(NSFW) Men who prefer short haired women


Women with short hair are surprisingly controversial. Personally, I find the woman below intriguing, but a lot of men profess to find short-haired women unattractive:


Short-haired women are certainly not absent from media imagery:









Short-haired women seem to have been common and fashionable in the 1950s and 1960s. The girl posing beside the car in the shots below was Elaine Sterling, then girlfriend of the man, Larry Watson, who was a famous custom car guy in California and later went on to a modest career in TV and movies. The photos were taken in about 1957.




Conversing in the Manosphere, a man learns things about himself. One of the areas in which I seem to be an outlier is in actively preferring short haired women. I married one. Not only do I not share the almost religious preference for long haired women most men state, but I positively dislike long hair on women. To me it evokes entangling seaweed, the snake locks of a gorgon, and more mundanely, in my experience, it gets in the way. It does have one use that sounds like fun, but you can’t have everything.

The girlfriend I had with long hair seemed to spend all her time washing it and fussing over it. I came to resent it.

Women can look great with short hair. All too often, long hair seems intended to draw attention away from an uninteresting face.

One comment I have received is that perhaps I am a latent homosexual. Why else do I find these boyish looking women attractive? I was inclined to discount this as obvious nonsense, but I am prepared to consider it further now.

My favourite theory has been that my mother always had short brunette hair, and men are sometimes said to imprint on the maternal appearance and seek out women of similar appearance as mates. Freud claimed that men may do this in order to satisfy Oedipal urges. There are also theories that we prefer people who look like our relatives for selective or genetic reasons.

But maybe that is not the answer. Which brings me back to the homosexuality issue. I remain dubious. My working approach has always been that it is not the act that decides, but whom you do it with. Without being too indelicate, I have never had a psychological objection to acts with a woman that can also be done to a man. (A moral objection, yes, definitely.) Does this support the latent homosexuality hypothesis?

Well, I have never done anything with a man, and have no desire to, not even in dreams.

Maybe there is just a lot of variation in male heterosexual preferences, and I am in the normal range. And I would add a few points in support of my preference for boyish women, a preference that tends to include a slim build and a generally gamine appearance, e.g. Audrey Hepburn. (My wife has nice womanly breasts, but smaller breasts would have been fine by me.) As Freud noted, the essence of femininity is the absence of a penis. T&A are in some ways secondary. Moreover, long hair and large breasts are the female features that are the counterparts to the male appendages. In some respects, a short haired, slim bodied woman is more female since the crucial absence of a penis is thrown into greater relief. At least that seems to be the way my mind construes the appearance of such women. In general, short haired women look more female and sexier to me than long haired girls. As well as prettier.


That intriguing nude reminds me of this famous painting [Arrangement in Grey and Black No. 1, also called Portrait of the Artist’s Mother]. I wonder if the photographer was subtly invoking it:


On the subjects of Whistler and short-haired women, here is his painting of Molly Finch:


Another thing I have noticed is that I like the bottomless look on women:


A female dressed like that has of course no breasts clearly visible, but her empty feminine crotch is still evident, which makes her look rather like a very boyish girl.

It is possible of course to have slightly quirky or kinky tendencies that simply manifest themselves in the choice of a certain kind of woman. One could have a touch of the Oedipus Complex and also like to see some masculine traits in a woman, and simply choose a woman who meets those desires. Perhaps I married my wife because she looked a bit like my mother, and because she has short hair and a contralto voice. So what? At the end of the day I go to bed with a woman. It is possible, on reflection, and taking into account other things I find attractive or at least interesting, that I am a basically normal heterosexual man with maybe 5% attraction to passive males. Perhaps the latter admixture makes me prefer rather boyish women.

When you think about it, a man with tendencies to being an active homosexual and wanting to dominate an inferior “male” might find a short-haired, small-breasted woman, with her empty crotch, a pretty good facsimile of an inferior male. And he might not care too much which of her orifices he uses for pleasure. Or, alternatively, a man who has a highly dominant attitude to women might prefer a woman with a slim body and none of the female power inherent in long hair or breasts, and also be inclined to use all her orifices.

Another possibility is that I like women who look like me because of the narcissism that Freud said is present even in adult love. This site at least lists “Their female look-alikes” among “9 Weird Things That Turn Men On”.

Another point occurs to me. I think I dislike long hair for the same reason I dislike long, flowing dresses. They look too random and messy. I like the more tailored look in women’s skirts and blouses. And I like short hair on a woman partly because it looks neater.

A further point is that short hair tends to show off a long, delicate neck on a woman rather well.

The girl here is Emma Fitzpatrick, in a small part in the film Social Network, as the girlfriend of the Sean Parker character played by Justin Timberlake:

________________________________________________________________________________________________________emma_fitzpatrick_the_social_network_screencap_8FXA053.sized (1)

Winona Ryder in Boys (1996):


I think this woman looks quite nice, despite the unflattering expression. Jamie Lee Curtis mostly seems to sport short hair:

##########################################################jamie lee curtis 2

I am not so sure about this example. Demi Moore, who had short hair in her famous role in Ghosts. I think this is getting too boyish and it is not flattering:


I think the line is crossed here into too boyish or masculine. The problem may be that, whereas Emma Fitzpatrick has rather small, elfin features, Demi Moore has slightly heavier features.

But I do think girls like this are attractive:


Some interesting discussion on short hair on women here. (The comments are mostly quite unhinged. What IS wrong with American women?!)

