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yes, I look at women’s shoes

yes, I look at women’s
shoes … that’s where
the ankles live


(Julian O’Dea)


Fifties women: often with short hair and in slacks



The girl on the left is sporting a very typical look from the time.

Ghanaian girl



Melissa Rodwell photographs fashion model Milan.

“I met Milan a few years ago while I was shooting in LA for a minute. I met her on a casting for various editorials I was shooting. Her lithe 5’10” body is incredible and while she wasn’t the perfect fit for my upcoming shoots, I knew I had to at the very least test with her. So that’s what I did.”


two moons

after dark

in our bedroom …

your two moons



” … a woman’s shoulders are one of the most beautiful sights.”

A woman wrote on Facebook today: “I’m thinking again that, artistically, a woman’s shoulders are one of the most beautiful sights.”

Indeed (wedding of Dr and Mrs Julian O’Dea, January 1986):





Fox girl


People complain about this picture because of the animal skins she is wearing.

Personally, I find it dramatic and compelling, and the girl looks stunning.

I assume that is a fox (perhaps a silver fox) with a rabbit.