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Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer: recent photos



Five more movies for men

A while back I wrote a post listing five movies for men. This new list focuses more on topics of interest to men because of their technical content; not so much on movies focussing on relationships.

1. Thief (1981) with James Caan and directed by Michael Mann. (Fascinating sequences showing the technical side of safecracking. A man under pressure.)


2. Miami Vice (2006) also directed by Michael Mann. (Beautiful sequences. Exciting score. However the love interest is Chinese actress Gong Li who just seems icy.)


3. The Dogs of War (1981) with Christopher Walken. (Lots of technical detail. Walken is good in the role of a mercenary.)


4. Miami Blues (1990). (Alec Baldwin and Jennifer Jason Leigh are two lowlife lovers.  Surprisingly powerful romantic moments in a police procedural of sorts.)


5. Smart Money (1986). (A British film which is probably not well-known but held my attention. Actress Alexandra Pigg [really] is fascinating to watch as she glams up during the movie. The computer hacking sequences are more accurately portrayed than usual.)


These films mostly date from when I watched a lot of movies during the “VCR revolution”.

Incidentally, men’s movies have a distinct feel to them. One thing that marks them out is that although they may include women, the women are not the focus of the film. In my experience, you can tell pretty quickly what kind of film you are watching,

Another new picture of Metropolitan actresses


I don’t recognise this shot from the movie “Metropolitan” (1990). It may have been a production shot. It seems to be newly available.

LATER: In fact, now that I look at it, I wonder if it might be Mrs Gillies (the mother of Isabel Gillies) with two of the young actresses. Mrs Gillies and her daughter Isabel Gillies both had roles in Metropolitan (Mrs Gillies as “Audrey”‘s mother). I am only speculating, but I wonder if that is Mrs Gillies showing the girls around her home. The beautifully cut coat that Carolyn Farina is wearing may have been borrowed to be used in the movie. Here:


Mrs Gillies in the role of Mrs Rouget (Audrey’s mother):


A new image from Metropolitan (1990)

“Audrey” and “Tom”. Possibly a production shot. This image doesn’t look like it is from the released film.


This shot might have been taken during the filming of this scene:


Another pretty, nameless extra

I wonder who she was. Was she even credited? I assume she was a paid extra.

From 0:35 to 0:40:

Another pretty brunette actress from the Seventies: Toni Kalem

From The Wanderers, in her role as Despie Galasso, a love interest and the daughter of a Mafia boss:


When people smoked:

Tracks #3

The kids play strip poker:


Despie presumably loses a round of the game. I imagine that was as far as the movie took it, although I have never seen this film. Her underwear may be of some historical interest. (The movie was set in the Bronx in 1963.)


Some excerpts from the film at a Facebook site:

The Red Detachment of Women

The old Maoist play with the extraordinary name, The Red Detachment of Women, is being staged in the Australian state of Victoria. This article on Facebook gives the details and associates the strange decision with the Leftist government in Victoria.


A modern “Red Detachment of Women”:

However some of these women may be actresses and models, if this article is accurate:

China Uses Models to Pose as Troops for Big Military Parade

“The female honor guard contingent that will goosestep past the giant portrait of Chairman Mao in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square during China’s grand parade to mark the 70th anniversary of the Second World War are all tall, young, stunningly pretty, and have uniform bust sizes.

But not all of them are real soldiers. And there’s a good chance their ample bosoms aren’t genuine, either.”