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More blue/black girls

On black skin with blue tones.





I am not sure if the girl below shows the blue skin effect, but I include her because she is rather lovely:


Another woman with skin so dark it looks blue?


Later: Some (better?) examples:



I have written about this blue effect and its possible relationship to the optical “Tyndall effect” here.

Another model who is so black she looks blue

Nyakim Gatwech:



More on such models and their bluish skin here.

A long paper and discussion on men vs women in terms of intelligence


Sex Differences in General Intelligence



A comment I made recently on Facebook:

“I wonder too if women in their twenties are out-earning men because men take longer to reach our full potential than women. I have seen data that women are developmentally complete intellectually at 22, but this is not seen in men until they are 30. The whole schooling system works better for girls and young women. Arguably, boys should follow a completely different system, and perhaps be schooled separately.”

In the above paper, I found the following passage of great interest:

“Brain development involves two processes: 1) overproduction of brain cells and connections & 2) elimination or “pruning” of excess connections.

The inflection point (mathematically, the change in curve), the arrow on the graph(s) in question, marks the transition from overproduction (increasing until peak) to elimination (falling from peak). The graphs show a clear lag in this transition for males as compared to females.”

Autism is sometimes suggested to result from an overproduction of brain cells and a failure to “prune” them in the normal way. I wonder if autistic males might show improvement as they age because they follow the slower masculine pattern for pruning of excess brain cells.


This is relevant too:

Men are Exceptional

Robot flirting

Notice how she gets down on her knees:

She does it here too:

Sophia the robot



“Robots like Sophia could develop consciousness within a few years”. (Quite a claim!)

Harmony, the AI companion

“The more you interact with me, the smarter I become …”

The dolls are coming



Apparently, some of these have artificial intelligence:



As I have said before, if a man can have a relationship with a centrefold, he can have a relationship with a doll.


Notice anything?


Sex robots

I glanced at this article. It helps explain why men might give up and live with a robot girl. She crows about how feminists have made women less attractive and then complains that men find real women less attractive. She even boasts that feminists have told men we aren’t needed. She says that women aren’t made for men (they are actually and the sooner they remember it, the better) and then complains that men are no longer interested in them.