A sketch of an argument for sexual hierarchy

In recent posts the concept of the complementary nature of the sexes is discussed. It is probably fair to say that this is the most mainstream view of the proper relations of the sexes in the modern Catholic Church; including of course in that most important arena, marriage and family.

Nonetheless it is possible to sketch an argument for hierarchy, with men being above women in a natural order. The following points could be adduced.

  1. It accords with most people’s instincts, especially when they are in unguarded moments.
  2. It accords with what most people have explicitly believed in the past.
  3. The evidence seems to be that women are inferior to men mentally as well as physically. Women are less inventive at least.
  4. Women are the “decorative” sex and their value is more tied up in their appearance.
  5. A woman’s body is clearly designed for others, in particular in her maternal role.
  6. The nature of the sexual act and the nature of what excites the sexes suggests that hierarchy and domination are implicit.
  7. Turning to Christian understanding specifically, woman was made for man; and for the glory of man.
  8. St Paul states that woman “sinned first and became a transgressor”. There is no evidence that women are better than men morally.
  9. The New Testament designates the husband as the head of the wife.
  10. Most churches have traditionally excluded women from positions of authority. The Roman Catholic Church still does.

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  1. Very good summary. Useful too.


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