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Putin’s security, beginning with dealing with Femen females

Sherilyn Fenn as Audrey Horne


“Audrey Rouget” as career woman

From The Last Days of Disco (1998): “Audrey Rouget” as unmarried career woman (publishing editor) at the disco on the right:


Here she is in Metropolitan (1990):


I am of the party that she should have become Mrs Charlie Black. He was the right boy for her.

Whit Stillman, the director, is one of the more socially conservative movie directors, but turning one of his best characters into a presumably childless career woman isn’t going to save his WASP community.

Wear those stockings …

Wear those stockings
to the film, and while
I do not have fingertips
on your thighs to fondle
you, let the lacy tops
hold you, delicate, firm,
and that brassiere can
cup your breasts when
my palms cannot.
Wear that set because
they match perfectly,
and work together,
like a pair of hands.

(Julian O’Dea)



Thermal lance from the movie “Thief”


(If the video won’t play, just click through to YouTube as suggested.)

This scene in the movie appears not to be the scene where James Caan’s character uses the thermal lance to open a safe, but rather when he acquires one made for him by a friend. This is from one of the films discussed here:

Five more movies for men

Five more movies for men

A while back I wrote a post listing five movies for men. This new list focuses more on topics of interest to men because of their technical content; not so much on movies focussing on relationships.

1. Thief (1981) with James Caan and directed by Michael Mann. (Fascinating sequences showing the technical side of safecracking. A man under pressure.)


2. Miami Vice (2006) also directed by Michael Mann. (Beautiful sequences. Exciting score. However the love interest is Chinese actress Gong Li who just seems icy.)


3. The Dogs of War (1981) with Christopher Walken. (Lots of technical detail. Walken is good in the role of a mercenary.)


4. Miami Blues (1990). (Alec Baldwin and Jennifer Jason Leigh are two lowlife lovers.  Surprisingly powerful romantic moments in a police procedural of sorts.)


5. Smart Money (1986). (A British film which is probably not well-known but held my attention. Actress Alexandra Pigg [really] is fascinating to watch as she glams up during the movie. The computer hacking sequences are more accurately portrayed than usual.)


These films mostly date from when I watched a lot of movies during the “VCR revolution”.

Incidentally, men’s movies have a distinct feel to them. One thing that marks them out is that although they may include women, the women are not the focus of the film. In my experience, you can tell pretty quickly what kind of film you are watching,

The look in her eye!

This is a lovely video for a number of reasons.  I must say I find the knowing look on the girl at about 1:58 very amusing:


Breast shape (ptosis) as a marker of a woman’s breast attractiveness and age: Evidence from Poland and Papua