Movies for Men

Inspired by this article, I present my own list of movies for men.

In some cases, there is a particular theme or even line or lines that appealed to me. In other cases, the entire film is friendly to the masculine ethos.

I present this list in the spirit of an hommage to the Manosphere itself, from which I have learned a great deal, and to which I hope I have, in some small measure, made a contribution.

In no particular order:

1. A Most Violent Year


A depiction of a man’s struggle in a man’s world. His wife is supportive and genuinely helpful.

2. True Lies


An entertaining film which seems to appeal to both men’s and women’s fantasies of what a marriage should be. A rare example of a movie in which a wife is put in her place, for a change.

3. Overboard (1987)

A silly film of the kind sometimes called a “romp”. Goldie Hawn is the spoilt “rich bitch” in this version, who loses her memory and ends up humbly taking care of the hunky but low-class man and his children.

4. Blade Runner

A surprisingly anti-feminist film from a director with a feminist reputation, as I discuss here.


5. Iron Man 2

One of the films in a successful franchise, which provides an unapologetically masculine and competent character in Tony Stark.

That is a start at least, with five movies. If I think of more, I shall add them. In any case, I have watched my share of films over the years, and these are a few that stand out as presenting men in a positive way.

7 responses to this post.

  1. The Grey, according to my husband. Liam Neeson vs. a wolf pack.


  2. It seems i’ve seen parts of A Most Violent Year if it’s been on tv … will have to make a point to watch it. Blade Runner is another one i think i’ve seen clips of as my husband has watched tv. the others i’ve seen and like, including The Grey.


  3. I think True Lies had a plot…..which was dominated by Jamie Lee Curtis’ breasts bouncing as she killed dozens of terrorists while mishandling a machine pistol….or something like that.

    Sorry, I’m thinking that if I want to see masculinity and femininity that really makes a person swoon, I’m looking back to the Duke with Maureen O’Hara, or Errol Flynn with Olivia De Havilland. Even Roy & Dale, really.


  4. […] while back I wrote a post listing five movies for men. This list focuses more on topics of interest to men because of their technical content; not so […]


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