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Deep in Her Eyes

Deep in her eyes
I sèe blue blooms
as constant as
God’s sky

As Dante smote
by Beatrice’s eyes
I see and write
of Paradise


Julian O’Dea

The Eucalypt Trees

The Eucalypt Trees

Today the wind rises
and whispers in the trees
of bushfire.

Trees move in the wind
bending as if davening
in prayer.

For the memory
of fire is a blessing
and regeneration.


Julian O’Dea

On a Painting by Bosch

On a Painting by Bosch

Félicien Rops and Norman Lindsay
put naked women on the Cross;
Norman from Antipodean whimsy,
Félicien with European blasphemy
to mock the tempted Anthony

… but Hieronymus Bosch showed
Saint Julia on her cross clothed
and set a golden tiara on her head,
as the crown of martyrdom;
and pictured Saint Anthony
by her side, as her master had
Saint John.


Julian O’Dea

The Cow

The cow nuzzles at the hay
on the dirt floor a while
and then puts her muzzle
near the unfamiliar thing

and smells the milk-fed
human young.

The man grips a staff
but the beast turns gently away
and pulls at more hay
in the new Ark
on Christmas day.


Julian O’Dea


The tree holds the sun
in its branches above
the altar of the horizon
like a golden monstrance
at vespers blessing
the closing day
with its last rays
a benediction on
the forest congregation.


(Julian O’Dea)

Young Aboriginal couple


This young couple creates striking maternity shoot using songlines and stories




My wife several years ago at a wedding


The Assumption of St Francis

The Assumption of St Francis

Seven hundred species of birds,
well preached at, carried the saint
home to Heaven, provided the
Cranes and eagles were the motive
power, tiny birds came from every
bower, to adorn him.
The angels thought him their own,
winged with such colour
and clamour.


Julian O’Dea

Ex-Gay writer on films that valourise female virginity


Where the Boys Are: A Reevaluation


As I have written before, the main (negative) achievement of the feminist revolution was to make men feel they could no longer have a reasonable expectation of marrying a virgin.

As I have also written before, one of the very few films to consider a woman’s virginity as significant, in recent years, was Metropolitan (1980), with the beloved character of Audrey Rouget. I have written about that movie extensively at this blog.

A woman’s literary effort


“Few authors write better or more believable tales of domestic discipline than CJ Blais, and she’s at the top of her literary form with “Plain and Simple,” a collection of stories featuring…”