Remembering my mother-in-law

I can say quite truthfully that my mother-in-law, whose funeral takes place tomorrow, was an excellent role model in every way.

We always got on. It was not a close relationship but there was liking and mutual respect. And I think she helped my wife and I to negotiate the tricky early years of marriage. She did not interfere. Nor did she take sides. (Although I think that she actually straightened my wife out more than once.)

The day my wife had given birth to my son, my mother-in-law made dinner for me after work in place of my wife, seating me at the head of her table.

It was perhaps the single most patriarchal moment of my life.

She was a fine woman and she will be missed by her large family and many friends. I think she taught her daughter how to be a wife and I have reaped the benefit for thirty years.


5 responses to this post.

  1. My condolences.


  2. i am so sorry.

    what a beautiful legacy and memory she has left.


  3. Sincerest condolences. A good mother-in-law is a treasure! May she rest in peace.


  4. Deepest condolences, Julian. To you and your wife.


  5. Sorry for your loss, Julian and Mrs. Julian.


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