“Mad Dog”

Some honours only others can confer on one. One cannot, for example, normally call oneself a philosopher or a poet. That is a title for others to confer. The same applies to appellations like “sexy” or “charming”, or “modest”.

One of these epithets is “Mad Dog” or just “Mad”.


More on “Mad Dog” Mattis.

Another military man nicknamed “Mad” was “Mad Mike Hoare”, the mercenary Mike Hoare.


The nickname Mad Dog is also of course conferred on even more colourful characters, as in this film based on the life of an Australian bushranger:


And how could I forget Mad Max?



2 responses to this post.

  1. We had a Mad Dog in the town I grew up. In fact is there a law that one guy in every country town has to be called Mad Dog?


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