Cthulhu For President t-shirt.

How many waves?

REDRAFT on 21/11/17
How many waves to wash
away a nation’s guilt, striking
a smiling, forgetful shore?
How long to efface a shame?
How can we work this
out alone?
There is no word coming,
no voice from
the windy coast,
no graven answer eroded
out of rock, no message
on a stone.


Julian O’Dea

the beekeeper poet

the beekeeper poet
hoped to die like a
honey bee, drunk on
the scent of flowers,
in the midst of distilling
sweetness from

Julian O’Dea

Blade Runner reprised

We just saw Bladerunner 2049.

It helps obviously to have seen the first one, although the sequel makes more sense than the first film.

I think it’s a good film. But a cult film, with the usual long set pieces, some of which work, and some of which don’t.

There have been complaints about the character of Joi, the hero’s holographic girlfriend, but I got the impression that he renounced such “imaginary girlfriends” in the end.

One of the most interesting characters was a replicant (robot) villainess called Luv. By comparison, the most important female character was a little bland really.

I don’t think it was as good as the original movie, but it will, as they say, keep fans happy.

The iconic “Rachael” character makes a sort-of appearance. But not a very happy one. It’s interesting that the movie obsesses over her shiny red lipstick. Ridley Scott did too when he directed the original film. One addition to the canon is that supposedly Tyrell set up the meeting in the original movie between Deckard and Rachael precisely so that they would become a couple and have a child.

This is the recreated Rachael from the new film (it is such an irony that the original actress Sean Young is too old to play Rachael but technology has recreated her nonetheless):


I think it could have lost at least half an hour.

I would give it at least 7 out of 10. But it’s a bleak, violent movie and that would limit its appeal.

Three more points.

There is a theme of lying and deception throughout the film. The replicants may be more compliant but they are better liars.

Luv flirts with the male replicant/robot protagonist. In some ways this is the story of Deckard and Rachael again, but entirely negative.

The theory that Deckard himself is a replicant is strengthened but I am not sure it is quite conclusive.

Luv, the stylish replicant villainess:
Luv, as people have noted, was the most interesting new character. It’s a shame that they killed her.

Oh, sweet lady

Oh, sweet lady serving 
at the chemist’s,
with your modest cleavage
and your voice like a little bird –
definitely, in a second life,
or a third.

Julian O’Dea

A woman’s literary effort


“Few authors write better or more believable tales of domestic discipline than CJ Blais, and she’s at the top of her literary form with “Plain and Simple,” a collection of stories featuring…”