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Exceptionally pretty girls


Liv O’Donnell



Carey Mulligan


Marina Nery




Just don’t objectify her …

Actress Jennifer Lawrence:



Fembot in the workforce

“Luv is loyalty personified”:

The actress remarks that Luv, her character, doesn’t have to be somebody’s girlfriend or mother and she doesn’t have to look sexy. Maybe, but she puts a lot of effort into the latter. And, is she a strong independent woman? Not really. She is a kind of robot Girl Friday. She works for the top man, Niander Wallace.

” … executing violent orders with the sort of calm efficiency you’d expect from a bio-engineered humanoid designed for subservience … “ [my emphasis]

This Is the Actress Behind Blade Runner’s Terrifyingly Calm Villain, Luv

As I argued before, Rachael, an earlier female replicant from the original Blade Runner movie, left workplace employment by a powerful man, Tyrell, and became effectively a wife to the cop Deckard. In the latest movie we learn she had a daughter.

This new fembot or female replicant, Luv, doesn’t leave the corporation to follow K or “Joe”, the male protagonist. Instead she becomes the corporation’s most ruthless employee, and in the process she dies.

I am sure this movie and its meaning will be debated as heavily as the original. But, in my opinion, both the original and this new sequel can be read in a very non-feminist way.

[A point I forgot to make above was that it is mentioned that Wallace named Luv. And that he must have seen her as special. Naming is traditionally seen as a sign of authority. So Adam named Eve. There is an echo of this in the way wives typically receive their husbands’ surnames.]

She sounds like the perfect wife

” … executing violent orders with the sort of calm efficiency you’d expect from a bio-engineered humanoid designed for subservience … “

This Is the Actress Behind Blade Runner’s Terrifyingly Calm Villain, Luv


I am not entirely kidding.

“Luv is loyalty personified”:


Another paradox

Sometimes, the more a woman is portrayed as having masculine traits, the more it seems to bring to mind her fundamental femaleness.


An actress in a local production: “Boys Will Be Boys“.

Hollywood’s female problem

Matt Forney has just reposted a review he did of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It is pretty negative. My more positive impressions are here.

My impression is that Hollywood doesn’t have much idea about how to create genuine, real, likeable, strong but feminine characters. I have written about this before, in respect of the character of Audrey Rouget. Forney writes:

“Most importantly, the only way Hollywood can create “strong” female characters is by depicting them as flawless Überfrauen with heavy flow. Gone is the subtlety and complexity of Kira Nerys, Audrey Horne, or even Rachael in Blade Runner. Hell, Princess Leia in the original films fits the bill. Carrie Fisher famously described Leia as a “distressing damsel” as opposed to a damsel in distress, but for all the barbs she traded with Luke and Han, she didn’t have ice water running in her veins.”

(I remember coming out of the theatre back in 1977 and telling my sister that I thought Princess Leia was cute. She had a bit of an air of Kate from The Taming of the Shrew – a woman with spirit who might be worth taming.)

Forney mentions Rachael. Rachael is that rarity, a genuinely feminine cinematic character. In my view, she acts like a real woman, ironically given her status as a “replicant”. I have analysed here the character of Rachael as fundamentally anti-feminist.

Cute ankles

There is nothing nicer than slim ankles on a female. (Especially if she is your wife and she is serving you breakfast, like this morning.)



(Sean Young, actress)

Claire Atkinson

I am trying to follow up on a contact I have now who knew the model Claire Atkinson in high school in California. I wonder if a sojourn in California might explain why an English girl ended up in a famous music video set in California.

The music video (“The Boys of Summer”) keeps coming and going off the Internet. This copy is the crispest version that is – currently – available:

Claire is the brunette running on the beach: a delicious example of “running like a girl”.


Same song with a video I haven’t seen before:

Not even Gal Gadot looks good in pants


Robot flirting

Notice how she gets down on her knees:

She does it here too: