Cuckold fetish now mainstream?

Cuckolding Relationships Have Reached A Record High


It is difficult to assess the real prevalence of various fetishes and sexual practices. Certainly transsexual behaviour seems to be common as both fantasy and reality. I have written about this recently.

Another fetish which also implies that men and masculinity are under stress is the cuckold fetish. It is hard not to conclude that men are often sexualising an inevitable situation, given that there are now so few restraints on the behaviour of women, before or after marriage.

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  1. “…given that there are now so few restraints on the behaviour of women, before or after marriage.”

    And the women of today’s Western society– who demand that no restraints of any kind whatsoever be put on their behavior, before or after marriage (while they are young/young-looking enough and beautiful to enjoy the perks of being so) — become so incredibly mystified (when they are no longer young and beautiful) that few men are interested in any kind of ‘relationship’ with them beyond a quickie hookup or one-night stand.
    Marriage — which these women despised when they were in their teens through their thirties and at the height of their ‘beauty power’ — has now become (besides a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme via divorce theft for women) an archaic custom that only ‘thirsty’, foolish, self-deceiving, romantic starry-eyed desperate men believe in. But even those men are becoming fewer.


  2. Posted by fuzziewuzziebear on November 27, 2016 at 8:22 pm

    Elsewhere, someone posited the theory that cuckold fetishes are born out the sons of single mothers who bring home a succession of boyfriends. Until I saw that, I couldn’t understand why anyone would participate.


  3. And here you thought I was weird because I sometimes (which means not all the time I’m perfectly happy ‘being the man’ most of the time) like a woman to be dominant in bed. Initiate sex, spank me playfully, that sort of thing. That sort of feminine control holds no appeal to me in the rest of my life or the rest of a relationship. I may seem funny to you, but even I can’t answer your question as to why some men desire women’s or another man’s contempt, or seeming hate their sex alltogether and want to be a different one. Unlike you (because of your faith) I believe being gay , straight, or bisexual are innate desires. But ‘innate’ doesn’t explain all of this stuff. “Cuck” is an insult, and rightfully so. You’ve interviewed a cross-dresser or transexual if I recall, why not try to find a cuckold enthusiast? Then again , suprisingly, even one of them might seem sane compared to some of the more extreme female supremacism worshippers.


    • Posted by Julian O'Dea on November 27, 2016 at 11:58 pm

      Clarence, I do actually think that a lot of this (including most male homosexuality) is innate. In fact I have written about various theories at this blog, including some thoughts of my own. I think it is an anomaly in brain development (the fact that it is more common in second sons suggest that there is something going on in the uterus perhaps.)

      For example, here:

      It is not easy to get sexual minorities to answer questions. They tend to be skittish. It took me a while to get “PhD Bimbo” to answer my questions, although she was a “good informant” when she did. The Irish cross-dresser seems not to want to chat any more.

      I turned both those brief interviews into articles for

      The first of these has been relatively very popular and has many readers. The latter is newer, so I don’t know how interested people will be in that.

      I suppose people find the idea of a female bimbo more generally appealing than a male bimbo.

      I am in no sense a sociologist, but I am an interested amateur, and I suppose one tends to research what one finds particularly interesting. Bimbos and effeminate males interest me. Cuckolds and hotwives less so. I suppose the latter types are a bit too extreme for me.


      • Fair enough, and I stand corrected Julian.
        As to the topic, I don’t know if Cuckolding is more popular. Cuckold porn tends to be different (mostly involving interracial aspects) from real cuckolding (which is usually done in secret by wifey) or the rather riduculous and humiliating rituals you might notice on some femdom marriage or fem supremacy blogs where the man often has to perform homosexual acts or be totally sexually starved while wifey makes out (something she no longer ever does with hubby) with her hunk or girlfriend (sometimes the sex is strictly f/f). Such actions in my opinion show total disrespect of her husband and might even be sexually abusive in some ways (esp if she beats him or otherwise mistreats him till he ‘agrees’ with a homosexual act).

        Anyway, while I don’t understand it I can believe that cuckolding porn(usually the fantasy of watching some black guy screw ones wife or girlfriend) is more popular, or maybe just more normalized so it seems more popular. I’m sure there are lots of cheating slut wives out there, esp these days when there is no penalty in it for them except in very rare circumstances. I’m sure these cheating slut wives are no more popular with men than they’ve ever been. And no, I can’t see the extreme female supremacist version of ‘cuckolding’ catching on – many feminists like to think so for ideological reasons, but in my opinion you can’t turn the average man gay or make him perform such acts – at least not without a gun to his head or a knife to his sexual organ. That’s a good thing, because when I first encountered the extreme femdom stuff (and you know I hate most modern feminism) at the fetish blogs, I varied between disgust at the men, disgust at the women, and in the few cases where it seemed forced anger at the women.

      • Posted by Julian O'Dea on November 28, 2016 at 4:33 am

        Well, a lot of this involves either pure fantasy or men “topping from the bottom”. I agree with most of what you write, and would only add that pure femdom marriages, in which the woman is head-of-house, and behaves often in a ridiculous parody of the traditional male head-of-house, are rare.

        I mean that actual role-reversed marriages are rare. This fetish or lifestyle seems to appeal to men as often as women, or more so. I have seen some femdom blogs. Some of them are men “stealth submitting” to their wives. Some are genuine, although the numbers of these blogs that last any length of time is fairly small.

        In reality men who desire such arrangements, perhaps temporarily, seem to have to pay a “mistress” to taken on the dominant role.

        I suspect a lot of men are turned on by dressing up as French maids (that is a common fetish) but very few really want to do the hard work of genuine housekeeping. In a similar way, most women don’t really want to do the hard work of being the sole or primary breadwinner.

      • Posted by Glengarry on December 4, 2016 at 8:14 pm

        Time to read Venus in Furs, fellows.

        “Place thy foot upon thy slave,
        Oh thou, half of hell, half of dreams;
        Among the shadows, dark and grave,
        Thy extended body softly gleams.”

        (The object of Severin’s passions is by comparison almost comically level-headed. At least for a while.)

  4. What do we mean by ‘innate’? The mind and its associated wetware are fluid and changeable, with depths where lurk all sorts or strange beasts. It malfunctions – much of the time: it operates at less than optimum for even its own safety – much if not all of the time. Sexual fantasies are legion. They are tremendously varied. Sexual behaviours too. But we can exercise choice and control, if we so wish to. Many people, of course, do not, but I hazard that they are a very small minority.


    • Posted by Julian O'Dea on November 28, 2016 at 1:53 am

      Yes. It is complicated. I think there is an element of choice or volition. And I think we can choose to strengthen certain innate behaviours and not others.

      For example neuroscientists speculate that both men and women have active and passive sexualities but they are typically more developed in the male and female brain respectively. Under the right circumstances, however, a man could strengthen his feminine passive sexual side on purpose.

      I am fairly sure that many full-blown perversions begin fairly mildly and only gradually become something life-changing.


  5. The Murphy’s Law of sex fetishes.


  6. In related news, it appears that unsliced bread is worth a lot of dough:

    PICTURED: Posing provocatively, the lingerie-clad teenager selling her virginity to the highest bidder claims businessman has offered £1.7million

    That’s roughly AU$2.9 million.


  7. The author of this piece is a known halfwit, but the argument shows up all over the place (and likely grinds people down):

    (Archived in case of deletion, and to avoid ads.)


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