Very thin girls as models

Older readers will remember the British model “Twiggy” who was famous for being thin and slight.

Very thin models are not the fashion these days, so to speak. But somebody asked for people’s opinion on this girl, whom he said was his girlfriend (but she actually seems to be a model called Sarah Marie Karda.)


She is certainly thin and pale. But she might interest a photographer. This girl, Arizona Muse, is a very thin professional model:


Here she is again:


And again:


She is perfectly capable of functioning as a female. Here she is with her baby son:


‘My body was better AFTER I had a child’: Model Arizona Muse on how she prefers her post-baby looks


2 responses to this post.

  1. Julian, I am trying to eat my breakfast.


  2. I like women that are of a physically healthy weight, in good physical shape — not like an effeminate teenage boy.
    Thin women like these are distressing to me, almost like seeing the survivors of concentration camps. I would be AFRAID of even embracing a woman like that, for fear of physically hurting her unintentionally. Even the last picture of the model with her son: as beautiful as she is, she looks like she needs at least another ten pounds to be truly healthy.


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