How soon …

How soon

the young woman

with her happy

pansy face

loses her bloom.


(Julian O’Dea)



2 responses to this post.

  1. Cosmetics Do No Good

    Cosmetics do no good:
    no shadow, rouge, mascara, lipstick—
    nothing helps.
    However artfully I comb my hair,
    embellishing my throat & wrists with jewels,
    it is no use—there is no
    semblance of the beautiful young girl
    I was
    & long for still.
    My loveliness is past.
    & no one could be more aware than I am
    that coquettishness at this age
    only renders me ridiculous.
    I know it. Nonetheless,
    I primp myself before the glass
    like an infatuated schoolgirl
    fussing over every detail,
    practicing whatever subtlety
    may please him.
    I cannot help myself.
    The God of Passion has his will of me
    & I am tossed about
    between humiliation & desire,
    rectitude & lust,
    disintegration & renewal,
    ruin & salvation.

    (Steve Kowit)


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