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The tree holds the sun
in its branches above
the altar of the horizon
like a golden monstrance
at vespers blessing
the closing day
with its last rays
a benediction on
the forest congregation.


(Julian O’Dea)


Blown Inshore

Blown inshore, onto
a rock platform, feeling
his dead weight
and the sun
on the bay where
he once disported
cutting himself
on sharpness,
the aged whale lies
crushing and grinding
shells to a midden.
People assemble as
if to worship, each
with an idea.
Hours pass
in stasis
till he vomits ambergris
as the tide comes in
after kindly hours
have passed, and he floats
in foam again.


(Julian O’Dea)

No News

No News …

On that summer afternoon 
haze lay soft on the hills
like a soul departing a body.

It seemed a day to die,
even in the shade, one
match from catastrophe.

A breathless day of
waiting and hoping 
for nothing, for nothing.



Julian O’Dea


I think of small breasts

of comb jellies in the sea

of gentle Welsh hills

of white mushrooms on

the trunks of trees

of ripples on a shallow pond

I think of small breasts


Julian O’Dea


Like an Island

Like an island in a stream 
I lie all night as dreams 
flow by; there, and there, 
I see something go past
that looks quite real before
its form reverts to water;
but these rocks and mud 
remain and new wood 
drifts by and that adds 
its measure and all night 
this islet’s trees grow on.


Julian O’Dea

Penny Lizard

Out of a hot day
out of a woodpile
out of my boyhood
comes the penny lizard
like a moving bending
brown twig
from childhood when
anything is possible.


Julian O’Dea

Smooth and white

Smooth and white, snow
at night, you came to me
from nowhere in a dawn
dream to my warm room,
with snow in your hands
and mouth and flakes on
your breasts like eaves
on a winter cabin.


Julian O’Dea