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Wearing funny hats

Here is an analogy or a parable.

I sometimes think we all go about in life wearing (symbolically) a strange-looking hat on our head. We can’t see it: but other people can, clearly.

The hat looks foolish. We are oblivious to it. Everybody else has a foolish hat we can see. But we can’t see our own. As far as we are concerned, we don’t personally have one.

It is nearly impossible for a person to hide his or her hat. One person’s hat might be composed largely of anger. Another’s of lust. Or greed. It is often all too obvious. Except to the person himself.

We constantly betray our true faults. By word. By choice of phrase. By what we don’t say. By what we do. By how we spend our time.

We are all wearing an ugly or ridiculous hat. One we can’t see.

Nietzsche on tall and short women

” … small females seem to me to belong to another sex than tall women …”

This saying is quoted by Nietzsche but mocked by one of his best-known translators. But I think he might have been onto something.

Taller women do seem more like men than shorter women. More of a match for men. It is possible that they are more intelligent than shorter women since there is a positive correlation between height and intelligence. And being literally closer to men in their build presumably affects their conception of themselves.

A group of women of average height can seem like munchkins to a man. Whereas a taller woman is a different proposition. When a male writer wants the reader to take a female character seriously, he often makes her tall.

More Nadège du Bospertus

Nadège du Bospertus







As models go, she smiled a fair bit:


She still models – or did quite recently – and she looks OK. But the above shots are from her “glory days.”

Don’t google “the red pill”

Twenty Things You Should Never, Ever Google


One they warn you about is googling “the Red Pill” because that will lead you to those terrible men’s rights guys!

“Women in Uniform” by Skyhooks

Two famous Australian bands were formed in 1973. One was AC/DC. The other, less durable, but still very influential band, Skyhooks released this song in 1978.

Feminist whining

I have come to realise that I have to set up a post where I can collect all the sweet, amusing, feminist whining I come across. I shall start with this piece:

The oral sex gender gap is real, and it’s not okay


Sexual Competition Among Women

I am putting this article here to save it to a convenient location, and also because it discusses topics of ordinary, social interest: for example, the way in which, compared with men, women spend a lot more time and resources on personal presentation to help in competition for mates.

Sexual Competition Among Women: A Review of the Theory and Supporting Evidence

by Steven Arnocky and Tracy Vaillancourt.

At a glance, the article looks pretty good. But I notice it repeats the argument that human males and females are less sexually dimorphic than ancestral primates. While it is true that men are only about 15% larger than women (according to this article), the relative equality in bulk hides the fact that men are far more muscular and women have far more fat than men.

On male vs female strength:

“The sex difference in upper-body muscle mass in humans is
similar in magnitude to the sex difference in lean body mass
in gorillas, the most sexually dimorphic primate.”

“Despite claims of reduced levels of sexual dimorphism in
the genus Homo (e.g., compared to Australopithecus)
(McHenry, 1994; Plavcan, 2001), muscle mass and resulting
muscular strength are very sexually dimorphic traits in
contemporary humans. On average, men have approximately
61% more total muscle mass than women …”

Another point to be drawn from this article is that only 1 in 1,000 women reaches the mean upper body strength of men: which no doubt explains why wives famously ask their husbands to open jars for them.