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her blouse …



her blouse falls open
like a high cupboard
… her nipples
like painted pink tips
on porcelain

(Julian O’Dea)




… another hot day

but a wind blows

and I can watch

the sails on yachts

billow like blooms

in a bowl …


(Julian O’Dea)

yes, I look at women’s shoes

yes, I look at women’s
shoes … that’s where
the ankles live


(Julian O’Dea)




… for a moment or two

I smelt I was in port again;

with the scent of diesel and

the hydraulics of the truck

in our driveway;

and a wiry man working

in a floppy hat; and me

standing there watching,

slightly drunk.


(Julian O’Dea) 

Derek Walcott, Caribbean Nobel Laureate poet, dead

The famous poet Derek Walcott has died. It might interest Manosphere people that he was accused at times of “sexual harassment”. This is a surprisingly fair account:

This spiteful campaign has neither rhyme nor reason

Here is a painting of his, “Portrait of Claudia in Yellow Armchair – Derek Walcott”:



A spanking poem


When she observes a corner of his mind
It seems to her to make a heart smile wide
And, if his spanks are hard, then she may find
The smile fades, but the wetness inside
Her pink flesh seems to fill its place quite well;
And she appreciates this very much, it seems;
Though this is rather evident; she’ll spell
It out because she wants all of her dreams
To resonate with hope that she can serve
Her owner to perfection; she can play,
The naughty girl, who shows her every curve;
Is ready to oblige in any way
When she observes a corner of his mind
She has a good idea of what she’ll find..

(Shshank Singh Rajput)

Late at night


Late at night we used to

struggle together to put

our wild love in a cage

of limbs, to capture

and hold it tight

between us …


sometimes I would hold

your shoulders firmly,

pulling you to me, trying

to tame waves of passion

by running them together



(Julian O’Dea)