The Girl in the Bubble



A verse, a poem,

its roots in eternity,

its fruit taken

daily, high, low by

groping hands,

tasting sweet hour

after hour, day

after day,

never sour.


(Julian O’Dea)

Another example of bluish whites of the eyes



I discussed what I think the science of this effect is here.

James Bond and the modest beauty queen

At the age of about 24, Marguerite LeWars played an associate of Dr No in the movie of the same name.

I have referred previously to this scene, in which she plays a “freelance photographer”. She is seen here licking the bottom of a flash bulb to improve the electrical connection:



LeWars had been Miss Jamaica. She was working at Kingston Airport when she was given the role in Dr No. She refused another role:

“She was first offered the role of Miss Taro but she was reluctant because of the sexual theme involved. She was then offered the small role of Annabel Chung.”

She married well and she writes a bit.

Here is an autograph photo of her in her role in the James Bond movie, Dr No:

marguerite-lewars-autograph-signed-photo-dr-no-14270-p (1).jpg


More of Liepke’s women

Some of these have more style than substance, which I once read is a definition of decadence. Still, I think they capture something about women.

Artist: Malcolm Liepke.


Beata Beatrix

Malcolm Liepke (born 1953):


Beata Beatrix by Rossetti:


Another American woman mouths off

This was recorded before the results of the presidential election.

Her demeanour and language are pretty extraordinary. It is worth a watch.

I actually think the cop was a bit unfair to her, but it is hard to have much sympathy for the woman. She ends by saying that women like her will suffer until a woman president (Hillary) is elected.

I was thinking this morning that some of the feminist news sites on the Internet like Huffington Post and Salon surely must drive men to vote for anyone other than a woman. This woman is another poor example. Does anybody think that she would make rational, well-considered and unbiased decisions if she were in office?

I know I shouldn’t make jokes about bringing back the ducking stool, but women like this at least make it explicable why it was once found useful.