Mel Gibson in happier days, with his short-haired wife:


Sylvia Kristel:


This Miss Jamaica, pictured below, apparently suffered in the recent Miss Universe contest for having short hair. I think she looks pretty good myself:


A recent tweet that I tend to agree with:

Something I wrote on the “handsome woman”, which touches on the subtle appeal of a woman who looks just a little bit masculine. Tall, rangy women can also be quite sexy to my mind because one’s mind tend to construe them as having the more imposing build of a man, which only serves to emphasise the female lack of a penis:


The short-haired look shades into the “sexy librarian” look – I married one of those:



Bruce Springsteen pulls a “surprised” short-haired young Courteney Cox out of the audience at 3:20:

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  1. I think it’s really just a matter of personal taste; also, some women really look better with shorter hair. I don’t think it bespeaks latent homosexuality or any such nonsense, to be attracted to short-haired women.

    For my part, I’m attracted to both; depends on the woman. I have had both as girfriends / girls I’ve dated…


  2. David,
    If a person genuinely prefers short haired women, they can effectively get them at a significant ‘discount’, because that’s not the 90-95% preference of men in society. There’s no need to imply anything untoward because of it.


    • Jehu, your blog looks interesting. If I were you, I would eschew using “person” when you mean “man”.

      Anyway, you have a point, but let’s be realistic, no man is going to turn down Halle Berry because she has short hair.

      When men think “short haired woman”, I suspect they are imagining some horrible fat dyke. Whereas I think of the kind of women I have pictured here.


      • I suppose what I mean is that long or short hair is not usually a deal-breaker for a man. And a sensible man also worries about a girl’s character and values, of course. But I have seen some men very strongly present a preference for long hair on women. I do wonder if it is not partly an American thing, because French women, for example, seem to wear their hair short. (I just had the naughty thought that they might be worried about nits.)

        Anyway, I have a very strong preference for short haired girls, and this discussion is also a good pretext to post some pics of pretty women.

  3. David,
    I actually intended ‘you’ rather than ‘person’, but then I recalled vaguely that you were married and didn’t want to unintentionally advocate bigamy or worse. So I hastily adjusted the sentence.
    My estimate is that having short hair as a woman is nearly a standard deviation hit in attractiveness—taking a woman, for instance, from mid 80s in percentile down to not much above 50th percentile. This is, of course, the 90-95% of men view—if you genuinely don’t feel that way at the gut level, you have a classic value investing opportunity.

    I actually wrote on this topic a few weeks back—the woman in question with short hair was certainly not fat nor was she a dyke. But at the time, the only reason she was within my SMP/MMP reach was the fact that she had really short hair.


    • Yes, I am married. As I said below, my wife bore a passing resemblance to Sean Young when I met her. Perhaps that is love talking, but she was certainly a short haired brunette of the type I have always fancied. She, my wife, did once grow her hair out, but neither of us liked it.

      I find your remarks fascinating, and I shall look for your piece on the short haired woman who was within your reach. Of course, the classic way to humiliate a woman has always been to cut her hair off, and no doubt you know what St Paul wrote about women’s hair as a covering.


      • I am very interested in evolutionary psychology and human biology, and I post and comment under my real name on those topics sometimes. The more controversial and speculative stuff I leave for this blog, which is under my pseudonym.

        There come times when the world holds up a mirror to us, and we glimpse ourselves as others see us, in all our oddity and individuality. I am prepared to accept that my strong preference for short haired women is something of an anomaly.

      • Jehu, could you point to your post on the short haired woman?

        By the way, I notice that the issue of Traditional Christianity going dark came up at your blog. I wanted to make one remark. The given name of one of the main female bloggers was revealed, for those who were watching, by the woman herself some time before the alleged stalking incident. I cannot comment on the stalking claims, because I missed that episode.

      • “The given name of one of the main female bloggers was revealed, for those who were watching, by the woman herself some time before the alleged stalking incident.”

        I noticed that, and commented accordingly in at least one place. That’s why I found the hysteria over the alleged ‘stalking’ out of place. Just female drama queen bullshit, IMO. Not to mention extreme forgetfulness…

      • Will, I am glad you noticed the same thing. I won’t give details, but Alte started using her real first name on a well-known blog. I did admire her mind – not something I often say about a woman – but she was incredibly protean in her persona and presentation. She went under at least five monikers, and one of them was her real first name.

        I also think she kind of attracted trouble. As this post indicates, I am not big on boobies, but many men are, and her constant references to her enormous rack must have been frustrating to many Manosphere men. She also used to make herself and her husband sound like Odin and Freya, making hot thunderbolt love, which would also have inflamed their jealousy. She did attract creepers, but she was also provocative.

      • I personally think she ‘protested too much’, and that she and her husband had serious disagreements she tried to paper over; she did complain about him not wanting more kids, for one thing… She always was an attention-seeker, though; hence her name-changing, multiple blog-deleting, constant avatar-changing causing her fans to coo over each one, etc.

        I found it surprising that normally more sober-minded, serious women didn’t call her on that, but that’s “Team Woman” for ya…

        I think she didn’t remember revealing her name, and then got all in a tizzy when someone else did, all paranoid over ‘cyber-stalking’ when she had in fact already let the cat out of the bag… At the very least, it was out there for anyone who had known her multiple names to easily be able to Google.

