Revealing a new world of beauty

One of the startling aspects of modern photography is the ability to see beauty at a scale not available beforehand.

For example below is a tiny snail (Plectostoma). Its beauty can be seen only because of modern macrophotography.

Philosophically, does the existence of this intricate beauty at a scale invisible to the naked eye imply that it is NOT provided by a creator for the delectation of Man? The same argument could apply to the beauty only now being revealed in remote galaxies and nebulae. OR did God intend us to find it as we developed optics?


TEENY TINY Some of the most elaborately spiked and contorted terrestrial snail shells, as on this Plectostoma concinnum, are among the smallest, 5 millimeters or less.”


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  1. i’ve come to believe that God created beauty for Himself, to bring continuous glory to Him … and He allows us to share in it as it pleases Him 🙂

    i imagine the human eye has only seen a small fraction of all the beauty God created!


  2. The Creator of Heaven and Earth and all things visible and invisible. The microcosm and the macrocosm are there, as he created them, so that we could find Him through finding them. We come into the world knowing nothing at all and we learn, we see, we find. It is for Humanity as well as the individual.


  3. The healthy Human psyche sees, is sensitive to and appreciates beauty. Just ask those who are deeply sad or depressed if anything at all is beautiful and they will barely register that such can exist. The apprehension and appreciation of beauty is a facility of the Soul.


  4. Posted by Ofelas on November 13, 2016 at 6:18 pm

    From a non-believer perspective it is at least very interesting and maybe little unsettling, that reality, onthologically, has obviously some innate crypto-aesthetic dimension (..think also eg skeletons of radiolaria, or even Bravais lattices in crystals), the principle behind that being some harmony of structures, that can be appreciated as ‘beauty’ only at certain level of developed consciousness in the recipient/viewer, in a sense – there was probably no ‘beauty’ until there was sensitive enough beholder, but the aesthetic dimension of reality has been ever there as a potentiality, that can be grasped and appreciated, and also possibly ’employed’ by conscious action in the works of art for example..


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