“Streeping”: a new word

To “streep”.

Definition: To complain from a position of immense privilege.

Hollywood stars will soon be doing a lot more streeping.



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  1. […] via “Streeping”: a new word — Julian O’Dea […]


  2. A new word and its only Jan 10th. Well played sir.


  3. […] Streep is to complain, loudly, from a position of great privilege, according to Julian O’Dea. This is driving people to the Trumpenpanzerfeld, including good Mormons like the Manatee: as he […]


  4. Another one I like:

    Whitewashing (definition): a term to describe efforts to alter, lighten, and mask non-White criminals and pariahs to make them appear White.

    Used in a sentence: ‘We wuz Kangz and stuff before all this Whitewashing brushed us out of history’


  5. I’d suggest a second definition; to complain from a position of immense moral hypocrisy. Streep is right to point out Trump’s idiotic attack on a disabled reporter, but at the same event, she applauded an award to a man who forcibly raped a child.


    • Posted by Julian O'Dea on January 10, 2017 at 7:22 pm

      Trump denies the attack anyway, and there is evidence he didn’t mock the reporter for being disabled.


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