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Traditionally and sensibly, women used to keep their vulva and vagina covered and hidden. There IS a mystery about that part of a woman’s body. But it is also vulnerable. Dressing modestly and keeping their legs together has therefore been traditionally seen as decent, feminine behaviour.

Feminists have attempted to reverse this natural inclination by claiming some illusory “power” for their genitals and breasts, and showing them off at every opportunity (pussy hats, Femen). But it makes no sense to lead with one’s most vulnerable point.

Womanspreading is not empowering. Undressing is not empowering. A freed nipple is not empowering. At best it looks absurd. At worst it just draws the “male gaze” even more powerfully.


Another Nineties Supermodel, Emma Sjoberg


The video directly above seems to be one of a series with music I quite like. I have posted similar videos of supermodel Nadège du Bospertus in the past.

Your level gaze

Your level gaze
is my horizon
but your swaying hips
are an earthquake 
in my mind.


Julian O’Dea

Women’s wide hips

According to the article cited below, women’s wide hips do not mean inefficient locomotion. The author also seems to be arguing that childbirth does not require wide hips. So, why wide hips? I am wondering if it is something to do with the strength and/or stability of triangles (such as that made by a wide pelvis and the legs) and the way women need to carry babies and young children efficiently, with the downward force towards the ground.

Stability might be particularly important when carrying a baby or child because of the risk of injury to the young.

In Defence of Wide Hips




Music Box Moments

I bought you that Christmas
merry-go-round, the blue one:
another music box moment
for our growing sum of years;
joining the girl dancing around
to the old tune, with mirrors
everywhere; becoming all girls,
all times, all modes and moods;
in my mind, all you.


Julian O’Dea

Weedy Flowers

I cannot help but stare and smile
as I drive by the cheeky, wild beauty 
of the upstart flowers of the weedy
species, with their faces washed by
the recent rain, straggling along
like kids on their way from school,
each in a different uniform,
slouching on a warm afternoon.


Julian O’Dea

Lauren Southern subjected to MakeApp


The app (which is claimed to use neural net intelligence) needs some more work. As somebody pointed out, her eye colour has apparently changed.

On the positive side, Lauren Southern looks quite good in the right hand picture.

My wife rarely wears or wore makeup. Some women can get away with it.