        I for one don’t miss TC; it was way too much drama and fluffiness; other women have managed to have much more substantial, non-personal-attention-seeking blogs dealing with traditional Christian and manosphere matters, so it’s not like there’s a void in its absence; plus most of the regulars are still either blogging or commenting today, elsewhere…

        Blog drama stinks. We had enough of it ourselves at Patri, and while it has thankfully quieted down, it ended up costing us two members and who knows how many readers; I’m glad it’s over, now…

      • I learned a lot from Alte. She and I were very matey for quite a while. I flatter myself that I served as a model for the kind of husband she wanted, and I think it helped her remodel her husband into more what she wanted. I think she realised that I am, for whatever reason, the kind of strongly religious, serious husband she wanted. I think her husband was a bit of a goodtime boy, and not firm enough for her.

        I honestly had no idea of how I sounded, until Alte started reacting to my remarks.

        So, we learned from each other, and she gave me useful insights into the female mind that I used on my wife.

        She did have an ego though, and a queenly attitude. She used to anathematise people. Eventually she grew tired of my reactionary attitudes, and no longer found them cute. She was offended by my call for virginity to be prioritised for brides. Frankly, I think this stung her because a) this was not something she could relate to personally and b) it tended to make her fussing about modesty look a little silly and belated. The Manosphere men unfairly targeted her as an ex-slut who had snagged a beta. This was not the whole truth, but there was a kernel of fact to it.

        I spend most of my time at Dalrock, with excursions to SunshineMary and your place and a few others. One can contrast SunshineMary with Alte. There are some interesting similarities, but the important difference is that SunshineMary is not proud. Strangely, I sort of created Alte. She took a lot of her themes from me (or so she said). I seem to be able to influence female bloggers, and I like them to write on topics I suggest.

        I suppose you won’t want to dilate on the matter, but I do notice Svar has gone from the ‘net. I used to suspect his health was poor and he was overcompensating.

      • Indeed, I don’t wish to get into private matters concerning Svar, in a public place. I did mention his leaving Patri in a post, along with 7man, who also left at about the same time, so the one post mentioned both. I don’t think he’s been commenting anywhere since then; certainly not in the tradosphere or manosphere, AFAIK. I’ve had contact with him since, though not much, lately.

        You no doubt have Svar’s email address from his commenting here; I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if you sent him an email, asking him how he’s doing.

      • A further point. God uses us as bad examples sometimes. Alte is a good case study on the risks of great physical appeal, and intellect, in a modern woman. She had these qualities and could attract very powerful men. But she also contracted the hypergamy hots, a really bad case. This was a woman who reported being attracted to Russian gangsters. She was highly hypergamous, and had been abused by alphas, a fact she admitted. It made it hard for her to settle.

      • Indeed, God can and does use us as bad examples, if we provide ourselves as such; cautionary tales can be good things…

        Not just in moral and spiritual matters, either. I made certain career decisions which I have thought I’d redo differently, had I the chance to do it over, and I try to make a point of cautioning younger people who have interest in my field, based on my own experiences.

      • Oddly, I have hardly made any decisions I regret. There are untoward events I regret, but they were not within my control.

        If only the average man knew how hypergamous women mostly are. There is something hilarious in a deranged way about all those little Aussie housewives picking up their copies of Fifty Shades of Grey at the local supermarket. They are on display just down the road, being sold as if they were a staple food.

      • I find the runaway success of that book one of the most disturbing pop culture phenomena of recent times… Very revealing, to those who have the mindset to comprehend…

      • I haven’t read it. But I have read Reage and some Sade. I imagine it is in that tradition. Its popularity shows two things. One, the absolute collapse of any standards on the availability of this kind of porn for women where “respectable” women go. There is no shame. The second is that it makes nonsense of feminist claims that women are not, at bottom, masochistic.

      • Exactly.

  4. Posted by CL on August 14, 2012 at 2:48 pm

    I found it surprising that normally more sober-minded, serious women didn’t call her on that, but that’s “Team Woman” for ya…

    Actually Will, I called her out for attention whoring back on Trad Catholicism and she got pissed off and did a sarcastic post about it (without naming me). I’ve called her out multiple times since then and she doesn’t change. But I suppose that just gets attributed to a cat fight, which is silly. Can’t win I guess!


    • Oh yes, CL; I know you did, but I was thinking more of her fellow TC contributors, some of whom, for which, when they weren’t going all ‘Team Woman’, I tended to have more respect.

      You’ve never been a ‘Team Woman’ type, though, for which we are grateful. 🙂


      • Posted by CL on August 14, 2012 at 3:00 pm

        Sometimes I think they tended to just get side-tracked into ‘having fun’, which is all well and good but if you’re trying to do something serious, it’s going to turn serious minded people off. Save the silly girl shit for the knitting circle.

        To some extent, you have to present a different face to the world – which isn’t to say you are dishonest or not personable, but just don’t overdo the silly and keep private stuff private.

      • Agreed.

  5. Posted by CL on August 14, 2012 at 3:15 pm

    While I’m here, I’ll say that a preference for short-haired women is no more a sign of latent homosexuality than a preference for a bikini wax is a sign of latent paedophilia. People say some dumb stuff on the Internet, to be sure.


    • I do think that women shaved bare pubically do look a bit too immature. I am not too keen on that clam look, which also gives off a porn star vibe.


      • Posted by CL on August 14, 2012 at 3:35 pm

        Well yeah, I find totally bare clamshell (or so little hair left it just looks like she missed a bit) looks weird but I guess some people like that. A bit of fluff left on top looks nicer and more natural. And that’s all I’ll say about pubic hairstyles! LOL

      • That is how I keep my wife.

