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The President of Croatia and Mr Trump


She knows who the real patriarch is


Putin’s security, beginning with dealing with Femen females

An article gets attention on Reddit

This old article written by a woman contributor:

The natural inferiority of women by “ContentWoman”

has just attracted a lot more attention, because of this note and comments at Reddit.

Vintage Heineken advertisements

It looks like Heineken have released a virtue-signalling advertisement. I can’t be bothered to check. Supposedly, it is better than the recent, notorious Pepsi ad. It could hardly be worse.

Not long ago, Heineken was releasing ads to please men:




The last one is weird. But their ads have generally been designed to amuse men, as their main customers presumably. But of course letting men have any enjoyment is now old-fashioned. Although I notice that some of the Asian brands haven’t succumbed to political correctness yet. (And it was Asian fans who got a recent video game “uncensored”.)

Sex robots

I glanced at this article. It helps explain why men might give up and live with a robot girl. She crows about how feminists have made women less attractive and then complains that men find real women less attractive. She even boasts that feminists have told men we aren’t needed. She says that women aren’t made for men (they are actually and the sooner they remember it, the better) and then complains that men are no longer interested in them.

Right-wing Frenchmen More Sexually Dominant?

Far-Left Voters More Likely to Share Their Wives, Right Wingers More Sexually Dominant, Claims Study

I don’t think this would surprise anybody:

“Le Pen voters are generally less influenced by feminist culture …”

It doesn’t surprise me that right-wing men are more dominant and possessive sexually.