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She knows who the real patriarch is


A girl explains why she is no longer an “altar girl”

“B” writes:

“I went through a crappy RCIA during which someone encouraged me to altar serve, and I was also encouraged by a dodgy nun before I knew there were such things.

After a while I started attending Latin Masses, I asked the question one day and someone gently explained to me why only boys altar served. I went on a trad pilgrimage after a year or so of serving and saw the most beautiful liturgy of my life and noticed only men did it, and did so with such a profound respect and solemnity. I chatted to a priest there about it and he encouraged me (in a very fatherly and gentle way) to resign to the bishop (who was a big traditionalist himself but was pressured into having women on the altar by a diocese that hated him).

I did this once I got back and the bishop said he totally understood. Next thing I heard, he had told a bunch of trad priests about it at a national conference, mentioning I had been a really excellent server too, but he was impressed I resigned. I think it was definitely and inspiration from God and a lot of loving and encouraging Catholics around me so told me the truth.”

Catholic women make good followers


“Bob” wrote on Facebook: “She is a true leader, and appears to have faith and reverence. I think that a lot of people just envy her beauty.” To which I responded: “She is better than that. She is a good follower, like the best Catholic women.”

An article gets attention on Reddit

This old article written by a woman contributor:

The natural inferiority of women by “ContentWoman”

has just attracted a lot more attention, because of this note and comments at Reddit.

The Catholic Church really doesn’t want women priests

Oddly, one area in which the Catholic Church really still seems to get tough is the area of the ordination of women. I am not objecting, just remarking that women who get “ordained” and their supporters get short shrift from Rome.

I am genuinely unsure why this should be. Is it concern at the effect on the sacraments? Or are progressives correct when they claim that the Church has a “thing” about women.

Dissident priest Greg Reynolds has been both defrocked and excommunicated over his support for women priests and gays …”

And in relation to a recent case of an “ordination”:

In 2007, the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, with the blessing of then-Pope Benedict XVI, decreed automatic excommunication against anyone “who attempts to confer a sacred order on a woman, and the woman who attempts to receive a sacred order.””

Sex robots

I glanced at this article. It helps explain why men might give up and live with a robot girl. She crows about how feminists have made women less attractive and then complains that men find real women less attractive. She even boasts that feminists have told men we aren’t needed. She says that women aren’t made for men (they are actually and the sooner they remember it, the better) and then complains that men are no longer interested in them.

A man cannot compete with God

A man cannot
compete with God.
Such a pity her
neat, tall figure
was covered by
the habit of a
postulant nun.
She would come
from the small
convent next door
and sit in the same
place in the church
every morning.
That was such
a cold winter.


(Julian O’Dea)