      • I’m an old-fashioned guy, in several ways (nuff said), and I was glad to discover this recently:


      • I like my wife trim down there. I made her tidy up recently before a road trip. She was in the bathroom muttering away mutinously, but she complied. Pure power play really, although she does look better with a tidy-up.

        (muff said)

      • Posted by CL on August 14, 2012 at 9:54 pm

        @ Will S.

        From the article you posted: When that irritation is combined with the warm moist environment of the genitals, it becomes a happy culture media for some of the nastiest of bacterial pathogens[…]

        The simple solution to that is skirts/kilts with no underwear!

      • @ CL: Aye, and sure that’s a fine solution for Scot laddies and lassies, but no’ for ye Sassenachs! 😉

        Going commando is fine for Scots, but it’s too cold in winter to do in Canada, and in summer, the wool is itchy; I used to be a piper, I know these things, don’t ask. 😉

      • Bagpipe music. Wonderful.

      • Yes; I’m Scotch-Irish, so that’s part of my heritage, as my Scots ancestors were originally Highlanders rather than Lowlanders like most Ulstermen. But truth be told, it’s because I went to Scotland at age 9, and loved them, and had an opportunity to join a local pipe band after I was back home in Canada, and I took it. Belonged for nine years; piped for eight of those, after taking a year to learn them. Good times. I miss it, and intend to perhaps take it up again, some time.

      • I have some Scottish blood, on my mother’s side, and some of that was Highland. One of my ancestors came from Perthshire. I have inherited a couple of Scots expressions, such as using “wee” for small. And maybe “lad”, although that is pretty mainstream. Also, some expressions like “many a mickle makes a muckle” and songs like the Skye Boat Song. And I love bagpipe music and Scottish ballads, Highland and Lowland. I recently found some wonderful singing by a mixed Scots and Irish group, called the Highland Sessions. One of the singers was the Irish Mary Black. Now there is a woman who looked great with short dark hair when she was young, singing Raglan Road (it’s on YouTube). In the Highland Sessions she has long hair. Not so cute now.

  6. http://chariotofreaction.blogspot.com/2012/07/how-much-of-hit-in-smpmmp-does-woman.html
    Is the link you’re after regarding my own experiences with short haired women.


    • Thanks Jehu. Interesting. I still suspect this is an American thing in part. Long blonde hair, big breasts, the sort of Germanic look …

      One of your commenters makes the good point that short hair on a woman is a kind of “costly signalling”, as if to say, “look how great I look even with short hair”. It is also good if a woman has a nice shaped face, pretty features, fine large eyes, a good neck, nice shoulders. My wife had most of that when I met her.

      One of your commenters says he “doesn’t mind” short hair. I actively prefer it. As I said, I may be an outlier. I saw an ad for a bank in town last night, after dancing lessons with my wife, and it portrayed a cute girl with short hair. It added to her girl-next-door sweetness and I definitely approved. Or I would have when I was a young man.


      • That’s one of the archetypes we like (blonde and buxom). Others in favor are the ultra-feminine ‘ballet body’ types, typically with small breasts and slim figures (but usually still long hair). Long black hair and fair skin is another winning combination, as is the classic redhead with blue or green eyes and milky skin. Any of these aesthetically pleasing combinations will get you 5 percentile points or so in the SMP/MMP in the US.

      • My main preference settled on pale-skinned brunettes. But the most beautiful female trait, in my opinion, is the literally golden hair some women have, and I think some kinds of blue eyes. The pale ivory skin of some Italian girls is gorgeous too.

      • Posted by CL on August 15, 2012 at 4:37 am

        I think being approachable is 3/4 of the battle assuming you’re not hideous/fat, but longer hair gets more attention than shorter, in my experience.

        I think there is some truth to what DC says about longer hair compensating for a plainer face; you really do have to be exceptional to look good with short hair as a woman. But even most of the exceptional ones still look better with long hair, IMO. (e.g. Scarlet Johansson)

      • OK, I am clearly an outlier. Which leaves the interesting question of why so many women wear their hair short. I suspect some are kind of butch or are past caring; some are really pretty and think they can get away with it; and some just find it easier to maintain.

        I should add that, much as I love the movie Blade Runner, for the music, the sets, for Sean Young in the role of Rachel, for so many things, the moment when Rachel lets her hair down is a low point for me.

      • I also never really cared about boobs when I was younger. A bit more as I got older, but I can take them or leave them in terms of size. The irony is that my wife, when young, had amazingly shapely breasts. I did appreciate them, but not as much as I should have. They are still not bad, even at her age.

  7. This guy is interesting. I link to him although he is a bit crude. Not a picture warning, but his language:


    I found this bit interesting:

    “Muriel Spark says something in The Girls of Slender Means about English girls with no boobs and how they make that work landing gay-inclining rich boys and keeping them on the straight.”

    although I actually doubt that. The English upper classes have always pretty much done what they want, sexually. Including the homosexuals. If a man is a homosexual, surely he wants to sleep with men, not women who are a bit boyish?


  8. Posted by Fitz on August 15, 2012 at 4:31 am

    I like short haired woman…that picture of Young on the bladerunner front is red hot..
    Yes, I like although cant say prefer short haired woman/woman who look good in short hair.

    I even like the whole tom boy thing in woman like…oh, Mila Jovovich, or Jody Foster, or the chick from Emila …Hillary Swank.

