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Stunning girl but the tattoos are a shame


“The Wholesome Hooker”, 1973

I read this in the early Seventies as a teenager. It was very frank for its time.


It had passages like this: “There’s something primordial to men about seeing a beautiful woman in the act of penis worship.”

That must have done wonders for my teenage male ego!


“Where’s my penis, God, you patriarchal bastard?!”


” Of all the ways that men differ from women – beards, hairy chests and deep voices – no feature has historically served as a more prominent symbol of male superiority over women than the penis.” (Loretta Cormier)


Mrs Julian O’Dea, October 1988


Sitting slightly contrapposto. Steampacket Gardens, Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

soft moss

soft moss …

the space between

her branches


(Julian O’Dea)

My wife at about 27 without makeup

In respect of a recent discussion about women and makeup, here are two old photos of my wife in her late twenties. I am pretty sure she is not wearing makeup in either shot. In the first photo she has apparently just been for a swim in a local river.

I don’t mind makeup on women, but my wife doesn’t wear it much.



An image that shows the power of makeup