Leftism: being cheeky to Dad

Yes to this:


As I  have said before, most Leftist slogans sound exactly like the things a 16 year old says to annoy his father at the dining table.

Leftist girls do it by undressing:


A Femen girl demonstrates by runnng topless at an amused Putin. At least they could see she didn’t have a suicide vest.


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  1. I could, ironically, take ol’ Bob’s linked grizzles more seriously if they were satirical. Which they’re plainly not. Societies which do or especially don’t have an abundance of natural resources benefit from (note my omission of “equal”) participation by women in democracy and the workforce. That said, the patriarchy is still well enough intact. I don’t object to this as a man. But as a woman, I would, only to the extent in which I’d seek to bring more balance to it, not overturn it.


    • Posted by Julian O'Dea on May 25, 2016 at 7:58 am

      Women need men more than men need women. (Apart from their reproductive services.) Everybody seems to be indulging in a shared hallucination that women are the lynchpin of civilisation. They are not.

      If leftists and feminists ever succeed in truly damaging patriarchy they might be shocked at the outcome.

      Frankly I am amazed that men have not lost patience years ago.


      • Historically, civilisation has depended on men more than women. But it’s only natural that as civilisation – particularly in regard to technology but also such things as the jettison of unnecessary moral prudishness and repression – advances women will play a more active role.

        Women are the beginning of the story of civilisation, in a rational biological sense and not irrational to the point of hysterically delusional Biblical sense. It makes sense that they should also be its culimation.

        The patriarchy will remain intact no matter how much power women gain, whether deliberately or not, out of respect for the role we’ve played in building civilisation and necessity in maintaining social cohesion. Men have not lost patience with them because rational, progressive men sympathise with their cause. While conservative men seek merely to hold it back, which is difficult almost to the point of impossibility, or go back to less enlightened times, which is purely impossible. If anything, more power to women might actually make men’s lives easier, as long as there’s still plenty of wealth to go around.

        This is the difference between conservatives and progressives: the former try to hold back and control the stampeding bull of advancing civilisation; the latter either hold on and enjoy the ride, or spur it onward.

      • Posted by Julian O'Dea on May 26, 2016 at 3:41 am

        I don’t believe that the history of social values has a direction. Technology, yes. But not social mores. I believe that men and women differ psychologically and even after a century or more of pressure for social change, men and women mostly still follow traditional pathways.

        Feminists are wont to alternately gloat over change or bewail its glacial pace. They can’t have it both ways.

        Affirmative action is an admission of failure.

        As for male pushback, I think it is now happening. Feminists have overplayed their hand and many men have finally lost patience. This is more evident each year. Even moderate men have started to realise that feminists are implacable.

        The Internet has made a big difference especially by spreading people’s real experience and thoughts. Its relative anonymity is powerful in allowing both men and women to discover that their real preferences are shared by many others. Men can share information on what really works in attracting women. And women can discover that their enjoyment of femininity is not abnormal.

  2. Posted by Zeta on May 25, 2016 at 11:59 am

    Camilla Paglia succinctly put it this way: “If civilization had been left to women we would still be living in grass huts.”


  3. Posted by Julian O'Dea on May 26, 2016 at 4:34 am

    I think it is reasonable rhetoric in the circumstances to point out the poverty of the female creative contribution to civilisation. That is, it is a fair response to feminists on the Internet vilifying men in general to respond that it is only men who facilitate their complaining by providing the Internet as a means of communication.


  4. Posted by Julian O'Dea on May 26, 2016 at 6:45 am


    The photo of the boys playing at the top of the article reminded me of how we used to play that game. It was exciting.


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