    And no…I dont think this says much about “latent homosexuality”


    • Yes, I think Sean Young, in her prime, was very beautiful. Among actresses, Elizabeth McGovern is very attractive, perhaps a tiny bit too baby-faced. Carolyn Farina, I posted a pic of her, was gorgeous too in her prime, although perhaps a little thin.

      I don’t really like the tomboy type as such. A better personal style is that exemplified by Emma Fitzpatrick in her brief appearance in Social Network. I think she must be a good actress, because she manages to convey great femininity in the role. I doubt she is quite like that in real life.

      What do you mean “bladerunner front”, Fitz? Perhaps that is some movie jargon I have not heard. I am something of a movie buff, but I am not a real expert.

      Swank and Jovovich have lovely colouring.


      • Posted by Fitz on August 16, 2012 at 12:59 am

        Just a typo …somhow I meant to type “set”… I am a movie buff myself and thin Bladerunner stood as the best sci-fi for a good long time, brobably until the Matrix.

        I think its a better film than the Matrix on its own, but the Matrix is just as good in terms of sci-fi, and had more cultural impact & resonance…

      • Posted by Fitz on August 16, 2012 at 1:10 am

        Carolyn Farina as Audrey Rouget in “Metropolitan”. – I had to go back and figure out who you were talking about…Yes georgeous woman, very sexy..

        Also – Metropolitan an excellent film, you should see his others If you have not (forgot writer/directors name) but “Last days of Disco” and “Barcelona” I really liked (the city in Spain) He has another as well…all excellent.

      • Fitz, there was a discussion of Metropolitan at this blog, here:


        I would not personally describe Carolyn Farina in that role as “sexy”. I do think she was very cute and appealing though. I used to see a picture of this girl on the banner of the blog called “Udolpho”, and wonder who she was. I finally found out with a bit of research, but I didn’t realise that the film was over twenty years old now. Carolyn Farina had a very quiet career thereafter, and apparently has a small role as Carolina, a waitress, in Stillman’s latest, “Damsels in Distress”.

        The only Stillman film I have seen in its entirety is Metropolitan, which my daughter downloaded for me. The others I have only seen YouTube clips of. Living in Australia, I doubt I will ever come across copies of his films. I had no compunction about downloading Metropolitan to a USB stick, because Stillman wants his films freely distributed.

      • Ironically, I found out that in the picture the Udolpho blogger featured, Audrey the character is saying something like, “Do you really think I am flat-chested?”

        It must be tough being an actor or actress and having to come out with lines like that!

  9. […] David Collard: Men who prefer short haired women […]


  10. Posted by 蝶よ花よ on August 15, 2012 at 10:05 pm

    Maybe there is just a lot of variation in male heterosexual preferences, and I am in the normal range. And I would add a few points in support of my preference for boyish women, a preference that tends to include a slim build and a generally gamine appearance (cf. Audrey Hepburn).

    Due to my health issues, I tend to be somewhat underweight [about 40 kg. When I’m on Prednisone, about 60 kg] I wouldn’t say I have a boyish figure [I have a nice body when I’m healthy]; I’m just frail and petite. I get upset by the whole “real women have curves” movement, because it implies slender women aren’t feminine. I’ve seen women make comments about men who date slender women “Oh, he must be in the closet…”

    I think the modern American definition of a “boyish” figure, isn’t actually boyish at all. For example, the 1960’s teen idol Sandra Dee was wisp thin, yet there was nothing masculine about her appearance.

    …wait, wasn’t short hair a big thing back in the 1960’s? I mean, all those popular teen idols had cute ‘lil bob cuts. Like Connie Francis, Twiggy, and Annette Funicello. *giggles* maybe Mr. Collard’s first crush was Annette Funicello?


    • BF, believe it or not, Annette Funicello was before even my time. My first screen crush was Shari Lewis. I thought Lamb Chop had the best job in show business.

      I think slender, short haired women look neat (tidy and smart, I mean). When I met her, my wife was a bit like that, as I wrote in my poem, “Not the girl I married, not the boy she married”.

      As for being in the closet, are there really men who use slender women as a substitute for what they really want, namely a man? It just seems improbable to me. I have a brother-in-law who gave off a strong homosexual vibe, and he ended up marrying an air hostess, floozy type, at least to all appearances. I remember thinking, oh, he is either not a homosexual after all, or he is in denial and he is marrying this ultra-femmy girl to cover up.


      • I looked up Sandra Dee and Connie Francis. Connie Francis was what women used to look like back then. Jackie Kennedy also had the hair length that was fashionable for women. Not really short, but not long either. A bit of body, rather like my example of Carolyn Farina. I suspect this is what my mother had.

        But this was the 60s, BF. I am more a product of the 1970s.

        What is interesting about Jackie Kennedy is that she was very much a complement to her husband. It was almost picture perfect. Jack and Jackie. Her hair conveyed: I am not a man, but I am a woman who can stand beside my man. Feminine but practical. What a slim, short haired woman would have said to me, and probably did when I met my wife, was: here is a woman who is feminine, but will not be a drag, not always fussing over split ends in her boudoir. A companion and a friend, as well as a woman.

  11. Posted by 蝶よ花よ on August 16, 2012 at 7:48 pm

    As for being in the closet, are there really men who use slender women as a substitute for what they really want, namely a man? It just seems improbable to me. I have a brother-in-law who gave off a strong homosexual vibe, and he ended up marrying an air hostess, floozy type, at least to all appearances. I remember thinking, oh, he is either not a homosexual after all, or he is in denial and he is marrying this ultra-femmy girl to cover up.

    I once read a magazine article about said phenomenon. It was quite interesting.

