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A man cannot compete with God

A man cannot
compete with God.
Such a pity her
neat, tall figure
was covered by
the habit of a
postulant nun.
She would come
from the small
convent next door
and sit in the same
place in the church
every morning.
That was such
a cold winter.


(Julian O’Dea)

like whirlwinds

we travel like
whirlwinds in the
red desert
made of nothing
but briefly gathered

(Julian O’Dea)



cupping her
like a lover
all day
and gloating
at his

(Julian O’Dea)



Seeing her fume
with hurt pride
wearing just pearls,
heels …
and perfume 

… putting those heels
over my shoulders
to pound
deep to heal
the wound. 

(Julian O’Dea)

Photo Album

Photo Album

In that old photo
your face is lowered
to the book
as you read;
candid and smooth
as the page.

And in this one
you had the sun
in your eyes;
but to me, the sun
was always in
your eyes.


(Julian O’Dea)

At noon the sun

At noon the sun
seems to pause
and the world
hold its breath
as morning dies
and afternoon
is born.

(Julian O’Dea)

So I teased her

So I teased her

in the bedroom,

What are you wearing?

Not very much,

she replied,

and rolled her eyes.


(Julian O’Dea)