Your swaying hips

Your swaying hips
are an earthquake
in my mind.
I pray to crack
blue heavens and
see what gods
come through.
But nothing saves
me from growing
obsessed by you.
Your lines close
me in, the line
of your fine nose,
your level gaze;
your smile traps
me in your lips.


(Julian O’Dea)

There must be a module in the male mind that responds to curves in general



A girl explains why she is no longer an “altar girl”

“B” writes:

“I went through a crappy RCIA during which someone encouraged me to altar serve, and I was also encouraged by a dodgy nun before I knew there were such things.

After a while I started attending Latin Masses, I asked the question one day and someone gently explained to me why only boys altar served. I went on a trad pilgrimage after a year or so of serving and saw the most beautiful liturgy of my life and noticed only men did it, and did so with such a profound respect and solemnity. I chatted to a priest there about it and he encouraged me (in a very fatherly and gentle way) to resign to the bishop (who was a big traditionalist himself but was pressured into having women on the altar by a diocese that hated him).

I did this once I got back and the bishop said he totally understood. Next thing I heard, he had told a bunch of trad priests about it at a national conference, mentioning I had been a really excellent server too, but he was impressed I resigned. I think it was definitely and inspiration from God and a lot of loving and encouraging Catholics around me so told me the truth.”

Catholic women make good followers


“Bob” wrote on Facebook: “She is a true leader, and appears to have faith and reverence. I think that a lot of people just envy her beauty.” To which I responded: “She is better than that. She is a good follower, like the best Catholic women.”

Gap-toothed women


Gap-toothed women were once believed to be especially sensual.

The poet Chaucer, “The Wife of Bath’s Tale”:


Yes, I’m gap-toothed, it suits me well I feel

It is the point of Venus and her seal

So help me God, I was a lusty one

Fair, young and well-to-do and full of fun

And was unable to deny, in truth

My chamber of Venus to a likely youth

The mark of Mars is still upon my face

And also in another privy place

For as I may be saved by God above

I never used discretion when in love


Lauren Hutton:





Putin’s security, beginning with dealing with Femen females

The parrot


I see the parrot screech and turn

like the figurehead of the wind,

raising its bright, insolent crest

over the wide sea of green fields


where gleaming irrigation booms 

like rigging on working boats

water the waving grass

to the horizon.


(Julian O’Dea)