    They marry either masculine behaving women [the article noted that physical appearance was irrelevant], or women with severely low-self esteem that will forgive their husband’s homosexual dalliances.

    Personally, I always got the feeling manwhore/PUA/Don Juan sort-of men, were in the closet. I mean, they tend to know a little too much about the female thought pattern for their advice to be based on mere observations. & here in NYC, PUA’s are almost always metrosexual [uses expensive skin care products, get clear manicures, wear stylish designer clothes]

    But this was the 60s, BF. I am more a product of the 1970s.

    Sorry. I guessed your age; I thought being a teenager in the 1960’s seemed about right [I’m not good at math…]


    • BF, I was born in 1955. I was only a boy in the 1960s. I consider that the 70s were my youth, since I was 15 in 1970 and 25 in 1980.

      I suppose it is possible I got fixated as a boy on certain types of women, but despite my joke about Shari Lewis, I doubt that I was thinking about women sexually until later. As I indicated before, the first girls I noticed were nurses when I was in hospital in my mid to late teens.


      • Ooh, I’ll bet them nurses still had nice uniforms, showing off their legs, instead of fricking scrubs, ugh… Canadian nurses had uniforms like this in those days:

        Now, DC, were the nurses short-haired, back then? Or still long haired? I suppose if they still had caps on, one couldn’t always tell… (Not sure if they still wore caps in those days, here…)

      • (Wouldn’t let me embed the image; maybe you can fix that.)

  12. Will, don’t get me started on nurses. Yes, this was in the early 1970s. I was at an all-boys school, so meeting nurses was a revelation. They were nice girls too, mostly. I do remember women then as nicer, although Aussie girls are still not bad. That is one reason I have trouble understanding the modern Nth American scene.

    They did wear caps, starched linen I suppose, and skirts. Some of the nurse trainees the last time I was in hospital a few years ago still wore woollen dresses as uniforms.

    As for hair length, I suppose some of them put their hair up if it was long.

    I still remember a couple of them. I sometimes wonder what happened to those girls. So young then, they would be old women now. As Peter Kreeft writes, we are not elves; we have to age and die. But it is terribly sad even so.

    I am at my iPad, but I will try to put that pic in. What is it? An old nurse’s uniform?

    I was tempted to include a picture of a naked short haired girl, to illustrate my point about their particular appeal, but I have withstood the temptation.


    • Yes, it’s an old nurses uniform; alas, by itself, in a display case; not being worn by some beauty… 🙂

      Perhaps you could find a pic of a short-haired girl in a bikini? 😉


      • No, my point was slightly indelicate. I have made it in words. That is sufficient.

        I don’t want to give scandal, as we Catholics say.

        I did fixate on nurses for a while, but I have never made my wife wear a naughty nurse uniform!

      • Well, a naked pic would give scandal, but surely not a bikini one! 😉

        (j/k) I know, it might for some. Esp. if the girl was hot enough. 🙂

      • I was thinking more about mistakes in life, and from the vantage point of 57, I think I played my cards quite well on the whole. Of course the game is not over yet, but I am surprised at how well I handled some tricky situations. I have concluded that I am not as clever as I used to think, but a lot more wily.

      • Well, I had one guy say how hot my pic of Sean Young was. Gee, it is a polaroid and she is fully dressed!

  13. Posted by 蝶よ花よ on August 17, 2012 at 9:25 am

    @David: I found this vintage Mills and Boon cover.

    I’ve noticed most of the women depicted on vintage Mills and Boon novel covers have short hair.

    So perhaps a man’s preference for hair length, merely reflects the style of his generation?


    • Maybe, BF, but I suspect that she is simply meant to have her hair up under her cap. I have a lot of images on my iPad, and one randomly popped up earlier, of the cast of a very old TV show called Hawaiian Eye, which my grandfather used to like. I notice the blonde in the cast had short hair.

      I had an epiphany a few years ago. My wife and my mother have never liked each other. But I suddenly realised how similar they are in physical appearance. So maybe it is some oedipal thing, including the short hair. But, actually, introspection leads me to the most likely explanation being the one I wrote above. I just think girls with short hair look trim and cute. My wife has matured into a more voluptuous woman. I can live with that, especially given her age, but I basically prefer Audrey Hepburn to Christina Hendricks.


  14. […] hair on women was discussed on this blog previously, here, here, and briefly, […]


  15. […] a visual follow-up to my previous post here on the appeal of short-haired women to some […]


  16. Posted by Maria Lopez on December 10, 2013 at 9:01 pm

    i really like this post and its strange i cut my hair because i am slim and 5′ 2 but my significant other hates it but my best friend “a guy” tells me i look more pretty and sexy.


    • I am glad you like the post, Maria. I have always preferred women with short hair. I think short hair shows off a pretty face better than long hair. My wife has always had short hair. It is a shame your “significant other” does not like it.


  17. […] main post on this is here. I prefer short haired women […]


  18. […] So do I, as I have written about here extensively. For example here. […]


  19. […] my discussion about men who, like me, prefer women with short hair, I neglected to consider the possibility that short hair on a woman, or an “updo” with […]


  20. I saw this post: http://www.darkroastedblend.com/2014/05/drb-history-issue-world-war-two.html and thought of your comments here.

    I suppose short hair is sometimes a necessity in wartime – I wonder if the world wars contributed to a preference for short hair (in a larger cultural sense). I suppose men wouldn’t really care all that much during the wars; short hair is easier to take care of (and rationing probably plays a part); long hair probably got in the way of the work women found themselves doing (often in place of men) during the wars.


    • Posted by Julian O'Dea on May 9, 2014 at 11:36 am

      Yes, although women can always “put it up”, as nurses used to under their caps. Or wear hairnets.


  21. […] “Men who prefer short haired women” […]


  22. […] Personally I don’t care all that much (although I think Sean Young’s breasts were unfortunate). I have discussed the psychology of men who like less voluptuous, more boyish women here. […]


  23. Posted by Julian O'Dea on January 27, 2015 at 2:37 am

    Another article complaining about short-haired women:


    I have taken one of the pictures from there and added it above.


    • Posted by Jim on January 27, 2015 at 2:50 am

      “I don’t care if Miss Jamaica can juggle chainsaws while performing open-heart surgery and writing a piano concerto; if she’s going to keep her hair short and ugly like that, she doesn’t deserve to be crowned one of the most beautiful women in the world.”



  24. […] have written about the reason why some men admire short-haired women here, in a post that attracted a lot of comments. I suppose everybody has an opinion on this topic, men […]


  25. Posted by Julian O'Dea on April 14, 2015 at 1:58 pm


    I may have cited this before, but if not, it is a very long discussion of the merits of longer and shorter hair on females.

    I will say this. I agree that women have to be very careful not to look like poor imitations of men or boys. Having short hair AND wearing trousers is liable to make a woman look mannish – and not in a good way. A short-haired woman should probably stick to skirts. My wife has always worn her hair short, which I like, but she almost always wears skirts, which I also like.

    There is a big difference between a girl who looks a bit boyish and a girl who looks like a boy.


  26. […] case of relatively modest success only is that of custom car designer and later actor Larry Watson discussed briefly at the beginning of this post on short-haired women. As for his girlfriend, Elaine Sterling, who graces many of the pictures of […]


  27. Posted by Julian O'Dea on June 19, 2015 at 4:39 am

    I recently picked up a copy of Hairdo magazine “Short Styles”, Summer 2015. It was not cheap, but such is my devotion to this look on women.


  28. Posted by AKsS on July 6, 2015 at 11:03 am

    I always thought I like short hair in women because it makes their head appear so nicely small and … round – cuteness, small child pattern, looking young.
    It evokes feelings of wanting to protect and caress in me.
    It is just a simple, yet attractive shape.
    Longer hair comes in many weird and chaotic forms, they are less geometrically “pure”.

    I might add that long.-haired women can, for me, in short time get this attractive short-haired look by binding themselves a pony-tail – the tail is OK, and the nice round head shape still is advertised.


    • Yes, that is part of it I suspect. I mentioned something like this above, when I wrote:

      “Another point occurs to me. I think I dislike long hair for the same reason I dislike long, flowing dresses. They look too random and messy. I like the more tailored look in women’s skirts and blouses. And I like short hair on a woman partly because it looks neater.”

      And yes, I suppose short hair suggests the young and girlish. In some ways, long hair implies mature, womanly power. Its removal or absence perhaps implies a loss of that power. Perhaps that is why I prefer genuinely short hair, rather than just “updos” and the like.


  29. I just found this site, which seems to be all about “pixie cuts”:


    These examples are quite pleasing:


    And this is a beautiful example (I have seen this girl before):


    And this one is interesting, the girl in the AI SF film Ex Machina:



  30. […] have written at length about the appeal of short hair on […]


  31. […] to this old post and this one on body […]


  32. […] Here is my old, long post on short haired women and their special appeal. […]


  33. I love immensely short hair women,
    as it makes them look skin smartie, that’s my real interest.
    don’t mind healthy ladies! everybody has likers of different type of bodies.
    my weakness is here for slim, short hair, Women, they look too ÇHÀŘMÍÑĞ,…..


  34. […] (NSFW) Men who prefer short haired women […]


  35. […] have written before on the appeal of short-haired women and my personal preference in that […]


  36. Posted by Julian O'Dea on February 17, 2016 at 1:30 am

  37. Posted by Craig on February 17, 2016 at 7:17 pm

    I used to like and prefer long hair on women, but when I found out that most of them are faking it with hair extensions, I have learned to dislike it. I tend to like women who wear their hair in an up do style like pony or pig tails or the Betty Rubble duck tail, though I despise the the pixie cut because it looks too masculine for my taste.


  38. […] Paula writes that men prefer long-haired women as a rule. I break this rule here. […]


  39. Posted by Julian O'Dea on May 30, 2016 at 4:49 am

    Another guy who really doesn’t like short haired sheilas:



  40. […] have written at length (!) about short-haired women here. One of the women I featured was Elaine Sterling, who was the girlfriend and model for Larry […]


  41. Posted by Julian O'Dea on July 25, 2016 at 1:38 pm

    Tattoos on supermodels. Another case of “costly signalling”? That is, using a minor imperfection to draw greater attention to the overall beauty.



  42. […] I have written about INTJ “death stare” here and about short-haired women here. […]


  43. […] slightly NSFW essay on men who prefer short-haired […]


  44. Posted by Ofelas on December 12, 2016 at 8:37 pm

    My personal favorite is the girl at 0:02 – 0:14 (and later) in this video:


    • Posted by Julian O'Dea on December 13, 2016 at 3:00 am

      Yes, if you mean the short-haired brunette in the spotted blouse and black skirt. She looks like my type (although it is hard to get a clear look at her.) But perhaps you mean another girl. I suspect I have always fancied such women, although perhaps being married to such a girl for thirty years has strengthened the appeal.

