No to breast-feeding in public


My comment was:

Ignoring a polite request is rude and she is being silly. If she wants to sexually excite random men, there are better ways that don’t involve a child.

What is it with mothers and their Boobie Liberation Front? I suppose even when they are mothering, it still has to be about them.



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  1. More boobies out in public. And just then, I even spotted a dick. Disgraceful.


  2. Its not that hard to breastfeed discreetly if needed. Some beautiful images here (I can’t say much for the writing content though it is buzzfeed) the women aren’t covering up, but their attitude is very different: #6, #13 and #16 especially.


    • Posted by Julian O'Dea on April 11, 2016 at 1:30 am

      Yes. Attitude makes a difference. The woman in the picture I have shared is making a political statement. Buzzfeed’s examples are not in that category.


      • Ah but Julian, “The personal is political!” I actually agree with that (though I have a caveat – that sometimes the political perspective or the political solution isn’t the right one.)

  3. I’ve nursed in public. I’ve seen other women nurse in public. I’ve only ever seen ONE of any of us whip it out like that, and it was clearly a cultural thing (I think she was from South America). Most of us prefer to conceal, which is not that difficult, and the difficulty level is generally the child’s level of cooperation.


  4. I’m with Hearthie, and one small thing to add; there is a difference between accidental exposure and purposeful. As long as someone at least tries not to show me the view that belongs rightfully to her husband (and her baby), I make sure I don’t remember seeing anything.


  5. […] … knows how to breastfeed in public politely, unlike the woman I complained about here. […]


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