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The unattractiveness of haughty women


I don’t find the above image attractive. She is quite literally sticking her nose in the air. I understand that haughty, arrogant women have sometimes been in fashion. Even as far back as the fin de siècle there was the femme fatale (Gustav Klimt’s Judith):


Some men, in the right mood, may be turned on by domineering, queenly women. But I can’t see this as a healthy impulse. And it is not as if modern women have much to be proud about.


Hypergamy in one image



Many romance novels for women have this theme – the social dominance of the man. It helps if he is a doctor or very rich or both. Making him Greek gives him licence to behave more passionately of course. My most amusing title I ever saw on sale was something like “The Billionaire Doctor”.

How women can win at chess


(Photographer: Ruslan Lobanov)

The punishment of Eve?


Vintage Heineken advertisements

It looks like Heineken have released a virtue-signalling advertisement. I can’t be bothered to check. Supposedly, it is better than the recent, notorious Pepsi ad. It could hardly be worse.

Not long ago, Heineken was releasing ads to please men:




The last one is weird. But their ads have generally been designed to amuse men, as their main customers presumably. But of course letting men have any enjoyment is now old-fashioned. Although I notice that some of the Asian brands haven’t succumbed to political correctness yet. (And it was Asian fans who got a recent video game “uncensored”.)

Black nude


Another bonbon girl with a bow


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Nadege du Bospertus, model. Yves Saint Laurent, Autumn-Winter 1992, Couture.

Women as Sweetmeats

And a bonus bonbon song: