Kathleen Widdoes

In one of those minor coincidences, my wife and I were listening today to a recording of “The Group”, the once-notorious 1963 novel by Mary McCarthy. The novel was something of a succès de scandale, although she had previously produced another frank novel (which I seem to remember my father had in his library), namely “The Company She Keeps.”

(Neither novel would be regarded as shocking today of course.)

Anyway, coincidentally, I just noticed an intriguing brunette actress seen in a TV show being watched by the admen in an episode of “Mad Men”: namely, Kathleen Widdoes. And it transpired that she also appeared in the 1966 film of “The Group”, directed by Sidney Lumet, playing a character called Helena.

I feel I have seen her before in movies some years ago. She certainly had a very distinctive appearance:


She was sort of working the same territory as Audrey Hepburn, although I actually prefer her to Hepburn:





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