Valentine’s Day

St Valentine’s Day has not been big in Australia, although it is starting to become a “thing” and I certainly don’t object. But I found this on Facebook today, and thought it was worth thinking about. It was written anonymously. I am not the author.

Remember that February 14th is the day that women must show their love to Men, After all, we build their houses, install and maintain the roofs, walls, driveways, windows, plumbing, gas, electricity, heating and cooling. We pay for these services too. We have invented cars, boats, airplanes, jets, radios, televisions, telephones, computers, and software. We are constantly improving the skills of men long ago to create bigger, better, stronger, faster, and more efficient products than ever before. Men created and maintain roads, sewers, refuge, water supplies, gasoline (petrol), propane, and power generators (nuclear, hydro-electric, coal, and petroleum). On a daily basis Men risk their lives as police officers, firemen, construction workers to make our lives better. Men pilot planes, drive trucks and taxies and navigate ships so the world can travel and for commerce. Men do not need to prove their love to one woman because we have shown love to the people everywhere with the sweat from our brows.

I look at members of my military and thank them for their duty and service for they freely volunteered to risk their lives for my safety and security. I will not demand gratuity from them.

Women should thank men for our service to the world and not demand us to bow to them further. We are not their indentured servants for life.

Women have nothing, do nothing and achieve nothing without men. All they have is due to men. If they have taken too much it is our fault and we need to correct it now.

Even Saint Valentine, himself was a man that risked his life to marry people when the law of the land punished priests with death for doing so.

Valentine’s Day is for women to show their love and respect to the man that has given her and his community so much.



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