Another example of bluish “whites” in a young woman’s eyes

These are from a Facebook page on make-up. Striking pictures in themselves, and you will have to ignore the blue make-up and instead focus on the sclerae (“whites”) of the young woman’s eyes. They have a bluish tinge.

I think these are all of the same girl:




The woman photographer was bothered by the blemish in the picture of the girl’s eye in the picture directly above. The cause is discussed here.

Another picture showing the bluish tinge in the “whites” of her eyes:


I posted recently on this phenomenon, which is common in babies as well as young people (particularly women, it seems to me.) I think it is due to the optical effect known as the Tyndall effect (the same one that explains why the sky is blue).


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  1. Posted by Name Withheld on January 1, 2016 at 3:36 am

    Glaciers have the same kind of blue tint to them.


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