Agreeing with Sunshine

Sunshine Thiry gives voice to some thoughts I have had for a while. This is in relation to the recent honour killing of a female social media identity in Pakistan.

Feminism claims another poor girl’s life.


Western feminists have a habit of interfering in a rather ineffectual, largely symbolic way in foreign countries. Typically they will adopt the case of one or a few women, and in doing so, they frequently make things worse.

For example I have written about the case of Pussy Riot in Russia before.

There was another example a few years ago of a woman who had been mutilated by her husband (in Pakistan perhaps). Which was horrible. But it was probably not a good idea to come home from cuckolding him and mock him. In America that might be safe enough; but it was not a smart move in a very conservative Muslim country. In any case, Western feminists adopted her and arranged some care for her.

However, as Sunshine Thiry suggests, encouraging foolish behaviour in traditionalist societies will not ultimately help most individual women.

One does not have to support the mores of some of these extremely socially conservative nations to recognise that folly is still folly. And that following the social customs of one’s own country is usually a good idea. In some parts of the world, the patriarchy still exists and has real teeth.




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  1. Posted by kneeledbeauty on July 19, 2016 at 6:19 am

    In the case of the female who was mutilated, she bears the responsibility because she should know her own culture. No matter how timid her Husband might have been, she can’t not be aware of what would happen in such a case.

    i see time and time again, a lot of Western ‘do-gooders’ who go into other countries to fix the wrongs, make a lot of noise, create chaos and go, leaving those who live there to clean up this mess. It is both Men and females who do this, but females are far more the meddlers. Helping people have a better quality of life is one thing, but don’t do it at the expense of their safety or their own cultural traditions. These sorts of feminists are nothing but spoilt rich brats with nothing constructive to do.


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