The phoniness of “reform”

An Australian journalist once wrote that the definition of “social justice” is “anything that inconveniences white men.”

In general, social reforms rarely result only in greater fairness. Usually they just produce a different class of victims.

It is all very well for Pope Francis to criticise “rigid” Catholics like this, but all he is really doing is creating a new oppressed class of Catholics, those whom he deems to be too conservative. Moreover it is all very well to ease access to communion for the divorced, but what thought is given to those who may have been dumped by their spouse, only to see him or her approaching the altar for communion with their new “partner”? Or, in all the talk of easing annulments, what thought is given to those who don’t want their marriages declared null? (See the case of Sheila Rauch Kennedy, who married into the prominent American political family.)

Or to take another example, did John Paul II ever consider how difficult he was making being a responsible husband and father when he wrote airily of “mutual submission” in marriage? One week living with a wife might have enlightened him.

This post is a follow-up to this one.



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