Penny Lizard

Out of a hot day
out of a woodpile
out of my boyhood
comes the penny lizard
like a moving bending
brown twig
from childhood when
anything is possible.


Julian O’Dea


Intellectual Cuties: No. 10 in a series: Marguerite Duras, French Novelist



In response to a reader request, here she is looking at the camera:


Something on the smoothness of Titan’s hydrocarbon lakes

If you are interested, go here:

A discussion session on a suggestion of mine on how “azotosomes” might increase the viscosity and therefore flatness of the hydrocarbon lakes on Saturn’s moon Titan.



From “Organic Compounds in Titan’s Seas and Lakes.”




(“Titan’s Lakes are Nice and Calm. The Perfect Spot for a Landing.”)

Smooth and white

Smooth and white, snow
at night, you came to me
from nowhere in a dawn
dream to my warm room,
with snow in your hands
and mouth and flakes on
your breasts like eaves
on a winter cabin.


Julian O’Dea

Rainbow birds other than parrots including motmots and subspecies differentiation by belly colours close on spectrum




Rufous motmot.




Broad-billed motmot.

Senegal parrot subspecies:


The New Zealand kea: another “rainbow bird”


The kea is an odd, rather obscure New Zealand parrot. I only just discovered that its plumage has the colours in the same order as those in the rainbow. I have written about how common this is in parrots before.


Also common is the orange/yellow juxtaposition seen on the underside of the bird.


Cf. Another parrot with the orange and yellow juxtaposition, Neophema splendida:

Neophema splendida adult male



the puppy

and the puppy circled around,
snuffling, until he found
the softest spot
in my heart


Julian O’Dea