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Unicorn Blood

A makeup colour.

The girl is biting her lip, a sign of arousal or interest.

On a Painting by Bosch

On a Painting by Bosch

Félicien Rops and Norman Lindsay
put naked women on the Cross;
Norman from Antipodean whimsy,
Félicien with European blasphemy
to mock the tempted Anthony

… but Hieronymus Bosch showed
Saint Julia on her cross clothed
and set a golden tiara on her head,
as the crown of martyrdom;
and pictured Saint Anthony
by her side, as her master had
Saint John.


Julian O’Dea

Young Aboriginal couple


This young couple creates striking maternity shoot using songlines and stories




Sunday Afternoon


I had to share this

There is more wisdom in this little cartoon or meme, which seems to be popping up at the moment, than in half a dozen advice books for women.


Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe (Chinese version)


Original by Manet:


The carp

The carp sulk among
the water lily leaves
the shape of artists’
palettes, in the Monet 
pool, near the pastel 
bridge; retiring, already
daubed by Nature;
wary of Japonisme.

Julian O’Dea


ANTIFA girls …


The banality of Hillary Clinton

Somebody imagines a New Yorker cover:


Note that the “genius” designer spelled Margaret Mead incorrectly. And Dian Fossey.

See if you can find any other errors …

Beata Beatrix

A fashion photo:


“Beata Beatrix” by Dante Gabriel Rossetti: