The “INTJ” death stare

(I want to make clear that this post is largely intended to be in fun. I am not convinced that INTJ is a meaningful category or that the “death stare” is a real thing. Maybe. Maybe not. This post is for fun, and not to be taken too seriously.)

The INTJ Death Glare.

More on the “INTJ” personality type.


images (3)


One of Simon Baron-Cohen’s articles on autism and Asperger’s syndrome and the prospects for improvement.

In robots and humans

Seven_of_nine [I think she looks like Grumpy Cat.]



Dune Witt edit


blade_runner_rachel [The girl with the cigarette is Rachael from the movie Blade Runner. She is being given the Voight-Kampff test to check if she is a human or a replicant. Below is a more recent version of the test machine, from the series Dollhouse apparently]




%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%25jk0mo [The girl is faking it a bit, but the boy is a natural. That is a very familiar expression.]




tumblr_lt4vdkoe4l1qzaimlo1_500 [Same girl as above, I think. Nice cold look.]

angry-asian-death-glare-meme-generator-i-rike-rice-ricey-rice-rice-6c9e10 [If she is not an INTJ, she should be.]



LEcrm [Turns out this girl is actually an INTP, but close enough.]



But INTJs are not really sociopaths. We only seem like that.

Animal versions:



images (2) [No.]

More at this site on the wonderful warm people known as INTJs. And this guy’s thoughts on the death stare. And still more on INTJs, including this:


images (7)

Incidentally, INTJs have a reputation for having few friends. However this may be partly a function of their (our) reputation for high intelligence. If there is any truth to this reputation for intelligence, then clearly finding comparably intelligent people to serve as friends may be relatively difficult. (The last time I had lunch with a group of friends, three of the four people present had PhDs and the remaining guy had just retired from working as a database administrator.)

As an “NT” man, I can identify with this:


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  1. I had to laugh because I am an INTJ and I know exactly what you’re talking about.


    • I test out as an INTJ too.

      I am not sure if I have the “death stare”. There is an illustration of the “death stare” that I can’t currently locate which looks suspiciously familiar. Of course, one cannot normally see one’s own expression.


  2. Yes, this is hilarious, my husband & I are both INTJ & we have both been accused of this. Usually when someone is shining us on…


  3. I posted a poem for INTJs. I took a test yesterday and it appears that I have come over to the dark side from INFJ to INTJ. It is only a slight preference for T over F.

    I’m sort of two minds on this stuff. It can be fun and even a useful tool for understanding, assuming people answer based on how they actually are and not how they fancy themselves or wish to project themselves, but it doesn’t seem to take into account how adaptable humans are. Some traits will be cultivated by life circumstances that might otherwise have gone untapped, and I think there is a danger in this of thinking “I’m like this” and that there is nothing one can do about one’s faults.

    Maybe I am just tired of the navel gazing self-analysis that this stuff tends to spawn. Excuse my seriousness; I can’t help it, it’s my personality type! I don’t know if I have the ‘death stare’, but I can be pretty intense.


    • As an example of change, both INFJ and INTJ are perfectionists, and that’s certainly something I’ve worked to overcome. I still strive for excellence, and I’m still pretty hard on myself, but it’s not nearly as paralysing as it has been in the past. Of course, all this might just be more evidence of perfectionism! LOL (Shit, negating my own arguments…. It’s tough to be me).


    • The danger is that inevitably one tends to indulge in self-parody, playing up to one’s supposed type. Which is kind of dangerous if one is already like that, because it just makes you worse.

      Also, some of the discussion boards on the MBTI types get pretty obsessive and silly.

      I changed from an INTP to an INTJ around the time my career took off a few years ago and I became a boss.

      I sort of fit the stereotype, but I am very religious, which is supposedly not typical of INTJs.


  4. I’m an ENFP (although sometimes an ENTP – it depends on my mood when I take the test). Although I used to come up introverted because I answered the question “does attending parties make you exhausted” too literally. My medication makes me quite weak – I get exhausted rather easily. The poorly phrased question meant “does social interaction make you exhausted?”

    Lol, I seem to be the antithesis of most people on the blogosphere.

    Whenever INTJ’s I know IRL go all serious-y staremode, I try to get them to smile! I tell jokes, or take out my phone and show a funny cat-themed youtube video.

    It usually doesn’t work. It just makes the stare stronger.


    • It is partly just wanting to keep one’s feelings to oneself.

      It is partly just that we approach the world analytically. I took one of our dogs to the vet today. The pretty thin blonde veterinary nurse was wearing a red shirt. I was paying the bill, and looked at her shirt, and just asked her “is that a work shirt?” It was. I was just curious. It was effectively protective clothing. I think the woman thought I was being odd. But I was just curious.

      So we can come across as odd and analytical and cold. It is not that we don’t have feelings. We do. We just like to keep the feelings and the thoughts separate.


      • Funny cats always cheer me up. I am now a great devotee of Grumpy Cat and her brother Pokey. They are all over the Internet now.

      • My husband is an IN something, I think INTP. He gets lost in thought easily. Sometimes I just wanna poke him. He’s staring off into space contemplating stuff and not paying attention to me!

        When I was younger used to interpret my husband’s contemplative-nature as ditziness. I didn’t like asking him for rides home (note: my husband is my best friend’s older brother) because I was worried he wasn’t a focused driver.

      • Yes I am on the cusp of INTP and INTJ.

        We pretty much think all the time. I used to be quite absent-minded, but I made a conscious effort to be more practical over many years. I didn’t want to unnecessarily annoy people.

      • I must look vacant or dumb or something. At least my wife told me that we were out in company once, and I had said nothing, and when I left to go to the toilet, a chap, not knowing we were married, asked if I was mentally disabled.

      • That kind of sounds like one of my uncles. You can ask him a question, and you’ll see he’s thinking about it, then you see when he’s moved on to something else in his mind, and the whole time he says nothing! LOL Not stupid at all though and a fairly accomplished musician, but definitely a bit strange.

        People do mistake a lack of gregariousness for a lack of intelligence though.

      • I’ll admit, I always thought my husband was a bit vacant until I started dating him and discovered his was quite brilliant. His demeanor doesn’t exude intelligence. It doesn’t exude anything, for that matter. He’s too busy staring off into space, thinking about stuff. I don’t want him to change, though. I love him the way he is. *wants to go find him and give him a big squishy hug*

        Sort-of related: they say the most successful Politicians are dim bulbs – just highly charismatic ones. Which makes sense; IRL I find the people who always brag about their superior intelligence never get around to demonstrating said brilliance.

        It’s weird how being intelligent and appearing intelligent are so different.

      • I had the epiphany in a fast food place in Melbourne. It was a cutesy joint where the waiters and waitresses would break into a song and dance routine from time to time. Fifties theme maybe? Anyway, there was a big mirror wall. I was there with wife and kiddies. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, “I don’t look very bright”. I think I am too pleasant looking and mesomorphic to look very intelligent. And when I deploy my “INTJ death stare”, I just look vacant.

      • My expression is probably like that kid in the food court. Adjusted for age, of course.

      • We have restaurants like that here in America – it’s a chain called Johnny Rockets.

        My friends love said restaurant (I’m not much of a hamburger person – I really only eat seafood) so I go there more times than I’d like.

        My husband read this comment and said he’s going to take me there for lunch 😦

        He smirked when he said that. Naughty grins are the only time my husband emotes.

      • Yes, we do good quick, cheeky grins.

        I assume that is an American kid. So, American restaurants. I am not sure if we have Johnny Rockets here.

        Did you know we had a Hooters invasion? It never really took off. Maybe because Aussies don’t worship the female breast?

      • Hooters struck me as a mid-90’s restaurant trend. If I recall an industry report, their sales have been on a steady decline.

        I’m not really a themed restaurant person. And I’m saying this as the daughter of a restauranteur. I guess I just don’t like the concept of being entertained while eating food. There’s only so much visual stimuli I can handle while trying to enjoy my meal.

        The worst themed restaurant I ever been to was the medieval restaurant with jousting knights. It’s in the dark and they don’t give you forks because apparently they didn’t exist in medieval times. I was a spoilsport and brought with me chopsticks 🙂 What? Medieval Europeans may have been eating with their hands, but my ancestors were smart enough to adopt chopsticks from the Chinese!

      • So, a good headline would be, Hooters Sales Starting to Sag?

    • BF – Sort-of related: they say the most successful Politicians are dim bulbs – just highly charismatic ones. Which makes sense; IRL I find the people who always brag about their superior intelligence never get around to demonstrating said brilliance.

      “Talkers are usually more articulate than doers, since talk is their specialty.” – Thomas Sowell


  5. Come to think of it, 7man has a pretty intimidating INTJ death stare!


  6. Posted by Pat Hannagan on April 30, 2013 at 11:08 pm

    Did this test a couple of months ago at the insistence of someone who really gets off on these things and the result was INTJ. The mrs was INFJ. Not sure what value there is in these tests.

    OT, Rev. Anthony Cekada has a video series introduction to his book “Work of Human Hands” here ->

    Dr. Stephen McInerney of your own Oriens gives it a highly favourable review.

    When are you intending to do your essay on true Catholicism?


    • I was formally tested years ago and came out INTP. But since then I seem to have become an INTJ. At least according to the Internet tests.

      I hardened up about ten years ago.

      As Maude Flanders once said, I “learned to be more judgemental”.

      I am perhaps not a systematic enough thinker to write an essay on true Catholicism. I “test the spirits” as they come along. That is, I apply my Catholic sense to new developments as far as possible.


      • Posted by Pat Hannagan on May 1, 2013 at 4:07 am

        I was referring to you saying a couple of months ago “I have just been asked to write for a Latin Mass magazine under my real name, about these kinds of issues.” That was in reference to me asking you about sedevacantism and “Traditional Catholicism”, by which we mean true Catholicism.

        Re. the INTJ thing and those tests: I imagine that the results must fluctuate depending on life circumstances.

        Example: say you were an INTJ and you suddenly got retrenched out of the blue. Mortgage and dependents etc with no job prospects. Or, say fresh out of school or uni with no job prospects, or working in McDonalds because that’s all there was. I imagine the INTJ would become something else.

      • Yes, as I said, I changed from an INTP to an INTJ after my career improved.

        My self-impression is that I am becoming increasingly “hardass”. Maybe it is just grumpy old man syndrome.

        If you want to see my columns (only two so far) go to the Oriens site on my blogroll. I am writing under The Julian Calendar. The editor has not asked me to write another yet.

      • As a fellow Australian, you will “get” that this post is partly intended to be amusing. It is also an excuse to post some pics of cute women. I have always liked that blank doll look on women. Maybe it is just an INTJ thing.

      • Posted by Pat Hannagan on May 1, 2013 at 4:34 am

        Sorry, wasn’t trolling or anything like that. Maybe it’s the INTJ in me that causes me to come across as blunt at times 🙂

        Btw, are you on skype? If so send us your alias or I can send you mine.

      • No, I don’t do skype or twitter.

      • Posted by Pat Hannagan on May 1, 2013 at 4:45 am

        Damn. Will be in Canberra soon so I’ll let you know if you still want to catch up.

      • Posted by Pat Hannagan on May 1, 2013 at 4:47 am

        Btw, skype is not like Twitter. It’s real time conversation, text, audio or both. Can also do group chats.

        Much better than Facebook. Only downside is that Microsoft logs all the sessions. But, if you use an alias it’s all good.

  7. Do INTJ’s do the stare thing, even when they are happy?


  8. It is interesting that INTJ is compared to Asperger’s Syndrome. I have a high Autism Quotient and seem to have many traits of Asperger’s while being part of the oddball INTJ club.

    As for the death glare, well, that is something many have commented on. “Why are you mad?” I hear quite frequently even if I am happy. At least I know it is not just me.


    • I score less than 10 on the empathy quotient and over 40 on the autism quotient.

      But I function fine. In fact I think my mind has done a “work-around” and I have come to understand people pretty well.

      As for the death glare, I think I am too mild looking to have that. Although some people have thought me cold before they met me properly.


      • I believe my AQ was somewhere from 35 – 38. And, like you, I think I understand people pretty well. But our understanding of people is probably more logical than emotional, which would explain why the manosphere is heavily composed of INTJs. We learn to understand social behavior differently than almost everyone else.

        Judging by your facebook picture, I would agree. Me on the other hand, I naturally look severe.

      • I think that empathy test is stupid. I talked about that at Chester’s before, but I don’t think it measures actual empathy; rather, female style mirroring and placating.

      • The other point is that low empathy does not mean cruel. Empathetic people might be expected to be good at being mean, because they can envisage what will hurt.

      • Hey, don’t rip on the empathy test! I score in the high 70’s out of 80. It’s the only test I can ace for feeling sad about sad things. Like, sick kittens or unfair labor or blood diamonds 😦

        Although high empathy is kind-of useless in the real world. It just means I cry at the drop of a hat and easily fall for those late-night infomercials where they show starving children in Africa or abused circus animals and ask for donations.

        *goes to turn off tv after posting this*

        Oooh, World Wildlife Fund sends you a stuffed Panda if you donate 50 bucks!

      • Don’t tell my wife! We have enough stuffed animals already. She even has a stuffed killer whale.

      • I’m actually a member of the World Wildlife Fund stuffed animal a month club. I think one of my father’s friends bought it for me as a Christmas gift. For an exorbitant flat donation fee they send you an endangered animal plushie once a month for an entire year.

        I don’t have the stuffed Panda though.

      • Yes, we had a promotion here a few years ago, with stuffed endangered species. It might have been for a bank. I have the Bengal tiger.

  9. Just had to drop this here (hope the image tag works – I don’t seem to have much luck with it a lot of the time!)


    • I checked again today using an online test and came up a clear INTJ. I was once tested properly and got INTP. But I think my confidence has risen in recent years and the P has changed to J.

      As I said recently, I have an AQ of 42 (several repeats, I always get 42) and an EQ under 10 (I have scored 5 and 9, for example).

      I think a lot of this is false positive. I should be “autistic” but I function OK.

      I suppose I have my odd moments. My wife shrieked that there was a rat in the lounge room last night, and I blandly asked her if it was dead or alive. I had a member of my staff die of a heart attack a couple of years ago and I told my wife that, well, he was old and old people die. I rang my wife from a physician’s waiting room a while back and asked her to remind me why I was there.

      I also seem to have a funny attitude to women. Very cold, compared with most men. For example, some relatives said that they had a friend whose wife left him alone on his farm, apart from their daughter. He got her to do the cooking, and gave her a stool to stand on so she could reach the stove. I thought that was fucking hilarious.

      Another time, my then fiancee walked out of the house after an argument. So I ate her meal as well as mine.

      But maybe all of this is normal. I don’t know. What is normal really?

      Mind you, my wife is a bit odd too. I just heard her ask her SIL, who is having cancer treatment, “are you radioactive?” And I once heard her ask a friend on the phone, “how is your pregnancy?”


  10. […] Yes, I can relate to that. Maybe it is the INTJ stare. […]


  11. Posted by an observer on May 21, 2013 at 11:01 pm

  12. […] I get a lot of people coming to my (not very serious) post on the so-called “INTJ Death Stare“. […]


  13. […] across a page about the INTJ Death Glare, which led me to a page about INTJ in general, and also this […]


  14. […] have written about the INTJ Death Stare here. A very popular post for some […]


  15. Posted by INTPoop on June 3, 2014 at 1:53 pm

    What if I told you I have mild aspergers and am an INTP


  16. Posted by carmelamf on October 16, 2014 at 7:23 am

    Re Meme: You say Aspergers Syndrome like it’s a bad thing.


    • Posted by Julian O'Dea on October 16, 2014 at 8:52 am

      As someone who always scores over 40 out of 50 on the autism test, I don’t think I am in a position to be negative about Asperger’s.


      • Posted by carmelamf on October 30, 2014 at 9:35 am

        I also have a soft spot for people with ASD, having scored high on the test myself. (Am also an INTJ). The meme posted above just seemed to sound a tad disparaging toward the condition.

        INTJ and ASD are equally cool with me.

  17. […] “The “INTJ” death stare” […]


  18. Posted by Reble on March 20, 2015 at 1:47 pm

    This was quite enjoyable and made a lot of sense. I have a death stare but i dont do it on purpose. I just look like that. But when im angry i grin or laugh and my death stare gets sinister (from what if been told by others) its quite intimidating.


  19. A more modern version of the Voight-Kampff test:


  20. Another real life psychological phenomenon, which could form the basis of a “Voight-Kampff” test:


  21. Posted by Julian O'Dea on September 6, 2015 at 3:02 am

    A cache of posters and sayings on introverts, including the INTJ personality type (click on the Pinterest logo):

    And one on INTJs specifically (click on the Pinterest logo):


  22. […] have written about INTJ “death stare” here and about short-haired women […]


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