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Hunter Day



Pretty girl … nothing that a good, strong husband and a sound spanking couldn’t fix …


Paula Wright, independent anti-feminist evolutionary thinker

This includes several interesting essays including some thoughts on benign patriarchy. I believe we currently have a benign patriarchy in the West, which should be conserved.

Tattoos on women as “costly signalling”?


This stock image is described as a “Beautiful short hair brunette woman.”

I wondered about the tattoo. “fuzziewuzziebear” made an interesting suggestion in the comments.

James Doyle on lordosis in women





The emphatic curve in these ladies’ backs, making their buttocks more prominent, resembles lordosis. Wikipedia considers whether this ancient mammalian posture has a role in humans here.

I have written at this blog about why certain female body parts have such appeal for men. In reflecting on female legs, my feeling was that heels work mainly by accentuating curves. I wonder if the real fundamental “sexual releaser” for men might simply be curves. In lordosis. With breasts. With legs …

Are long, gentle curves the most attractive? Like the Eiffel Tower:




This is what an ex-feminist looks like

This is a fairly old story, but it is still remarkable.

Here she is after turning from radical feminism back to normal.


There is always hope.

Linemen and Washerwomen

I have noticed that when the environment becomes harder, women tend to become a bit more feminine. It has even been said that feminism is merely a side-effect of comfort and prosperity. In any case, I thought this was a nice addition to the annals of the sexes working together.