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Girls and Bows


“Women as Sweetmeats”

I first saw you singing

I first saw you singing
like a bird half-hidden
in a hedge; nervous,
you peered about
the room;
but your swaying hips
were like an earthquake
in my mind, and I prayed
see what help came
though truly I did not
want saving from
my obsession:

I wanted to dress you
solely in my desire,
for my eyes to burn
your garments away
like fire.

(Julian O’Dea)

The President of Croatia and Mr Trump


She knows who the real patriarch is


Red Pill woman

She cried

Punish me,

she cried.

Being a woman

is punishment enough,

I replied.

(Julian O’Dea)

Was T. rex feathered?


From here:

I have written about this here:

The “tiny” forelimbs of Tyrannosaurs