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Marc Goehring, stylist


Tattoos on women as “costly signalling”?


This stock image is described as a “Beautiful short hair brunette woman.”

I wondered about the tattoo. “fuzziewuzziebear” made an interesting suggestion in the comments.

I must say I found this rather satisfying

It’s meant I suppose to show a “gender-flipped” world, but if that’s the way they think we men have it, that’s fine by me. I find it rather pleasing to be honest. (I have seen these gender-flipped skits for decades now.)

Another paradox

Sometimes, the more a woman is portrayed as having masculine traits, the more it seems to bring to mind her fundamental femaleness.


An actress in a local production: “Boys Will Be Boys“.

This is what an ex-feminist looks like

This is a fairly old story, but it is still remarkable.

Here she is after turning from radical feminism back to normal.


There is always hope.

Thierry Mugler fashion show: imagination and fun music


This show famously had an insect theme.


Why is this offensive to feminists?

I have posted another copy of this recently. Here is one that should be viewable:

I assume that this has upset feminists. I cannot be bothered going to check on their latest tantrum, if that is the case. But I thought it would be worthwhile to dissect why this video would probably drive them to distraction.

I would say it would upset feminists because a) it reminds them that women did not write the great classical music, b) it reminds them that women’s greatest contribution to culture will always be their own clothed (or unclothed) bodies, c) it reminds them that men find slim, nubile women the most appealing and, I suspect too, d) there is a subtle reminder that air blowers, like nearly everything else, were invented by men.

So, it’s a kind of multiple whammy and bound to drive feminists nuts. (More nuts.)


Air on a G string


If that won’t open, try this one:

Korean air stewardesses


Another model who is so black she looks blue

Nyakim Gatwech:



More on such models and their bluish skin here.