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Intellectual Cuties: No. 9 in a series: mathematics girl

I am pretty sure this is the same woman (talking about maths). She looks so much better to me in the second video. It’s the hair being up and her makeup. She also seems perkier in the second video. In any case, she is a worthy addition to my series of “intellectual cuties”.





Intellectual Cuties: No. 8 in a series: Daisy Cousens

Daisy Cousens is an Australian conservative and anti-feminist. She has a rather – distinctive – style of dressing.

I looked down at your face

I looked down at your face,
a camellia in the dark,
Dare I touch it for the first
time, with these hands?
Will it leave a mark?
Can we know the safest hour?
You were as pale and silent
as the flower.
Should we dig by the moon,
who will hear the scream
like a mandrake as we die
together for the first time?


Julian O’Dea

Women’s declining happiness

This article considers every possibility except the obvious one, that traditional roles make women happier.

My wife several years ago at a wedding



It is good to be a woman. It is better to be a man.

Redrafted version

Her level gaze was
my horizon,
her swaying hips
an earthquake
in my mind,
her floating skirts
the sea that retreats
with the tide.

Julian O’Dea