      Fascinating dance.


      • Posted by Julian O'Dea on December 13, 2016 at 3:12 am

        It is strange and really thought-provoking that whatever time and place I lived in, I would pick a girl like that out. (Her character would obviously be crucial too.) And my wife and I did a bit of folk dancing (of the kind found in Australia) during our courtship. It really makes one sense the continuity in social history.

        There used to be an advertisement in Australia some years ago with the tagline, “Times change but deep down people don’t.” There is truth in that.

      • Posted by Julian O'Dea on December 13, 2016 at 4:05 am

        More of the background to this video here (it was shot at South Turkey Creek, Buncombe County, North Carolina):

  45. Posted by Ofelas on December 13, 2016 at 5:36 am

    I meant the one in checkered skirt and white (?) blouse. She is way too young, but there’s something very uplifting and warm about her presence, so her appeal to me is not primarily sexual, rather some overall cuteness, positively shining, and any sexual appeal is present maybe rather latently, like a near future promise, so to say.
    I spotted that video by chance, when searching about music of Appallachian mountains. The people there appear to be family or extended family and neighbours etc of Bascom Lamar Lunsford, collector and organizer of folklore music and festivals, musician himself (he is the man in the old couple dancing later in the video, around 2:38).


    • Posted by Julian O'Dea on December 13, 2016 at 6:14 am

      Yes, they are all a bit young. The one that caught my eye was maybe in her late teens. (It is commonplace, but sad, to think she must be an old woman by now.)

      I think I can see some family resemblance in a boy and girl in that film clip.

      Being an Australian, I am a bit vague on these things, but they were in the western part of North Carolina, which I assume is getting towards the Appalachian area.


      • Posted by Julian O'Dea on December 13, 2016 at 6:16 am

        The girl that catches my eye is the one who comes into frame at about 0:23.

        She is quite dark-haired and a bit “ethnic” looking.

        The girl you mentioned is indeed a pretty, cheerful little thing who is obviously going to look good when she is of age.

  46. Posted by Ofelas on December 15, 2016 at 7:18 pm

    The family resemblance – I can see some too – the ‘alpha’ guy in the open shirt and one of the girls seem to have similar facial features; and then “your” girl (she is beautiful, not really my type though, but I sense the appeal) and the dance partner of “my” girl – something common in there, these may be siblings or cousins..

    Yes, exactly, western part of North Carolina is in the Appalachian area, the mountain range going down big part of the American east.
    (I have no proper knowledge of American geography, being myself originally from very north of Europe, and never left the continent, it was just out of my interest in the music there, that made me get some idea about the area…)


  47. Great article! I have been pixie short for 4 years now, with an approximate 90%approval rating..lol, because I think everything “reads” feminine about the cut on me. It’s not for everyone, but I feel much more feminine and playful with this cut! 👏✨🧚🏻‍♀️😁


  48. Posted by Bryan on July 26, 2019 at 12:56 am

    In my experience this biological/psychological preference is related more to neurodiversity and your own gender identity (I’m nonbinary) than your sexual preferences. Most female-born nonbinary individuals prefer short hair — even heterosexual ones. Unless you are trying to make a strong binary statement according to our binary culture, long hair simply isn’t practical.

    Remember that everything is a spectrum in nature. In terms of sexuality, your have people ranging from strongly heterosexual through bisexual to strongly homosexual. Sometimes there is no clear line to draw, really, as to which “side” one belongs to — many people belong to neither or both — these “sides” are ignorant human inventions, and are not representative of our nature in truth.

    I’ve known people who found they were undoubtedly heterosexual or homosexual. I’ve know people who have thought they were homosexual/heterosexual, and they discovered they were actually bisexual or demisexual — and this changed their perspective on things completely. I’ve also known people who are extremely romantic, but who realised they actually have very little or no liking for sex, who are sexually inactive (even if they have perfectly functioning reproductive organs). They simply rarely or even never feel the need for sex. To them sex serves a functional purpose, not a pleasurable one.

    As a sexually active, heterosexual, nonbinary person, the reason I find women (or enbies) with short hair and feminine features so attractive is that, like you’ve pointed out here, the short hair accentuates their femininity. It is both discrete and can be incredibly elegant and sexy. It accentuates their neckline, their posture — the beauties of their unique face and physique. Drawing attention to the neckline, it also draws attention to their graceful back, their curves (including breasts), and their feminine limbs (arms) and hands. Drawing attention to their hands and face, it draws attention to their unique gestures — their biological disposition and their unique personality. There is much to be said for short hair, and the reason it can be so sexually attractive.

    In our current, predominantly binary culture, women who choose to wear short hair are also generally more independent, free-thinking, and brave. Personally, I find a woman who is my equal in depth of personhood and rank very attractive. (A sentiment that you will find most men in this culture do not share openly, even if they share in it.)

    In short, my conclusion is that we live in an imbalanced (to the point of mental illness) binary social structure and culture that doesn’t reflect our true nature and qualities as a biological species, and that actually directly interferes with and imposes on our freedom and basic human rights — all thanks to nonsensical discriminative bias/agendas. It’s not about homosexuality. It’s about denying the existence and needs of anything that doesn’t allow with the shallow mainstream norm of a sexually active, strongly heterosexual male or female individual. We are all socially encouraged to follow this picture/example when it doesn’t address the delicate needs of the majority of people, actually, and to the unfortunate minority it doesn’t address their needs at all.


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