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Robot flirting

Notice how she gets down on her knees:

She does it here too:

Sophia the robot



“Robots like Sophia could develop consciousness within a few years”. (Quite a claim!)

Harmony, the AI companion

“The more you interact with me, the smarter I become …”

The dolls are coming



Apparently, some of these have artificial intelligence:



As I have said before, if a man can have a relationship with a centrefold, he can have a relationship with a doll.


Notice anything?


Sex robots

I glanced at this article. It helps explain why men might give up and live with a robot girl. She crows about how feminists have made women less attractive and then complains that men find real women less attractive. She even boasts that feminists have told men we aren’t needed. She says that women aren’t made for men (they are actually and the sooner they remember it, the better) and then complains that men are no longer interested in them.

Thermal lance from the movie “Thief”


(If the video won’t play, just click through to YouTube as suggested.)

This scene in the movie appears not to be the scene where James Caan’s character uses the thermal lance to open a safe, but rather when he acquires one made for him by a friend. This is from one of the films discussed here:

Five more movies for men