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Christ had a disciple

who was a drunk.

He could have been an

apostle but he was

always drunk.

Too drunk to deny Him.

Too drunk even to run away.

Too drunk to write a gospel,

even a short epistle.


All day he lay drunk by a date palm,

just watching the ants go by.


(Julian O’Dea)

Dressing your role

What a woman wears sends a message. And it creates an impression in a man’s eyes. Feminine, modest dress is a form of protection. A man will react positively but any interest he has will probably not be prurient, should he see something like this:


Mrsktc has blogged about the reports that the new American president wants women on his staff to present as women.

Most people wear a kind of uniform to do their daily work. A woman who wants to be respected as a woman by men, and treated as a woman, should dress like one. There is – I hope – still a lot of residual affection between the sexes, and men have traditionally treated women appropriately when they are given the right outward signs. Men are visual creatures, and we quickly assess what is in our visual field. Within a second, we will subconsciously register, “nice young woman”,  “respectable matron”, “doctor on her rounds”, “helpful shopgirl” or whatever. And, unfortunately, when it applies, “tart”.



Andrea Hardie

“Women crave male power and leadership. Islam provides it, because Western men won’t or can’t. This will end with women in chains, one way or another. Choose your master, ladies. Choose wisely.”

[Andrea Hardie (aka Janet Bloomfield and JudgyBitch) on Facebook today]


… I think God tucked them away between women’s legs for a reason:


The Whore of Babylon

At the women’s rally, reportedly. This is Aleister Crowley‘s occult group carrying a “Whore of Babylon” on the march:


From Facebook here.

“Red Pill” Marriage

A woman blogger I know, Ame, has collated some discussions she and I had about marriage and the “Red Pill”.

It is a bit unusual and special to have a man and a woman discussing these issues from the perspective of their own marriages and the “Red Pill” concepts which have been spread throughout the “Manosphere” in recent years.

Here is the post at Ame’s blog.


The girl I married 31 years ago

Our 31st wedding anniversary is next week.

My wife at about 25, holding one of our first cats.