The natural earthiness of women

The really remarkable thing about this video,

is that it took a very slender, tall girl to convey a sense of lightness and agility running on the beach. Whereas in reality …



As 2Blowhards wrote some years ago:

“I think guys often forget what a weighty and earthbound thing it can be, being a gal. There’s so much dreariness to contend with: fatbags, hormones, moods, emotional agonies, etc. Women are weighed down by a lot of burdens, or at least they feel that they are, which is good enough for the purposes of my attempt at an explanation here.

The gals in the pages of fashion magazines and catalogs aren’t weighed down by anything, not even flesh.”

They were clever those guys. I always thought this insightful on women identifying with “baked goods”:

“Here’s my theory: Women identify with baked goods. (Before laughing too hard, consider the fact that women obviously identify with flowers. Why not with food?) How so? Well, baked goods… There’s often a sponginess there. There’s often sweetness, juiciness and chewiness: nurturance. There’s the skin or crust, and let’s not forget the yeast. Brooding, gestating, fluffing up and settling down, keeping the flesh and the mood plump, fresh and appealing: Baked goods as metaphor and mirror for women’s flesh and their emotional nature — which, let’s face it, are very different than male flesh and male moods.”

Most women look like the women at my previous post.

I have written previously about women in high heels. It occurs to me that a lot of the psychological appeal of high heels for women might be related to the way in which they make a woman look taller and less earthbound.




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