Some notes on one of Lexie’s points

In the previous post, Lexie wrote:

And how can we reconcile that God created Adam first and then Eve with this idea of men and women complementing each other?  Surely God created Eve to complement Adam, He didn’t create them both at the same time as ‘two sides of the same coin’.”

I thought that was an interesting point and it relates to a major issue. Modern Catholics suffer from the angelism and gnosticism that is rife in society today. That is, the denial of sexual differences and the over-emphasis on trying to make the unequal equal.

Christians don’t have an origin myth (like that in Plato’s Symposium) involving an original man-woman dyad that was later split. This would imply original sexual equality. Instead, Christians have the Genesis story in which man is given a woman, made from his rib, as a companion. The woman is made for the man. Her existence is related only to his. Woman is a fundamentally relational being.

Aquinas reasons from these scriptural passages that when one thing exists for the sake of another, it is inferior to that other.


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  1. In Genesis 1 we have the ‘cliff notes’ version of creation, which is then spelled out in more detail in Genesis 2. Not only was Adam made first and Eve second, but all the animals were made after Adam and before Eve. It wasn’t as quick as here’s Adam, put him to sleep and knock out Eve, there was a real time difference. Eve was created substantially after Adam. It emphasises the point of His superiority to her. she was a deliberately delayed creation to underline the fact, she was created for Him and not the other way round.


    • Posted by Julian O'Dea on June 25, 2016 at 5:49 am

      Kneeled Beauty, yes.

      Aquinas argued that when one being is created for another, it must be inferior. I am not entirely convinced by the argument. However St Paul certainly uses the secondary creation of woman in his arguments.

      As for the delay in creating Eve. Yes, that is an interesting point. I have debated this with a feminist and pointed out that Adam existed and acted before God created Eve. Adam also named Eve, another sign of authority. Some vestiges of this naming of woman remain even in modern culture.


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