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In Summer

In summer the heart is
a cauldron of desire
but on days like these
the grey leaves dissolve
into the low sky
and hopes turn to fears.


Nature is no more
constant than our plans.
Why must they rise and fall
like waves and die away
to nothing like the wind?


Julian O’Dea



How creative young white men beat Hillary

I Love the Narrow Lanes

I love the narrow lanes
for homing civil servants
and schoolchildren
that perform humble
work like veins,
after the arteries
of roads and freeways
are left behind to roar
all day with the voice
of cars.


And the faithful
waiting trees along
the lane ways
some days
like Roman columns
to be passed in triumph,
other evenings like
keening dryads
weeping in sympathy,
but most days like
solid friends to greet,
nodding in the breeze.


Julian O’Dea

Botany Lesson

Botany Lesson

In her upturned collar,
she showed him the sepals
below the flower;
and see, the flower head
sits on the slender stem
so delicately, she said;
and blushing, told him
that in his hands it might
bloom hot crimson.


Julian O’Dea

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How I longed

to sweep the veil of clothes

from you that sunny day.

What can I say?

That nothing

is more perfect than

a bare sky after

the clouds have blown




Julian O’Dea

Autumn leaves


I Lay Beside You

I lay beside you on
a thousand beaches
in my mind,
our eyes brightly blind
to the future, and
the waves that would
go past in our years
full of salty tears.


Julian O’Dea