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A nearly perfect dress


Cat Pattern A Line Dress

Squatting girl


A picture that caught my eye.

More of Liepke’s women

Some of these have more style than substance, which I once read is a definition of decadence. Still, I think they capture something about women.

Artist: Malcolm Liepke.


Beata Beatrix

Malcolm Liepke (born 1953):


Beata Beatrix by Rossetti:


Old photograph

I have posted this picture before but this is a clearer version. It is a photo of my wife before I had met her (at the top of course) and her late mother. They are dressed in Victorian era (or maybe Edwardian) costumes for fun. I suspect my wife is looking a bit severe to go with the general effect.



Francine Faure

Francine Faure was married to Albert Camus. Much as I admire Camus as a serious writer and thinker, it is hard to take him seriously as a moralist given his treatment of her.


Francine Faure.

Francine Faure, a pretty if physically delicate mathematician from a provincial middle-class family in Oran.

“It is reasonable to think that these suicide attempts were related, at least partially, to the humiliation and disorientation that Francine may have felt because of Camus’s open marital infidelity.”

What they used to call a “handsome woman”

Winston Churchill with his wife Clementine. 1910.