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Why is this offensive to feminists?

I have posted another copy of this recently. Here is one that should be viewable:

I assume that this has upset feminists. I cannot be bothered going to check on their latest tantrum, if that is the case. But I thought it would be worthwhile to dissect why this video would probably drive them to distraction.

I would say it would upset feminists because a) it reminds them that women did not write the great classical music, b) it reminds them that women’s greatest contribution to culture will always be their own clothed (or unclothed) bodies, c) it reminds them that men find slim, nubile women the most appealing and, I suspect too, d) there is a subtle reminder that air blowers, like nearly everything else, were invented by men.

So, it’s a kind of multiple whammy and bound to drive feminists nuts. (More nuts.)



Air on a G string


If that won’t open, try this one:

Her soul goes at night

Her soul goes at night
between the branches
through empty spaces
down to the cold creek
and tries to warm itself 
in moonlight and cheer
itself by the thin water
under a sky with no star
to share.

Julian O’Dea

Korean air stewardesses


Another model who is so black she looks blue

Nyakim Gatwech:



More on such models and their bluish skin here.

Letting the missus drive

Letting the missus drive, 
he watches her legs under 
the hem of the taut skirt 
as it rides up and she 
settles into the pedals 
with feminine abandon,
flaunting her influence
like a woman in stirrups,
legs splayed, ankles
straining in her heels.


Julian O’Dea

Beata Beatrix

A fashion photo:


“Beata Beatrix” by Dante Gabriel Rossetti: