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Cute ankles

There is nothing nicer than slim ankles on a female. (Especially if she is your wife and she is serving you breakfast, like this morning.)



(Sean Young, actress)


Claire Atkinson

I am trying to follow up on a contact I have now who knew the model Claire Atkinson in high school in California. I wonder if a sojourn in California might explain why an English girl ended up in a famous music video set in California.

The music video (“The Boys of Summer”) keeps coming and going off the Internet. This copy is the crispest version that is – currently – available:

Claire is the brunette running on the beach: a delicious example of “running like a girl”.


Same song with a video I haven’t seen before:

Not even Gal Gadot looks good in pants


Robot flirting

Notice how she gets down on her knees:

She does it here too:

Pink toenail polish

A haiku (strictly speaking, a senryu) I recently submitted to a journal:

that time
with your
painted toenails

“Audrey Rouget” paints her toenails in “Metropolitan” (1990) below. It is somehow in character that she is using pink while the more worldly girl is applying red toenail polish:


Does Deckard rape Rachael?

Here is an argument that he does, and some other criticisms of Deckard’s character:



I have written about this question previously: The Sexual Politics of Blade Runner.

I have also had my concerns about this controversial sex/rape scene. I notice two things on reviewing it. One is that in the theatrical version Rachael does say “put your hands on me”, unprompted, which tends to suggest she is open to having sex. On the other hand, he really does throw her hard against the wall beforehand. Of course, a display of masculine strength can be part of a normal sex act.

There is a boisterous discussion in the comments at ” There’s Something About ‘Blade Runner’ “. “Mike Freed” writes this:

“Second, I think it’s a real stretch to call the encounter between Deckard and Rachel a rape. Cinematically speaking, I think it falls under the category of category of “man talks woman into sex by overpowering her,” and that was fairly common at one point (James Bond’s rough seduction of Pussy Galore in “Goldfinger” comes to mind). It’s also not unheard of for women to be turned on by rough sexuality – Rachel clearly is. Not exactly a “girl power” moment…but not a rape, either.”

Also, there is no suggestion that Rachael resents Deckard afterwards. Rather, to the extent that a replicant can, she seems to have fallen in love with him.

In conclusion, I don’t know. I would welcome comment.

Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer: recent photos