Fifties women: often with short hair and in slacks



The girl on the left is sporting a very typical look from the time.

Ghanaian girl


Very attractive, very right wing woman


Shared for interest. I honestly don’t know what to say about this.

Somebody called her “Becky”, which seems to be an insult for a young white woman.

A spanking poem


When she observes a corner of his mind
It seems to her to make a heart smile wide
And, if his spanks are hard, then she may find
The smile fades, but the wetness inside
Her pink flesh seems to fill its place quite well;
And she appreciates this very much, it seems;
Though this is rather evident; she’ll spell
It out because she wants all of her dreams
To resonate with hope that she can serve
Her owner to perfection; she can play,
The naughty girl, who shows her every curve;
Is ready to oblige in any way
When she observes a corner of his mind
She has a good idea of what she’ll find..

(Shshank Singh Rajput)


Melissa Rodwell photographs fashion model Milan.

“I met Milan a few years ago while I was shooting in LA for a minute. I met her on a casting for various editorials I was shooting. Her lithe 5’10” body is incredible and while she wasn’t the perfect fit for my upcoming shoots, I knew I had to at the very least test with her. So that’s what I did.”


Late at night


Late at night we used to

struggle together to put

our wild love in a cage

of limbs, to capture

and hold it tight

between us …


sometimes I would hold

your shoulders firmly,

pulling you to me, trying

to tame waves of passion

by running them together



(Julian O’Dea)



Apparently this scene is from a film directed by Andrei Tarkovsky, Ivan’s Childhood.