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Melissa Rodwell photographs fashion model Milan.

“I met Milan a few years ago while I was shooting in LA for a minute. I met her on a casting for various editorials I was shooting. Her lithe 5’10” body is incredible and while she wasn’t the perfect fit for my upcoming shoots, I knew I had to at the very least test with her. So that’s what I did.”


More on women spreading


Why do women spread their legs during sex?

OK. How did she do this?

How did actress Carolyn Farina go from this (on the left in the front in the greenish dress):


to this (leaning over, drink in hand):



I refer to her boobage, of course.




A strong, independent woman

To celebrate International Women’s Day, here is a woman coping without any male support:






Fox girl


People complain about this picture because of the animal skins she is wearing.

Personally, I find it dramatic and compelling, and the girl looks stunning.

I assume that is a fox (perhaps a silver fox) with a rabbit.

A nearly perfect dress


Cat Pattern A Line Dress

Squatting girl


A picture that caught my eye.