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“why do gals open their legs during sex”

I get a surprising number of searches like this. I would have thought it was obvious. It’s just biomechanics – a way to allow the penis to enter the vagina. Perhaps people don’t realise that the vagina is tucked well back between a woman’s legs.

I have discussed the question of whether women spreading their legs is actually instinctive here.


Girl with good attitude



It is amusing that she refers to projected boob growth. I just saw a woman serving at a pharmacist’s who was essentially flat-chested. I still thought her attractive. Boobs have never greatly interested me, one way or the other. (I did once read that introverts prefer small-breasted women. Maybe that is it. Although, to be honest, I don’t even have a preference.)

Background on Claire Atkinson

I have commented a number of times on this lovely video from 1984, especially on the handsome couple running on the beach throughout.

A still from the music video:


I once described it as practically a nature film showing the early stages of human courtship, with the physical flirting. I did remark though that it must have been acted of course. But I have since discovered that the couple (Charlie Haugk and Claire Atkinson) were in fact lovers at the time. So, it probably showed genuine affection.

(In the context of the music video, I suspect the couple are meant to look like young adults. Perhaps a young married couple. In real life, Charlie Haugk was 31 when this music video was made. I can’t find a date-of-birth for Claire, but since she began modelling in about 1981 with a top agency, I suspect she would have been about 24 or 25 in the music video.)


Here is what a girl who knew Claire wrote to me (I have edited it and annotated it slightly, in particular to make her comments anonymous – I shall call her V):

V: “Dear Julian, Claire and I became friends in 1974 at Santa Monica High School. Her family moved there from where I am not sure. Her mom was married to Chuck Griffith [Charles B. Griffith]. He was a screen writer for movies such as Eat My Dust … Her sister is an artist somewhere in UK. Claire lost her stepfather’s name when she started modelling. After high school she went to England and her Nana put her in modelling school … We sat on the beach at summer time and pored over fashion mags. Her fav being Janice Dickinson, which is funny because she later dated Janice’s ex-boyfriend [That is, Charlie Haugk, see here] and lived with him. He was a model as well. He had a bit part in the movie Road House [Actually, I think that’s wrong. That was a different actor, called Charlie Hawke. But Charlie Haugk, the one who was with Claire for a while, did appear in some movies.] He [Charlie Haugk] is the one in the Boys of Summer video.

Me: “That’s very interesting. Thanks. When you have time, perhaps you can tell me more. Are you saying that Charlie Haugk was Claire’s boyfriend?”

V: “Yes. He is the guy in the vid. Last time I saw her they were not together. She was with an Italian dude. This was in 1993 or so [when] she was in Santa Monica for some reason … She was so different from the surfer chicks I grew up with. When she first got to SaMo High someone told me I had to meet her. I was a bit of a different bird as well. She had bangles for days and a toe ring. After we became friends we were together all the time. I would go to her house before school and help her dress. I was her dresser. Her room was OCD to the max … Her hair was the pits … she would tell people when they asked how long she had been in the US, she would say 18 months … Hell I knew her for well over 18 months. She was very well read and did well in school. She stood out because of her height. [She is reportedly 5 foot 10 inches tall.] After she started modelling I stayed in the US and became a hairdresser. It was our plan to have me do her hair and make up when she went to the UK but it was not to be … Got to go. Have you ever met Claire?”

Me: “No. I just liked her in that music video. She is my type. My wife looked a bit like her and we honeymooned by the beach about the time of that music video. Did she keep her hair short because it was hard to manage? Would you mind if I put some of your replies on my blog if I don’t use your name?”

V: “sure use any thing u like”


Claire Atkinson on the runway:


“Women are from Venus”

From The Wholesome Hooker (1973):

“I just love to show people my body, because I like it myself and just love to give people pleasure.” [Italics added]

This statement confirms me in my view that I shall never understand women. I cannot imagine having that sentiment. People might say, “that’s because you are a selfish, arrogant man”. But, on the other hand, where would people who like to give pleasure by undressing be without people who like to take that pleasure?


Nietzsche on tall and short women

” … small females seem to me to belong to another sex than tall women …”

This saying is quoted by Nietzsche but mocked by one of his best-known translators. But I think he might have been onto something.

Taller women do seem more like men than shorter women. More of a match for men. It is possible that they are more intelligent than shorter women since there is a positive correlation between height and intelligence. And being literally closer to men in their build presumably affects their conception of themselves.

A group of women of average height can seem like munchkins to a man. Whereas a taller woman is a different proposition. When a male writer wants the reader to take a female character seriously, he often makes her tall.

Sexual Competition Among Women

I am putting this article here to save it to a convenient location, and also because it discusses topics of ordinary, social interest: for example, the way in which, compared with men, women spend a lot more time and resources on personal presentation to help in competition for mates.

Sexual Competition Among Women: A Review of the Theory and Supporting Evidence

by Steven Arnocky and Tracy Vaillancourt.

At a glance, the article looks pretty good. But I notice it repeats the argument that human males and females are less sexually dimorphic than ancestral primates. While it is true that men are only about 15% larger than women (according to this article), the relative equality in bulk hides the fact that men are far more muscular and women have far more fat than men.

On male vs female strength:

“The sex difference in upper-body muscle mass in humans is
similar in magnitude to the sex difference in lean body mass
in gorillas, the most sexually dimorphic primate.”

“Despite claims of reduced levels of sexual dimorphism in
the genus Homo (e.g., compared to Australopithecus)
(McHenry, 1994; Plavcan, 2001), muscle mass and resulting
muscular strength are very sexually dimorphic traits in
contemporary humans. On average, men have approximately
61% more total muscle mass than women …”

Another point to be drawn from this article is that only 1 in 1,000 women reaches the mean upper body strength of men: which no doubt explains why wives famously ask their husbands to open jars for them.


Should wives be spanked?

The topic of corporal punishment has raised its head in the Manosphere again.

From what I have read, erotic spanking is common in marriages. This is consensual of course. And usually it is the husband spanking the wife. Although occasionally the opposite – there is no accounting for taste.

Personally, I don’t see a problem with a wife being spanked as a form of “punishment”. But only if it is consensual (either formally or tacitly). And, frankly, in most cases I suspect this would be largely erotic anyway.

I can’t see corporal punishment working in a real marriage. Without consent I mean. That is not the way Christian marriages are meant to work.


A long paper and discussion on men vs women in terms of intelligence


Sex Differences in General Intelligence



A comment I made recently on Facebook:

“I wonder too if women in their twenties are out-earning men because men take longer to reach our full potential than women. I have seen data that women are developmentally complete intellectually at 22, but this is not seen in men until they are 30. The whole schooling system works better for girls and young women. Arguably, boys should follow a completely different system, and perhaps be schooled separately.”

In the above paper, I found the following passage of great interest:

“Brain development involves two processes: 1) overproduction of brain cells and connections & 2) elimination or “pruning” of excess connections.

The inflection point (mathematically, the change in curve), the arrow on the graph(s) in question, marks the transition from overproduction (increasing until peak) to elimination (falling from peak). The graphs show a clear lag in this transition for males as compared to females.”

Autism is sometimes suggested to result from an overproduction of brain cells and a failure to “prune” them in the normal way. I wonder if autistic males might show improvement as they age because they follow the slower masculine pattern for pruning of excess brain cells.


This is relevant too:

Men are Exceptional

Why do women talk and make noises during sex?


” The studies revealed that orgasm was most frequently reported by women following self-manipulation of the clitoris, manipulation by the partner, oral sex delivered to the woman by a man, and least frequently during vaginal penetration.

More detailed examination of responses during intercourse revealed that, while female orgasms were most commonly experienced during foreplay, copulatory vocalizations were reported to be made most often before and simultaneously with male ejaculation.

These data together clearly demonstrate a dissociation of the timing of women experiencing orgasm and making copulatory vocalizations and indicate that there is at least an element of these responses that are under conscious control, providing women with an opportunity to manipulate male behavior to their advantage. “


It is interesting to see more information coming out on how men and women really behave in intimate situations, that is not reflected through the lens of gender politics or the tropes of masculine or feminine pornography.

Two interesting observations in this study are that the majority of women are willing to stay with a man who, while otherwise satisfactory, does not induce them to have orgasms during sex. And that women often use encouraging comments during sex to enhance their man’s self-esteem and strengthen the pair bond.

The unattractiveness of haughty women


I don’t find the above image attractive. She is quite literally sticking her nose in the air. I understand that haughty, arrogant women have sometimes been in fashion. Even as far back as the fin de siècle there was the femme fatale (Gustav Klimt’s Judith):


Some men, in the right mood, may be turned on by domineering, queenly women. But I can’t see this as a healthy impulse. And it is not as if modern women have much to be proud about.