Dry ice snow on Earth?


The following article states that ” It Only Happens on Mars: Carbon Dioxide Snow is Falling on the Red Planet. ”

However, according to a quote in this article, “ Certainly, at least some of the CO2 in the atmosphere at the [Earth’s] poles does freeze out (of the air) during the winter. ”

So, it seems possible that frozen carbon dioxide (“dry ice”) might fall at Earth’s poles. Which is an interesting thought.

Land without monkeys

In a land without monkeys, 
Australian parrots play the fool 
in the branches, cracking nuts
like jokes, fanning their feathers 
like a cardsharp with a winning
hand, with the constant colour
commentary of a voluble
announcer with a microphone,
as raucous as a caucus in
a party room.


Julian O’Dea

I remember

I remember those first times
you ironed my shirts for work;
barefoot on steaming summer
evenings; the hiss and curve of
the hot iron; the turn of your 
ankles; cottage industry; hammer,
anvil, heat of the human forge.

Julian O’Dea

The Return of the Patriarchy

The tough Alabama and other State laws in America virtually banning abortion are causing a frenzy among progressives and feminists.

Women only have themselves to blame.

And both men and women are calling them to order.

There used to be a social contract: men endure the risks of work and war; women endure the risks of childbirth. But women have dropped their bundle while expecting men to continue with ours.

Women have abused a “right” to abortion, which was only ever meant to be used in extreme circumstances, to have their unborn children killed in huge numbers.

This has taught men and conservative women a lesson: women can’t be trusted with too much freedom.

Time for a bit of patriarchy.

The Older Sailboats

Mandelstam: ” We see a forest and we say
“That forest’s for ships and masts.” ”

By night the older sailboats 
on the lake glide to shore;
return their timbers
to the forest; their cotton
sails to the four winds;
loose their anchors and lines
to the sea bed for the 
molluscs and the microbes 
of the mud; and the water 
gives up phosphorescent fire,
burning like a Viking funeral.

Julian O’Dea

Lesbian Bees

those bees, those busy-
buzzing, small-busy-bodies,
Mother Nature’s Lesbians,
leaving behind the confines 
of the hive and the
dronesplaining males,
for feminine humming,
feminine business, sucking
nectar from the genitals
of plants

Julian O’Dea

To take you

I long to take you once again 
into the fields and bend you
like a blade of grass,
and stroke your hair
like the last warm wind of autumn,
but winter is here,
with white camellias.

Julian O’Dea