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Afternoon Sun

The afternoon sun has
turned the tree all to gold
leaf. I save it in my mind,
small like a bookmark,
and tuck it away in this
page of life, where it will
glow and glisten again
this night in mind’s eye.


Julian O’Dea


“160 examples of male privilege”


160+ Examples of Male Privilege in All Areas of Life


How does one respond to this kind of thing if one is a man? Perhaps the only final response is to say to oneself: yes, I suppose I have all this privilege and just revel in the thought.



ANTIFA girls …


“needlessly sexualised fembots”


This is the second feminist, complaining review of the new Blade Runner movie:

Chances are you will wish you were dead: Blade Runner 2049 reviewed


I take these negative, feminist reviews as signs that men will actually enjoy the film. One of the most-read posts I have ever written argues that the first movie was quite anti-feminist. I hope the new film continues that tradition – or at least – and this is a big hope these days – it is not actually feminist.


This is what an ex-feminist looks like

This is a fairly old story, but it is still remarkable.

Here she is after turning from radical feminism back to normal.


There is always hope.

How not to be washed up at 30

I think it is bad literary manners to inflict one’s fictional writing on the unwary, so here is a relevant short story you can go to look at if you are interested. It’s a bit blunter and more unfair about the imaginary young woman than I would write now, but it is relevant to the theme of this post, which is “how not to be washed up at 30”.

“The Bluestocking”

Here is an interesting article about life choices, women’s in this case:

It’s Not Your Imagination, Single Women: There Literally Aren’t Enough Men Out There
This article appeared on Facebook, and this was my comment:

“It’s women not recognising opportunity cost. Maybe the old advice was wise. It is tempting for young women to use their early advantages in maturity to get to college and do interesting degrees. But they age out of the marriage market and take on college debt. Men do mature, but later, and they eventually perform better. But they are not sitting in tutorials with college women.”


There is probably more than one way of ending up washed up (in a sense) at 30. They differ for men and women a bit, because the sexes tend to have rather different life goals.

I once read a remark that life becomes much clearer once one really understands “opportunity cost”. For example, is chasing that PhD in your twenties a good use of your time if you are a young woman? The opportunity cost is of course that you may not meet and marry an attractive man and start married life and perhaps a family. I can still remember being nearly 30 and looking very differently and more negatively at heavily credentialed women in their late twenties compared with less credentialed but younger women. While I don’t subscribe to the idea that older women are necessarily unattractive, even a 30 year old woman is not the same physically as a 25 year old.

Men can be washed up at 30 too. It nearly happened to me. A typical example would be a reasonably clever young man who pursues, say, graduate study in his twenties. If he finds, as he often will, that there are no jobs in his field; for example biomedical research or physics or musicology; he may find himself facing a highly uncertain future at an age when other people have settled into relatively lucrative careers. Being over thirty, and having to seek out a new career, is an unfortunate position. (And girls – and banks – tend strongly to prefer a man with a steady paycheque.)

Anyway, here is my somewhat relevant short short story again for people who are interested:


Another woman with skin so dark it looks blue?


Later: Some (better?) examples:



I have written about this blue effect and its possible relationship to the optical “Tyndall effect” here.