Rey, Leia in her metal bikini, and the false dichotomy

Using the Star Wars films as a reference, most women who are interested in men are neither the well-covered Rey nor the half-dressed Princess Leia (in captivity). They play both, at different times and moments of their life.

The politicised demands that women only be portrayed in the media as one OR the other are unreasonable. The normal woman is both. Just not at the same time.

There used to be much talk of the Madonna/whore complex. That is, the idea that traditional men could only see women as perfectly pure or the opposite. But this “puritanism” has started to enter the secular culture too.

Chesterton wrote that in a post-Christian morality, the virtues taken to extremes were as much of a problem as the vices. It is noteworthy that feminist cultural criticism has become so puritan-sounding.

Progressives are currently outraged that Melania Trump, a beautiful woman who used to work as a model, did nude shots. They sound remarkably prudish. Would this be an issue in France, for example? I  suspect not. But they have a healthier attitude to women there, without the false dichotomy that insists women have to choose only one or the other extreme of female behaviour.




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