When your “model of reality” fails

I have been watching, indeed enduring, the response of the many progressive or Left people I know on Facebook since Trump became President-Elect.

Even an Australian like me gets the backwash of the results of the election, not only directly from the Americans one knows on social media, but also because most people in places like Australia are inevitably America-watchers to some degree. If nothing else, we get a lot (though not all) of our political and cultural and social trends from the United States.

The level of rage and confused hitting out that I have seen recently from progressive and Left Americans has exceeded anything I have seen previously. I remember the bitterness and anger at Reagan (and a lot of the mockery of Trump reminds me of the mockery of Reagan as supposedly an ignorant, unlearned rube). But this seems to be something else.

I have seen somebody on Facebook seriously suggest that martial law should be introduced to prevent the President-Elect from taking office (and the ludicrous claim as well that the US Military would be prepared to do this). As I responded, it is laughable to see the Left calling for martial law.

The childish silliness too of the obsession with Trump’s supposed sexual habits has seen a reversion of the normal role of the Left as sexually liberal. The prurient interest in Melania Trump’s nude photo shoots in her work as a model also casts the Left in the historically unfamiliar role of prudes and scolds.

The absolute hysteria can I think be explained by the fact that the Left have been comprehensively humiliated. Their carefully constructed and maintained understanding of the world, their model of reality (a phrase which reading pundit Steve Sailer introduced me to) has proved to be a failure.

The Left, particularly the academic Left, do not pride themselves on being good at the mundane tasks of life: such as designing widgets, or maintaining widgets, or cleaning widgets, or talking about widgets. They pride themselves on having a sophisticated intellectual and mental model of How It All Really Works. The smug ironic tone of liberal TV comics and personalities is meant to convey that they and their viewers are the sophisticated people who really understand the world.

They are the pollster class. Not the proles who are polled. But on this occasion, the pollster class got it wrong and the proles had their day when Trump won.

The smug tone has turned to snark and is getting closer to anger and despair.

CS Lewis wrote of the snide irony and knowing humour of the progressives something like, “the joke is never made – it is always assumed to have been made – they just know their opponents are ridiculous.” But on this occasion, the joke is on them and they are not happy at all. Nothing angers a man or woman, conservative or liberal, more than being laughed at.


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  1. Posted by some random guy on January 15, 2017 at 11:08 pm

    i see much of the reaction as social signalling. In essence you’re telling others of your social circle ( and the circles you wish to join) that not only are you in alignment with them but that you’re willing to go even further. It used to be that one could say ” I oppose racism” but after a bit that’s not strong enough. Now you must go to some sub-Saharan country and adopt six orphans… all to say “I oppose racism”.

    So you could say “I don’t care for Donald Trump” but that’s not very strong and meanwhile the cool kids on Facebook are calling for Trump to get shot or what have you. You have to come up with something stronger. And, as you aptly noted, all those stupid peasants have the nerve to laugh at their superiors. Gotta bring out the big guns.


    • Posted by Julian O'Dea on January 15, 2017 at 11:39 pm

      I am seeing more of it today. I had not considered the sheer confusion. Some liberal women (a lot of my FB acquaintances are poetesses) seem to have no idea what has happened. I was perhaps wrong to imply they had any model of the world at all. It is obvious that they have never seriously had to think about these issues. Some seem to have never had to face any major setbacks in life. Well-educated American women in the liberal arts seem to be some of the most coddled and spoilt people in the world.

      Trump’s ascendancy has flummoxed them. One woman was complaining that the BBC in the UK was running right-wing propaganda. More likely “her beloved BBC” was running some balanced news for a change. The public broadcasters in all the Anglospheric countries are normally relentlessly left wing. I felt like saying, now you know how it feels when your national broadcaster has a bias against you.


  2. If the Leftists feel bad now, just wait until the day when the federal government’s habitual overspending cannot be sustained any longer — history has provided numerous examples of the day when the bills come due,and the picture isn’t pretty.
    The federal government cannot just print more money ‘forever’ in the hopes of putting off that day. Just like the laws of physics, the laws of economics are immutable and not subject to negotiation.
    That is just one reason that I’m glad that I’ve never married nor have left descendants who will be expected to pay the tab for this party that the Leftists have insisted on having.


    • Posted by Julian O'Dea on January 16, 2017 at 2:01 pm

      I am not an economist and I don’t have an informed opinion on whether Keynesian approaches that Obama’s economists apparently used have helped or made things worse.

      But I can report that the Left are still at the denial and rage stage over this presidential election.

      As a traditional man, I was hugely relieved that Hillary lost. Eight years of her would have been hard to endure. I genuinely believe that gender relations in the West cannot take much more government support for feminism.


  3. Well put, Julian. The rage of the left machine (for its philosophy is mechanical, not human) is unprecedented in U.S. elections. It appears more like the howling on demons rather than ordinary disappointment.
    I am not surprised. In the second presidential TV debate, Clinton assured an extended abortion mandate. Trump assured efforts to reverse Row v Wade.
    The ferocity following his election is preternatural. Too many abortions are never enough for Lucifer and contraception and abortion are his favourite means of disabling women, motherhood, the family and thereby society.


    • Posted by Julian O'Dea on January 16, 2017 at 10:12 pm

      It was an extremely stark choice, Maryse. And in a fair fight, the progressives lost.

      If Hillary had won, conservatives around the world would have had to accept it. I believe we would have shown good grace. We wouldn’t be indulging in the absolute hysteria we are still seeing from the Left. Whatever the ostensible topic, they have to drag Trump into it.

      I don’t think Trump is a good man morally but this may be a case of God “writing straight with crooked instruments”. Whereas a lot of people loved Obama’s style, but his policies were morally evil.

      I certainly don’t discount a supernatural aspect to all this. There is something consistently anti-human about the policies of the modern Left. The consistent theme is of hatred of normal men and women, of the family and traditional morality.


      • Also my opinion, Julian, on each count. First thought on news of the victory, “This is supernatural. Trump no angel but on the side of the angels”. It was a battle between good and evil and the Almighty chose a man contemptuous of the media (essential quality) to be a vehicle of His mercy.

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