Woman as hair colour

A blogger asks a question, raising a point that has occurred to me:

Brunettes ….. More, Than A Plain Brown Wrapper

“Paula” writes:

“People will refer to women in terms of their hair color as though it’s the perfect focus for recognition…eg., that sweet blonde from Georgia, the hot little redhead we met today…and the tall brunette that sells insurance.This isn’t the case when discussing men. Ever wonder why this might be? Like I said, it’s anyone’s guess.”

I have written about my preference for brunettes a few times here. For example.

Paula writes that men prefer long-haired women as a rule. I break this rule here.

Women in a sense ARE their bodies in a way that men are not. I discuss the symbolism of women’s bodies here. There are many reasons for this, beyond the facile and shallow concept of “male gaze”. Women objectify themselves. A woman’s body is more clearly functional than a man’s. Her fertility is of prime importance to society.


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