Women as sweetmeats

A classic article from 2Blowhards:

Gross Over-generalizations — Women and Baked Goods

“Here’s my theory: Women identify with baked goods. (Before laughing too hard, consider the fact that women obviously identify with flowers. Why not with food?) How so? Well, baked goods… There’s often a sponginess there. There’s often sweetness, juiciness and chewiness: nurturance. There’s the skin or crust, and let’s not forget the yeast. Brooding, gestating, fluffing up and settling down, keeping the flesh and the mood plump, fresh and appealing: Baked goods as metaphor and mirror for women’s flesh and their emotional nature — which, let’s face it, are very different than male flesh and male moods.”

I suppose. I also feel that women can be identified with confectionery, the sweet things. That is with lollies as we say here in Australia (or candy or sweets.) “Sweets for the sweet”.

And women seem to like to wrap themselves up in bows like bonbons:




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  1. Posted by fuzziewuzziebear on April 22, 2017 at 4:13 pm

    I do have a fondness for pastry and sweets. Yes, I can see a definite parallel.


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