My most popular posts

I have been blogging at this site for about four years now and have “published” about 500 posts. Over that time, some posts have been outstanding in terms of viewership. The following are some of the top posts by page views recorded. I try to give some background on each, including the likely reasons for their popularity.

By far the most popular and no doubt controversial post to appear here is the following. Ironically, it was written by a woman I used to be friendly with. Not by me. In any case, here it is:

“A guest post from a frank woman”

I don’t think the next post is terribly good, but it has received a lot of views. I think this may be because people searching on “pretty girl” find it. Because there is a picture which may be labelled “pretty girl” with some kind of metadata:

“Yes, she is cute, but …”

The next attracts a lot of attention and has been kindly described as a seminal post. It is really just a bit of fun:

“The “INTJ” death stare”

The next post has also received a lot of attention. It was the follow-up post to the one by the woman above and almost as controversial:

“The realities of female inferiority and submission”

This one has also had a surprising number of views:

“Australian Aboriginal women”

Another highly popular post is the following on the career of 1990s actress Carolyn Farina. I use her story to reflect on success and failure in life:

“What happened to Carolyn Farina?”

The following post has become something of a “Manosphere classic”. A lot of men apparently find it answers one of life’s big puzzles:

“Women “policing the hierarchy””

The following popular post considers the question of why some men prefer women to have short hair:

“Men who prefer short haired women”

The following has been a very popular post but also very controversial and it attracted a lot of negative comments. Perhaps it hit a nerve:

“The “broken windows” theory of crime, and dealing with women and children”

This next one gets steady attention, partly I suspect because it considers the “rape” scene in the film:

“The sexual politics of Blade Runner”

A heavily read post on female virginity:

“No-one misses a slice from a cut loaf”

A lot of ladies seem to like this one:

“Why the highest heels are the sexiest”

This is probably the most read poem I have written, partly because it was cited at the men’s site “Chateau Heartiste”:

“Epithalamium” (wedding poem)



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