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In the year 2012, Spambot became self-aware

A spambot trying to sell gold as an investment, I assume, has visited my blog recently. I had written a post on poetesses and marriage, namely the case of Sylvia Plath. Here is what the spambot said: “Her isolation and loneliness are palpable, and also her intelligence and frustration. A score of such painful letters […]

Hello, UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television!

For a few days now I have had people visit this blog, one post in particular, who have come from the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. Hello. In any case, here is the post they are interested in: THE SEXUAL POLITICS OF BLADE RUNNER In “Blade Runner” (1982) the director, Ridley Scott, seems […]

“Embodied Values: Hollywood Thinks About Sex”, by Julian O’Dea

Contents: Chapter One: Blade Runner: Feminine robots and feminist critics Chapter Two: “Crash”: The Bedroom and the Road Chapter Three: Jane Austen in Manhattan: Whit Stillman’s Metropolitan Chapter Four: “Ferocious Pairing Off”: Being young in Europe, at the disco and in college I Homage to Barcelona II Dancing the Night Away: Yuppies and Disco III […]

The Sexual Politics of Blade Runner

In “Blade Runner” (1982) the director, Ridley Scott, seems to have produced a very anti-feminist film, albeit perhaps unwittingly. He has certainly claimed that elements of the film were intended to combat “male chauvinism”. Such as the brutal shooting of the replicant (robot) Zhora character by Deckard. Maybe. But it seems a strange way to […]

My imaginary friend Dulcelina

I get a few spam comments on this blog. What interests me is that many of them purport to be comments from women with very rare names. I can only assume that the spammers are a) using girl’s names because they sound more appealing and trustworthy and b) the spammers have a very long list […]