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An article gets attention on Reddit

This old article written by a woman contributor:

The natural inferiority of women by “ContentWoman”

has just attracted a lot more attention, because of this note and comments at Reddit.

Clarity on feminism from Matt Walsh


Russia taking the moral lead?


It is interesting that the Russian conservatives feel that Trump is a good thing.

I don’t believe that matter can “feel”




Karen Barad on “agential realism“.

What I wrote on “A note on human and animal feelings and God“, in which I argue that matter cannot possibly feel things like emotion.

Fox girl


People complain about this picture because of the animal skins she is wearing.

Personally, I find it dramatic and compelling, and the girl looks stunning.

I assume that is a fox (perhaps a silver fox) with a rabbit.

Grumpy Nietzschean Cat speaks



Francine Faure

Francine Faure was married to Albert Camus. Much as I admire Camus as a serious writer and thinker, it is hard to take him seriously as a moralist given his treatment of her.


Francine Faure.

Francine Faure, a pretty if physically delicate mathematician from a provincial middle-class family in Oran.

“It is reasonable to think that these suicide attempts were related, at least partially, to the humiliation and disorientation that Francine may have felt because of Camus’s open marital infidelity.”