The types of obedient wife

The recent discussion here has reminded me of something I wrote a while back at the Dalrock blog. I think it is quite a good summary. I have edited it slightly to improve the grammar.

” In my experience, the only test of an obedient wife is if she actually obeys. End of story. If she somehow never actually seems to get around to obeying, ever, she is not an obedient wife. It doesn’t matter if she dresses like the Amish and speaks ever so softly, she is not an obedient wife.

I have known noisy women who are as obedient as a Samurai wife; and quiet girls who are as stubborn as you can imagine.

I believe there are three types of women. The first type will NOT obey you. She may feign an obedient spirit, but there is no way she will ever do anything other than what she really wants. The second type has read scripture and the books, and she tries hard to obey, but it will always be a struggle against her nature. And the third type is just naturally obedient. She would be obedient in any culture, at any time. “


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  2. There’s a third type of wife?!


    • Yes. I believe so. Some women are naturally submissive. They genuinely prefer it. I would venture to say, from a masculine perspective, that the majority of women are to some extent. And the vast majority will be with the right man.

      On that topic, I sometimes think that women exaggerate their own level of independence. Most wives take their husband’s names, for example. It may not seem a big thing, but it certainly looks submissive to a man.

      Also, as has been discussed here recently, it is actions that count not attitudes. Most husbands would prefer a girl who pouts and cooks dinner to one who smiles sweetly and then doesn’t. I wonder if women understand that a man cares more about what his wife does, which he can see, than about her inner grumblings, which he can’t.


      • I could also have used an analogy I have sometimes use about wives related to a proverb in the Bible. Some women are like the son who told his father, no, he would not go to work in the fields, but thought better of it. I know women like that. They will be cheeky and say no, but then they do it anyway. It is very feminine.

  3. For me, if your wife loves you, she obeys you.

    Its that simple. If she’s not obeying you, what else would I care about??

    This is something I think many men feel deeply and naturally too. It is why the bible says ‘wives respect your husbands’

    Respect is essential. And without it, a lot of men just don’t give a damn.


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