God took a bone from Man,
a single line from a poem,
and fleshed it out to make
a refrain, Woman, so the duet
began in a thousand tongues,
though all the beasts were mute,
till the birds began their songs.


Julian O’Dea


Toxicology and environmental consulting

I am an experienced regulatory toxicologist. If anyone has some data they want looked at in human toxicology, ecotoxicology and environmental issues in general; or advice on a relevant health issue; please let me know, at this page.

A comment and another old picture of women

A recent comment on a photo showing the way women used to be but are now:

” You feel an intense sense of loss, but you feel better because you know things were better once, and you think, you start to believe, that somehow there can be a restoration of that better state – after all, here is the proof, sitting right in front of your very eyes! “Things were once nice like this, surely they can be again, right?” “

Good comment, and here is another old photo of how women used to be:

1957. Leeds General Infirmary, England. Prayers at the start of a shift.

Garden Party

Garden Party

The carp in the pond
moved around
like the guests,
flitting, fleeting,
showing themselves,
flashing their colours,
and then hiding again,
How hard to puzzle
out their forms;
like the guests,
not really showing
themselves plain.


Julian O’Dea

Swinging their hips


Shalom Harlow:



Yasmeen Ghauri:


I Looked At Her

I looked at her and at
the grassy plain over
which the plover came
and went and swooped
time and time again
as fierce and enduring
as the wind or the spirit
of human generation.
Her nest was somewhere
about, no doubt, as was
ours, and we made our
way back home.


Julian O’Dea




Travelling home,
our trip out is reflected
in the mirror;

through the windows
the hills and rivers
seem changed slightly,
like memories;

and the lines of stock
in the paddocks
have moved like shadows
on sundials.


Julian O’Dea