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James Bond and the modest beauty queen

At the age of about 24, Marguerite LeWars played an associate of Dr No in the movie of the same name.

I have referred previously to this scene, in which she plays a “freelance photographer”. She is seen here licking the bottom of a flash bulb to improve the electrical connection:



LeWars had been Miss Jamaica. She was working at Kingston Airport when she was given the role in Dr No. She refused another role:

“She was first offered the role of Miss Taro but she was reluctant because of the sexual theme involved. She was then offered the small role of Annabel Chung.”

She married well and she writes a bit.

Here is an autograph photo of her in her role in the James Bond movie, Dr No:

marguerite-lewars-autograph-signed-photo-dr-no-14270-p (1).jpg


A girl with brains


Kim Parker in Fiend Without A Face (1958).

The Whore of Babylon

At the women’s rally, reportedly. This is Aleister Crowley‘s occult group carrying a “Whore of Babylon” on the march:


From Facebook here.

Madonna wearing her asshat


Janine Turner in Northern Exposure

Apparently Rolling Stone magazine has just named “Northern Exposure” in a list of worst TV series ever. I must say I always thought it was quite entertaining and memorable.

Janine Turner appeared as “Maggie O’Connell” in the show, which ran from 1990 to 1995. She played a “feisty” bush pilot. Be that as it may, she was quite easy on the eye; especially if you are like me and fancy short-haired brunettes.


“No, that’s not a Sargent painting — it’s Carolyn Farina in Metropolitan.”

In all my obsessive interest in the film “Metropolitan” and its leading lady (I even wrote a “book” on her career) I somehow missed this review:

Whit Stillman’s ‘Metropolitan’ Enjoys Its Second Coming-Out Gala


As with many reviews of this film, the reviewer had trouble getting his mind around the movie. For example, I cannot see much resemblance between the character of Charlie Black and the kind of character associated with Woody Allen. Apart from anything else, Charlie is not trying to be funny or even wry.

I give the review in The Village Voice credit however for including this shot of Carolyn Farina playing pretty ingenue Audrey Rouget sulking in her boudoir. The scene appears in the movie, but this particular still appears to be a “production shot.”

The caption reads: “No, that’s not a Sargent painting — it’s Carolyn Farina in Metropolitan.


This is an actual painting by Sargent, of Elizabeth Winthrop Chanler:


That image appears on the cover of my copy of “East Side Story” by Louis Auchincloss. Which is appropriate because “Audrey Rouget” in the film “Metropolitan” is seen reading another of his books at one point in the movie, namely “The Rector of Justin”:

Audrey clasping the book to her bosom on the right:


Shirley Manson – from sexy to feminist

This is Scottish singer Shirley Manson in her younger days:








This is the same woman in feminist mode, complaining about how women are judged on their appearance:

‘There’s definitely a global movement to eradicate women’s rights’: Garbage singer Shirley Manson