Cultural change?

Will the resurgence of American conservatism affect the cultural outputs we receive from America?

On the one hand, it may not make much difference. Most of the American cultural products we get here in Australia come out of New York and California. Both of these remain liberal enclaves.

On the other hand, Hollywood could decide to make more movies that appeal to the conservatives in America. That is possible. Certainly the failure of the feminist Ghostbusters movie must have already given them pause.

It rather depends if Hollywood wants to “leave money on the table” or to make movies to appeal to “deplorables.” Hollywood has made plenty of conservative movies in the past.


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  1. I’ve noticed a few cultural products from the US surfacing that reflect on that conservative culture rather than being a product of the conservative culture. It must be annoying to be examined, rather like an anthropological specimen, by the richer people in the richer States.

    But perhaps the cultural capitals are changing, too; Hollywood, Las Angeles, New York City – these were the old cultural centres for movie and television. But culture is more diffuse now, thanks to the internet and the many associated technologies.

    I’d be surprised if these elections indicate a shift to cultural conservatism, really; Trump’s most successful tactic may have been his co-option of standard leftist rhetoric and standard leftist ideas – tariffs, trade sanctions, and so on. The left don’t want to acknowledge that they might have owned this beast at one time – and nurtured him when he was still little.


    • Posted by Julian O'Dea on November 10, 2016 at 6:34 am

      Yes. And in fact in the old days (when Nelson Rockefeller was unacceptable because he had been divorced, if I recall correctly), Trump would “never have gotten to first base”.

      There is a real sense in which liberalism did create Trump. Conservatives have been quick to take the bits of liberalism that can help them.

      That said, as we saw years back with Bill Clinton, what a strong liberal wants to call “sexual harassment” is not necessarily the average punter’s idea of a crime. Bill got his pass, and now Donald gets his.


    • I’ve certainly got no doubt that comparisons with Bill Clinton – and by extent, Hillary who was to a large part seen as part of the team – benefited Trump ultimately.


  2. Culture is vast though, especially in somewhere as large as the US. You set me thinking about the recent death of Jack Chick, he behind those little evangelical cartoons that one’s fundamentalist aunt is always handing out or finding in weird places, like service stations… In their own way, they were quite influential.


    • Posted by Julian O'Dea on November 10, 2016 at 7:22 am

      Yes. But the really big megaphones are in the hands of the liberal media. I gather there are publishers and so on in places like Texas, but we rarely see their output overseas.


  3. Liberal media still has the megaphone, but we’ve had strong and popular conservatives before. IF he can make the money rain, pop culture will get behind him while the elite commentators will continue to hate him. (They’re on permanent hate mode). But he who maketh the money rain will win the heart of the people.

    Really interesting convo the other day with Pagan Mom about our experiences growin up here in the 80s. I grew up in Cali, and the 80s were boom years – huge boom years. In the Midwest, where she grew up, that’s when the rust belt really got rusting, and they were bust years. Our perspectives on a lot of things grew out of our separate realities.

    We’ll see.


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