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Another model who is so black she looks blue

Nyakim Gatwech:



More on such models and their bluish skin here.


Beata Beatrix

A fashion photo:


“Beata Beatrix” by Dante Gabriel Rossetti:


Girl with good attitude



It is amusing that she refers to projected boob growth. I just saw a woman serving at a pharmacist’s who was essentially flat-chested. I still thought her attractive. Boobs have never greatly interested me, one way or the other. (I did once read that introverts prefer small-breasted women. Maybe that is it. Although, to be honest, I don’t even have a preference.)

“Women are from Venus”

From The Wholesome Hooker (1973):

“I just love to show people my body, because I like it myself and just love to give people pleasure.” [Italics added]

This statement confirms me in my view that I shall never understand women. I cannot imagine having that sentiment. People might say, “that’s because you are a selfish, arrogant man”. But, on the other hand, where would people who like to give pleasure by undressing be without people who like to take that pleasure?


More Nadège du Bospertus

Nadège du Bospertus







As models go, she smiled a fair bit:


She still models – or did quite recently – and she looks OK. But the above shots are from her “glory days.”

Lime Crime

Lime Crime make this beautiful lipstick, Cheap Thrill:


The company is associated with various questionable practices, including using an unsafe ingredient in another one of its shades:

“Specifically, according to your product label, Velvetines Liquid Matte Lipstick (red velvet) contains ferric ferrocyanide and ultramarines, which are only permitted for use in coloring externally applied cosmetics as prescribed in 21 CFR § 73.2299 and 21 CFR § 73.2725, respectively. Under 21 CFR § 70.3(v) “[t]he terms externally applied drugs and externally applied cosmetics mean drugs or cosmetics applied only to external parts of the body and not to the lips or any body surface covered by mucous membrane.” These color additives therefore may not be used in cosmetic lip products, because such use is not in conformity with the regulations that provide for the use of these additives. Alternatively, if your product does not contain ferric ferrocyanide and ultramarines, your product is misbranded under Section 602(a) of the Act [21 U.S.C. § 362(a)] because its labeling is false.”

More on this rose gold lipstick.



Cute ankles

There is nothing nicer than slim ankles on a female. (Especially if she is your wife and she is serving you breakfast, like this morning.)



(Sean Young, actress)